PROGRAM COMMITTEE

         The NC EM Association’s Program Committee has begun work developing the activities
associated with the upcoming Fall Conference; which will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in
Hickory, NC during the week of October 18th, 2009. In fact, the committee has already met twice in an
effort to get the ball rolling towards their final goal of selecting an interesting variety of presentations
for the two and a half day conference and publishing the program brochure for use at the gathering.

         In early April, a number of Program Committee members traveled to Hickory to meet with
Suzanne Hamby (NC EM Association’s Site Committee Chairman) and tour the Crowne Plaza Hotel
facility. The group was pleased with the quality and variety of meeting rooms available for conference
use and the spacious area that will accommodate both session breaks and the vendors display booths.

        In mid-April, the whole Program Committee met at the Orange County Emergency
Management Office (and over SmileTiger and conference call capabilities) to begin designing the Fall
Conference program. Session suggestions and potential speakers that had been identified as a result of
recent polling of Association members and State Emergency Management personnel……along with
the various comments/suggestions provided on the Spring Conference’s “Attendee Survey
Sheets”……were reviewed to determine which would be most interesting to the conference attendees,
which would be most appropriate as “general” sessions or as “break-out” sessions, and which of the
break-out sessions would warrant being held more than once during the conference.

        Now, the Program Committee will begin to focus on contacting potential presenters to obtain
their commitment to participate in the conference, to agree upon session dates and times, to fine-tune
the subject matter to be discussed, and to coordinate travel plans and hotel room requirements. The
committee will also decide upon the most appropriate training activities to schedule subsequent to the
conference, to fill-out the week’s activities in Hickory.

       Even though the agenda is slowly taking shape, it is not too late to provide your ideas and
suggestions for the Fall Conference program. If anyone should have a idea for a conference topic or
speaker……or for follow-on training activities……do not hesitate to forward this information to Gary
Jones at

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