Candy Floss Maker by 0XtfWHwR


									Candy Floss Maker
Get the joy of the funfair in your own home anytime, without
trudging around a muddy field! Delight your family and friends with
endless colourful authentic candy floss, in minutes – Just use caster
sugar for fluffy white floss or add powdered food colouring to make
floss of any other colour. Children of all ages will want to get
involved from 5 to 65!The new halogen technology in the Giles and
Posner Candy Floss Maker delivers more candy floss in less time
than traditional heating elements; giving you even more fun for
your money!

Simple to use - just use caster sugar to produce buckets of fluffy
Fun for all the family - Ideal for an easy treat or great at parties
Easy to clean and store - Detachable, dishwasher proof bowl and
splash guard.

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