Assessment Plan by 2kG8P2


									                                                          Assessment Plan
                                                                                                         Individuals         Procedures for Using
   Goal Cited in OU                                 Student Learning            Methods of
                          Relevant Goal of Unit                                                        Responsible for        Assessment Results
       Mission                                         Outcomes                 Assessment
                                                                                                    Assessment Activities     to Improve Program
a)”…develop the           a) To enable post-      Students will            Direct Measures:         MALS Director and       MALS Executive
skills, knowledge and     baccalaureate           demonstrate              Course papers            Executive Committee     Committee will meet
attitudes essential for   students to explore     appropriate use of       (random sample from                              with faculty biennially
successful and active,    new subjects, develop   literature, uses of      core MALS courses).                              to discuss issues of
concerned                 their intellectual      theory and concepts,                                                      consistency and
citizenship.”             resources, and extend   appropriate analytical   Indirect Measures:                               inconsistency
                          their range of          content, and writing     Focus groups                                     identified by the
b) “Specialized,          knowledge.              that is organized and    conducted biennially                             assessment process.
innovative curricula                              coherent.                led by affiliated MALS                           The Executive
serving primary non-      b) To provide                                    faculty.                                         Committee will
traditional students.”    interdisciplinary                                                                                 propose curricular
                          experiences to adult                                                                              changes as
                          learners who seek                                                                                 appropriate.
                          intellectual and
                          cultural enrichment.

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