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									                                              MONTANA SHARES
                                               Investment Policy

Montana Shares shall use the following guidelines when investing cash assets:

1. All invested funds shall be invested to obtain the highest available return in a low risk account recognizing
that funds need to be available for distribution;

2. Short and long-term government issues shall comprise no more than 75% of the total portfolio;

3. Growth investments shall comprise no more than 30% of the total portfolio and in the case of mutual funds
the fund must be publicly traded and;

4. Any growth and income investment shall be tied to one or more of these exchanges: NYSE, Pacific, AMEX,
Midwest or NASDAQ;

5. There will be no investments in collateralized mortgage obligations, small cap stocks, or stock option

6. Individual issues should be secured by a professional money manager; in the case of gifting of individual issues
of stock, the stock shall be sold immediately and invested according to policy;

7. Any investment will be consistent with the mission statement of Montana Shares including emphasis on
socially and environmentally conscious public or private organizations;

8. The finance/audit committee and/or executive committee shall review and monitor investments at least on a
quarterly basis to identify cash need and investment strategies. The executive committee shall be given the
authority to implement those strategies at its discretion within the above investment guidelines established by
the Council.

9. From time to time, the organization holds deposits within the same financial institution that exceed the
FDIC insurance limit of $100,000. Management recognizes there is a risk of uninsured loss for any amounts in
excess of $100,000, should the financial institution become insolvent. Management has assessed this risk as
remote since its deposits exceed the insurance limit only a few times each year and the financial institution in
which the deposits reside appears to be financially sound, at this time. The Council agrees with this assessment
by management and will not require that the organization's deposits be diversified among various financial
institutions at this time. The Council instructs management to re-evaluate this risk at least annually or as
circumstances change and report its evaluation to the Council.

10. This policy shall be reviewed on an annual basis by the Council by May 31.

                                                      Amended and approved by Montana Shares Council 5/5/07

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