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GLBT Prom Video Contest Begins


                                                                                                               Vol. 30 Issue 2
                                                                                                              Feb. 2012

GLBT Prom Video Contest Begins
  The 11th Annual GLBT Prom has been                            to help do that TSA has announced a video
scheduled for Saturday, April 21 from 7pm—12                    contest.
midnight at the Evansville Airport Holiday Inn                    Please submit a video that promotes our
on US Highway 41 (the former Evansville Air-                    prom to The top 2
port Marriott).                                                 favorite videos will either receive a $50 gift
  Last year 425 students attended our prom,                     certificate OR a free dinner for 4 at the Holiday
which made it the largest prom in the Tri-State.                Inn on Prom night. Submissions are due by
We hope to surpass this number this year, and                   Feb. 29.

 TSA Volunteers Meet Throughout the Tri-State
  TSA volunteers are busy throughout       Room.                                   cussed.
the month of February with a variety          On Monday, Feb. 20 TSA volun-          Then on Wednesday, Feb. 29 TSA
of volunteer opportunities.                teers will meet at the New Hope         volunteers will meet from 5-8pm to
  On Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 5pm in             UCC, 1010 E. E. 4th Street, Owens-      work on the TSA Newsletter and
Carbondale TSA and the SIUC Secu-          boro at 7pm.                            make safer sex kits. This will occur at
lar Student Alliance will host a discus-      On Tuesday, Feb. 21 PFLAG will       the conference room at 501 John
sion on National Black HIV Aware-          meet at 7pm at the 1st Presbyterian     Street in Evansville. The outside door
ness Day. The lecture will take place      Church, 609 SE 2nd Street, Down-        to the conference room is located off
at the SIUC Student Center, Missouri       town Evansville. The county civil       of Garvin Street.
                                           rights ordinance efforts will be dis-

TSA Seeks Donations
for New Office Space
In an effort to expand out HIV pre-
vention, youth and diversity ser-
vices, TSA has acquired offices at
501 John Street. Contact Wally at or 812-480-
0204 to make your donation. Or
send a check to TSA Offices, PO
Box 2901, Evansville, IN 47728. In
order to better serve our community,
we are seeking the following dona-
tions: 6 or 8 foot tables, Chairs, TV,
DVD player, Game player / games,
Laptop, Computer, Laser Printer,
Filing cabinets, Couch, Photocopier,       Wanda McCarter, Wally Paynter, Lloyd Winnecke, Carol McClintock,
Desk, Photo Copy Paper, Decora-            Kelley Coures, Vincent Jackson and Eric Hillier (front) pose for a
tions and stamps.                          picture at the Mayor’s Inaugural Celebration Dinner on Jan. 27.
TSA Valentine’s Day                                         Save the Date! 11th Annual

 Dinner & Show @
 Tuesday, Feb. 14, Catered by Just Rennies
Cost: $25 per person (singles, couples & groups welcome)

6pm Social & Cash Bar, 7pm Dinner, 8pm Show
   Must be 21 or older with valid ID to attend
Send $25 per person to TSA Dinner,
 PO Box 2901, Evansville, IN 47728
Or Drop off your money & reservation at the Brickhouse

                                                           Saturday, April 21, 2012
                                                           Airport Holiday Inn, Evansville Indiana
                                                            On US 41 (former Airport Marriott)
  Henderson Chevrolet
  Sales & Leasing Executive
  Cross that money saving bridge to support TSA!
Bring in this ad when you purchase a car from
    Malcolm & $100 will be donated to TSA

Local, State & Federal Tax
   Return Preparation
    Kimberly Moyer
      (812) 589-7356
 Don’t Put It Off! Call for a Test Today!
    Free Syphilis, Chlamydia, & Gonorrhea Testing
       420 Mulberry St., Downtown Evansville


New Hope UCC                                              BRET W. ASHBY               Color Specialist

                                                          WHITE SANDS
            1010 East Fourth Street
     Downtown Owensboro
    Worship Sundays at 11am                                                Hair & Nails                                  2221 E. Morgan Ave.     Shop 437-9482
God accepts you as you are and so do we.                  Evansville, IN 47711    Cell/Voice Mail 205-5583

                 WELCOMES YOU TO:
                                                          The Rainbow Café
        Religious Education- Sunday @ 9:30 am                                          (618) 521-2328
              Worship- Sunday @10:30 am
            Meditation- Thursday @ 6:30pm
      1221 CEDAR ST., OWENSBORO KY 42301
          (CORNER OF CEDAR & PARRISH)                    270-684-1224
         An open and affirming congregation…
                                                                            Friday Drop-in 7—10pm
     WHERE FAITH & REASON COME TOGETHER                     A safe place for gay, lesbian, bisexual
                                                           and transgender teens and their friends

   Zion United                                              Jim’s Photography
 Church of Christ                                         Same sex weddings, portraits, individual & couples.
                                                            Working to meet the photography needs of the
     437 First St., Henderson, KY                                                 GLBT community!
Sunday School - 9:30am Worship - 10:30am
 Church Phone: 270 826 0605 Rev. Phil Hoy: 812 437 9295                          Jim M. Willis
YOU ARE ON LIFE'S JOURNEY, YOU ARE                                            (812) 909-1529
         WELCOME HERE"
 TSA Youth Group                                  AIDS License Plates &
                                                Indiana Memorial Available
  Needs Support!                                The Indiana AIDS Memorial at Crown Hill Cemetery is
                                                  a permanent memorial dedicated to the thousands of
Help support the region’s GLBT youth under          lives lost to the AIDS epidemic. It is located on the
  the age of 21. Send a check to the TSA         northeast corner of section 90 of Crown Hill Cemetery.
 Youth Group, PO Box 2901, Evansville, IN         Funding for the memorial was possible in part by the
                                                Joseph F. Miller Foundation. For an order form, contact
 47728, donate a meal or soft drinks by call-      Jason of the Indiana AIDS Fund, 429 East Vermont
ing 812-480-0204 or,       Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46202 or call 317-630-1805,
   or donate on-line at             fax 317-630-1806. Also, please consider choosing
                                                 the “To Your Health” License Plates at the Bureau
                                                                        of Motor Vehicles. Part of the pro-
                                                                        ceeds will benefit the Indiana AIDS
 Tri-State Alliance Newsletter Published & Distributed by Tri-State Alliance, Inc.
PO Box 2901, Evansville, IN 47728, 812-480-0204,,
              Membership: $25 per year, (more if you can afford it, less if you can’t)
TSA Board Members & Leaders:                           Wally Paynter, President & Youth Director
Kim Moyer, VP of Finance                               Kelley Coures, VP of Education
Felicia Murphy, Secretary                              Vincent Jackson, Historian, Office Manager
Eliot Colin, Board member                              LaDonna Dabbs, Board member
Lindsey Fehribach, Board member, Youth Group President Mark Fox, Board member
Michael Harris, Board member                           Paul Mefford, LCSW, Board member
Jon Snap, Board member                                 Patty Swanson, Board member
Jim Willis, Board member                               Caitlin Woolsey, Board member
Diane Crowley, MD, Honorary Board Member               Andrew Essary, Honorary Board Member
Gary Essary, Board Spokesperson                        Karen Gaither-Glazier PhD, Honorary Board Member
Eric Hillier, Office Manager                           Matthew, Honorary Board Member
Scott Ramsey, Southern IL AIDS Walk Chair              Scott Taylor, Honorary Board Member
The TSA newsletter is designed to promote the Tri-State Alliance & inform the regional GLBT communities about local events. TSA is
a not-for-profit 501c3 educational organization serving Southwestern Indiana, Western Kentucky & Southern Illinois. By advertising in
the TSA newsletter, our advertisers are stating they welcome GLBT customers. They are not indicating their own sexual orientation.
Ads, donations & subscription efforts offset cost of this newsletter. TSA seeks submissions of articles & ads, but we reserve the right
to edit or refuse any advertisement or article. The TSA Newsletter is the product of a volunteer organization, & as such, cannot guar-
antee distribution dates. Our goal is to distribute the newsletter by the 1st full weekend of the month. E-mail your article and photos.
Tri-State Alliance, Inc. assumes no responsibility for representation in ads.

                                Newsletter Advertising Rates:
     Full page $200 (Back & inside covers $250), 1/2 page $100, quarter page $50, business card $25, inserts $1,000
           Need your ad designed for you? (for a reasonable fee) Call Becky at Aztec Printing at 812-422-1462

  Remember TSA in Your Will                                             TSA Educational Presentations
By Wally Paynter                                                     Gay & Lesbian Images in American Film. Lecture includes an over-
  Making a difference in our community is important. TSA has         view of historical Hollywood and the fate of all minorities in American
worked to serve our community since 1980. To make a differ-          movies from silent era to 1970s. Portions of the HBO Documentary
ence in our community, donations of time and money have al-          “The Celluloid Closet” are used, as are brief film clips from other pre
                                                                     1967 American films depicting GLBT images.
ways been very important.
                                                                      The Hidden Holocaust: Lecture gives brief overview of the historical
  One way to continue to make a difference is by remembering         evolution of the GLBT population in Europe during the latter 19th and
TSA in your estate planning. I choose to volunteer for the 3         early 20th century, culminating in the Gay Renaissance of Berlin in the
charities that are the most important to me and my life (TSA,        1920’s. The documentary “Paragraph 175” is shown, presenting the
MDA and 1st Presbyterian Church).                                    few survivors of the Nazi death camps and their personal stories.
  As I prepared my will, I have included TSA, MDA and my              4000 Years of GLBT History: A power point presentation showing
church in my estate planning. Though this will not be a lot of       images from around the world of GLBT people and events from a little
money, it will be my way to help make a difference in the future     known Egyptian tomb from 2400 BC, to the current status of the cam-
after I am gone.                                                     paign for marriage equality in the US and Europe.
  I would like to encourage you to consider the Tri-State Alli-      For more info contact TSA VP Kelley Coures at
                                                                     Working with Diverse Populations: we meet with substance abuse
ance as your prepare your estate. Our legal name is the Tri-
                                                                     treatment facilities, churches, schools, social service and medical
State Alliance, Inc., our address is PO Box 2901, Evansville, IN     agencies, and university classes to talk about working with GLBT com-
47728, and our Federal ID number is 35-1636272. Whether              munities in a culturally competent fashion.
you remember us in your will, life estate or in your life insur-     Current Issues in the HIV / AIDS Pandemic: from local to interna-
ance, you can help us continue to make a difference. TSA has         tional, get an update about the HIV / AIDS Pandemic, and find out how
served our region for 32 years, and your consideration will help     YOU can make a difference!
us continue to make a difference into the future! Contact me at      For the final 2 presentations, contact Wally Paynter at 812-480-
812-480-0204 or for more information.           0204 or
 Indiana Approves Its First GLBT License Plate
   Indiana Youth Group (IYG) is the first organization in the
country to be approved for a specialty license plate that openly
supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning
(LGBTQ) youth. The IYG specialty license plate is available
now and showcases IYG’s new logo: Reaching upward, aspir-
ing and growing, the six young hands in the new logo are rep-
resented in the rainbow colors chosen by the larger LGBT
community demonstrating pride in their diversity.
   “It makes a huge statement to the wider community that
these youth are important and will hopefully let many more
youth know that IYG exists,” says Mary Byrne, executive direc-
tor of IYG. “We’ve been working on this for 4 years! We are        healthy lifestyles and decision-making, self-acceptance and in-
thrilled that the community now has the opportunity to show        creased self-esteem, and leadership opportunities for the youth
their pride and support of LGBTQ youth by purchasing our           attending programming.
specialty license plate.”                                            “The timing for this specialty plate couldn’t be more perfect,”
   The main purpose for the plate is to spread the word            adds Byrne, “IYG was formed in 1987 making 2012 its 25th year
throughout Indiana that there are services for young people        serving youth; so being able to celebrate 25 years with a new spe-
who are struggling with their sexual orientation or gender iden-   cialty license plate is fabulous!”
tity. The more adults who know about IYG, the more avenues           After three applications and one lawsuit, IYG was finally ap-
there will be for youth to learn about these services and that     proved for its own specialty license plate starting in 2012. IYG first
they are not alone. IYG works to break the cycle of isolation      applied to the Indiana BMV for a specialty plate in March of 2008
and the feeling of being trapped that too often leads to depres-   and was again denied in 2009. In 2010 with the help of the ACLU
sion and/or death by suicide.                                      of Indiana, IYG filed a law suit asking the court to require the BMV
   IYG works with over 1,300 youth annually in communities all     to state ALL of its requirements and to make the approval/rejection
across Indiana. IYG operates an activity center, builds capac-     process more transparent. This suit was settled outside of court
ity and helps form Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs) in high           with the BMV stating that if IYG would apply again and includes all
schools around the state, and assists other communities in         of the required materials; it would “most likely” be approved.
providing their own youth services. The plates will provide an        “We are deeply appreciative of the support and enthusiasm of
additional source of income for IYG ($25 from each plate sold      the community and of the ACLU of Indiana for this project” adds
will go toward programming for LGBTQ youth). IYG promotes          Byrne.

Senate Marriage Resolution ‘Deserves Strong Support’—Indiana Equality
   Indiana Senate Resolution 12 was introduced this                 partner benefits would likely be denied. In makes per-
week to “study alternatives to civil marriage” which                fect sense to study the effects of a Constitutional
can include all Hoosiers.                                           Amendment and other consequences” said Sutton. “It
   Senate Democratic Leader Vi Simpson (Ellettsville)               would be beneficial to look at all these possibilities in a
introduced the Resolution which asks for a summer                   calmer environment than a regular legislative session.”
legislative study committee.                                          Among the topics a study committee could consider:
   “This Resolution deserves strong support,” said                  domestic partner benefits for public and private entities,
Indiana Equality Action President Rick Sutton. “Civil               civil unions, and other issues which could be impacted
marriage has long been considered a civil right. A                  by the Amendment.
potential Constitutional Amendment, and Illinois’s                    “The broad implications behind HJR6 (the pending
recognition of civil unions make this study worth-                  Constitutional Amendment) could be so far-reaching
while.”                                                             that the full impact is not yet completely understood,”
   The potential Amendment (HJR6), which could get                  said Sutton. “We applaud Sen. Simpson’s bold leader-
final legislative action as early as 2013, would deny               ship on this important civil rights issue,” said Sutton.
Hoosiers benefits of marriage unless that relation-                 “We urge Hoosiers to contact their senators to ensure a
ship is opposite-gender. “Civil unions and domestic                 Senate hearing on this thoughtful study proposal.”
Join the Vanderburgh County Health Department
Free Nicotine Patch Program
                         MARCH 2012
The Vanderburgh County Department of Health will be offering six weeks of Free
                  Nicotine Patches to help smokers quit!
                      To be eligible the participant must:
                                 Be 18 years old
                              Cannot be pregnant
                        Smoke at least one-pack a day
                        Obtain a doctor’s permission slip
                         Attend four one-hour classes

          The next set of classes will be held: March 6, 13, 20 and 27th
      at the Health Department located at 420 Mulberry Street, Evansville.
               All classes start at 6:00 p.m. and last one hour

To register, or if you have questions, please call Mary Jo
       Borowiecki, at 812-435-5807 or email her at
   Participants must attend all four classes to receive patches!

    Indiana Tobacco Quitline
Laramie Project Auditions
  to be held in February
Auditions for an Evansville production of the Lara-
mie Project are in the process of being scheduled.
The play will be presented in March or April. For
updates, please email or
monitor the facebook page of Toni Schaperjohn.

     ‘GLBT’ Dog Food Available Locally
   A gay Anglican priest and his longtime partner.             Thirteen years ago, the men had established the
Fourteen dumped dogs, mostly former racing grey-            Greyhound Boarding And Retirement Kamp —
hounds. A broken-down recreational vehicle towing           GBARK. Kitto said that after saving the dogs, in par-
a pickup truck. The hospitality of rural neighbors.         ticular their second, Mr. Buck, Kitto’s life changed.
Home delivery of nutritious dog food made from a            He enrolled in divinity school and became a priest.
special recipe. Five years ago, Evansville native Jon       The couple fed the emaciated Mr. Buck a high-
Kitto (he’s the priest) and his life partner, Alonso Sal-   quality food that restored his health. When the com-
divar, moved from California to Indiana, settling on        pany changed the formula, Kitto did not find a re-
five acres near Bloomfield.                                 placement food that met his satisfaction.
                                                               So he and Saldivar created their own recipe in
                                                            their kitchen. “We used the basic ingredients from
                                                            what we had been using, and added some things
                                                            like beet pulp and cranberries for antioxidants.” They
                                                            found a manufacturing plant in Ohio that would
                                                            make it, and they soon were in the dog food busi-
                                                            ness, selling and delivering Mr. Buck’s Genuinely
                                                            Good Pet Food. They donate a portion of every
Positivie Link’s Emily Brinegar, IU Theater ‘s Terry        sale to local animal welfare organizations. On
LaBolt and TSA President Wally Paynter served on a          January 27, Wesselman’s and Grocery Outlet
panel discussion at the Bloomington 2012 LGBTQ Pride        in the Evansville area began selling the food.
Film Festival on Jan. 29 after the showing of the film      The Vanderburgh, Posey and Warrick Humane So-
We Were Here, a documentary about the early years of        cieties are the beneficiaries of the donations. More
HIV. Visit for more information          information at and
about this film.                                  
Letters and Phone Calls
Needed to Vanderburgh
County Commissioners:
To contact the Vanderburgh County Commissioners to ask them to approve
adding age, disability, gender identity and sexual orientation to the county’s civil
rights ordinance, write them at:

                       Marsha Abell, Joe Kiefer & Steve Melcher
                       Vanderburgh County Commissioners
                       Room 305 Civic Center Complex
                       1 NW Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
                       Evansville IN 47708
 If you live outside of Vanderburgh County, please mention your connection to the county
     (you work here, shop here, go to school here, and/or you are originally from here)

         Please send a copy of your letter to
       TSA, PO Box 2901, Evansville, IN 47728
                           Email the Commissioners at:
 Email Note: the county spam filter flags words such as gay, lesbian, bisexual, sexual
orientation and homosexual. So INSTEAD of using these words, please use the words civil
                         rights or human rights in your emails.
How can you help
make a difference?
    Testify at the Monday, March 19 public hearing. It will start at 4pm
     and be in the Civic Center Room 301, 1 NW Martin L. King Jr. Blvd.,
     Evansville, IN. Save Monday, April 9 as a possible date for a second
     public hearing, same time and location. Do you work til 5pm or after?
     Stop by even after you get off work….it will probably still be going on.
    Call and leave a message for the commissioners at 812-435-5241,
     asking them to support the civil rights ordinance. And if you know one
     of the commissioners personally, it would be great if you call that com-
    Write a letter (see instructions on the other side)
    Ask your friends, family & co-workers to take the same actions.

   For regular updates, please visit or contact Wally
Paynter at 812-480-0204 or Or visit the Tri-State
PFLAG meetings held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm at the 1st
    Presbyterian Church, 609 SE 2nd Street, Downtown Evansville.

     If you have been a victim of discrimination,
    contact the Evansville / Vanderburgh County
            Human Relations Commission
                     (812) 436-4927
                You are Invited to Attend the
   7th Annual Mardi Gras Fundraiser
               To Support the Alternative Prom

               Friday, Feb. 17, 7-10pm
Hosted by Kelley Coures & Malcolm Cook,
     Contact Wally at 812-480-0204 for location

Co-hosted by:
Dr. Robert Dion                 Dr. Michael and Nancy Drake
Judith Freson                   Dennis Szorcsik and Carla Kratz
Wally Paynter                   Jonathan Weaver

               Suggested minimum donation: $25
       Make checks payable to TSA Youth Group and bring to the party, or
         Mail to TSA Youth Group, PO Box 2901, Evansville, IN 47728

     What to expect? A great social time, fabulous food, Malcolm makes his
grandmother's gumbo recipe plus beads and baubles to play with, since adults like
                             silly shiny things too.

Help us plan the food! Please RSVP at 812-480-0204 or
  Tri-State Alliance, Inc.   PO Box 2901, Evansville, IN 47728

February 2012

Dear TSA members and friends,

We are very busy preparing the new TSA offices at 501 John Street so that all of our meetings and
our youth group will meet there starting in March. This new space will help us expand the number
of nights we provide services to at-risk GLBT youth, will allow us to create a weekly social and
support group for young adults, will centralize our various volunteer activities, and be available for
other GLBT meeting needs in our region. We need donations to help take care of the rent in the
offices, and both monetary donations and donations of items to get the items we need for our
offices. Examples of our needs include:

$20-$60      Wii games                         $50            One weeks food for the youth group
$149.00      Wii gaming system                 $200           Four weeks of food for the youth group
$271.25      Rent for 2 weeks at our offices   $542.50        Rent for one month
$798.00      55 inch television (Sanyo)        $1,085.00      Rent for 2 months
$2,170.00    Rent for 4 months                 $6,510.00      Rent for one year

But we can only accomplish this with your support. Please consider sending a check to the Tri-
State Alliance, PO Box 2901, Evansville, IN 47728, or making a donation on-line at Only with your continued support can we grow and prosper. All donations to
TSA are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

We also need donations of chairs, furniture, a computer, and a computer printer. Please contact
us if you can donate any of these items. And also remember….we always need volunteers,
and your donation of time is always appreciated and needed!

Yours in Pride,

Kelley Coures                            Kim Moyer                         Wally Paynter
TSA Vice President                       TSA Vice President                TSA President
     T   r ck
      heB i house
 O R ; o & us l d d -
H U SM n Te Coe We 4
               s    2                 e
                                     l B
                                  vnvls sK p Sc  e
                                 Ea si ’ et e t ert
  h 62 r -St-S n -
 Tu -F 63 a63 u 61
        i         2                  l o t a si 71
                                      l s E
                                      i       le
                                   W In iS.vnvl475
                             ue B w
                            S pr o l       1-2-04
        S       VR
         howsE E Y       S n a ! e 5h
                          u dy Fb t        hl
                                         i l
          r & a !
         F i S t!  !
                         pn p F o y
                        O e 4 m, o db    hl n
                                        Se ot
      e ray p c l u ss
            s    a
     F bu r’ S ei G e t
    e t~ s a u eN v B e! 20 ot s li S d t
   F b4h Mi G yS p r o a rt$ .0B te Pyg n y e
             s                         an u a h
     U oAa L reP g a t
      S f t ag a e n       afl    LT
                          R fe4F A
                             C EN
                                         t t
                                         2 &6
                                        1h 2h
    e 0h o n y e ro
   F b1 t~Jh n D mac &
         Gn Mua o
          io rn                           00
                                         :1 0
                                         7 -:
    e 1h     s r r ko s
   F b1 t~Mi e B i h u e
                   c              lisn
                                  at ’i r
                                   en e
         2 1 P gat
          0 2 a en                  e
     e 8h a a t n a
                 a   n
    F b1 t~S b si C ie
          & Ai Muf
             lk f                   sei
                                   uRn e
                                   Jtn s
     F b2 t~O E S A E
      e 4h P N T G                  ei
                                    ta e
                                   E rnn
                                    5e n
                            Da e 2P o
                              nc      s
                           Mu i &
                              sc           IZ
                                          PZ A
          he k s
         C c u             Kro e
                            aa k           90
                                         $ .0
         u n B
        o to F
        B ik u e
         rc ho s
                          r da hr
                         F i yT u         oD g
                                         H t os
                         u    t tv
                        S n wih S e e      15
                                          $. 0
         v ns il
        E a vle
                              a l!
                           &K r y

    D R     IN    K      S P E C IA L S
   d .0 rai s un te
We ~30 Mag r a &B rets F i S t 1 0J L O &20 T b s
                         r & a~ . E L      .0 u e
 h r~ .0 o e t s .0 l
T us 25 D m si &25 Wel s     u ~ .0 l y r‛
                                     o      s
                            S n 30 Bo d May &
    r .0 lL n s n s
     ~             a
   F i 25 Wel o gI l d           .0 o e t s
                                25 D m sic

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