Rural Cooperative Development Grants FY2009 by HC120705052918


									 USDA Rural Cooperative Development Grants Program FY2010
This web tool is intended as a navigational aid only. Applicants should read and follow the instructions provided in the Notice
     of Solicitation of Applications, and the Notice of Funding Availability announcements; see web link in chart below.

Federal Agency:                                            Rural Business & Cooperative Services

Funding Title:                                             Rural Cooperative Development Grant

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance:                    10.771

Administrative and National Policy                         7 CFR 4284, Subparts A and F
Requirements:                                              7 CFR 3015 and 3019

Eligible Applicant Types:                                  Nonprofit Corporations and Institutions of Higher
                                                           Education. Grants may not be made to public bodies.

Primary Objective:                                         To improve the economic condition of rural areas
                                                           through cooperative development.

Eligible Activity:                                                 Activities may include the establishment and
                                                                    operation of Centers who have the expertise or
                                                                    can contract out the expertise to assist the
                                                                    startup, expansion or operational improvement
                                                                    of rural cooperative or mutually-owned
                                                                    businesses that have 51%+ ownership by US
                                                                    citizens or legal residents.
                                                                   Projects must serve the needs of more than one
                                                                    eligible business.

Eligible Use of Funds:                                     For the purpose of cooperative development, funds may
                                                           be used for
                                                                applied research, feasibility, environmental and
                                                                    other studies;
                                                                collection, interpretation and dissemination of
                                                                    principles, facts, technical knowledge or other
                                                                training and instruction;
                                                                provision of loans and grants;
                                                                technical assistance, research and advisory
                                                                    services; and
                                                                coordination of services and sharing of
                                                                    information among cooperative development
                                                           The project work plan and budget must detail eligible
                                                           activities, and identify eligible source and use of all
                                                           grant and match funds.
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Ineligible Use of Funds:             To duplicate or replace adequate current
                                     pay costs for preparation of grant application;
                                     pay costs for project activities outside the grant
                                     fund political activities;
                                     fund services to businesses not majority US-
                                     pay Federal debts or judgments;
                                     plan/repair/acquire/construct a building or
                                     purchase/rent/install fixed equipment;
                                     repair vehicles;
                                     fund general academic R&D;
                                     fund the operating expenses of individual
                                      business entities;
                                     pay costs where a conflict of interest exists;
                                     other activities prohibited by 7 CFR 3015 or

Total Funds Available:         $ 7.924 million

Maximum Grant Amount:          $225,000 - Nationally Competitive

Required Match Contribution:         25% of total project costs, or 5% for 1994
                                      Institutions. Priority is no longer given to match
                                      contributions greater than the required 25%.
                                     Eligible cash and in-kind contributions must be
                                      spent on eligible expenses during the grant
                                     Board and Advisory member time is not an
                                      eligible match, and in-kind contributions for
                                      their travel and incidental expenses must be
                                      consistent with the Center’s established written
                                      policies for reimbursement rates and approved
                                      by the Agency.
                                     Contributions from parties being assisted by the
                                      Center cannot directly benefit their own projects.
                                     Expected program income may not be used to
                                      fulfill match requirements at time of application,
                                      except that executed contracts viable at
                                      application may be treated as a cash match.
                                     Most other Federal grant funds cannot be used
                                      as match, although loan proceeds from Federal
                                      sources are acceptable.

                               A match sample verification template is available at

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Anticipated Award Date:                        September 15, 2010
  Both successful and unsuccessful
  applicants will receive notice of award
  status via mail.

Grant Period Start Date Range:                 10/1/2010 – 1/1/2011

Maximum Budget and Project Period Length:            365 days
                                                     Extensions post-award only at Agency’s
                                                      discretion, (if the grantee competes successfully
                                                      for an RCDG grant during the subsequent grant
                                                      cycle, the first grant must be closed before funds
                                                      can be obligated for the new grant.
National Office Final Submission Deadline:     Paper Postmark and Ship Deadline: August 9, 2010
                                               Electronic Receipt Deadline: August 9, 2010

   Paper Application Submission Address:       Cooperative Programs, Attn: RCDG Program, 1400
      Courier Delivery Phone                   Independence Avenue SW, Mail Stop 3250, Room
      202-720-8460                             4016-South, Washington, DC 20250-3250

               OR                                       OR

 Electronic Application Submission Address:
     Visit this site early to ensure proper    You must register with well before you
     authentication and adequate computer      submit an application. You will need a DUNS # to
     resources. No other electronic            register. As part of this process, you will also need to
     submission formats are acceptable.        register with the Central Contractor Registry to store
                                               your organizational identity and to allow to
   Applications may not be submitted by        use it to verify your identity (888-227-2423 or
   electronic mail, facsimile, or hand; and register with the Credential
   delivery. Each submission must contain      Provider to obtain a username and password
   complete application documentation.         ( ).

Application Materials and Assistance Online:

                                               To identify your Rural Development State Office
Locate and Contact Your Rural Development      contact online, visit
State Office:                        

   The content and form of submission are
   specified in the NOSA, with guidance and

                                                                            Navigate RCDG Revised 6/23/10
   materials provided online for paper or
   specified electronic submission. It is
   recommended that applicants use the
   online template. Each submission
   must include all elements and pages of the     Applicants are required to have a DUNS #, which is a 9-
   complete application. Forms, DUNS #,           digit identification number that uniquely identifies
   comprehensive narrative including work         business entities. There is no charge. To obtain a
   plan and budget, performance and               DUNS number, visit or call 1-
   proposal evaluation criteria, certification    866-705-5711.
   and verification of match funds, and other
   materials are required.

   Intergovernmental review applies to this
   funding program, and applicants are
   encouraged to directly submit a copy of
   their application to State and local
   government entities to facilitate this
   consultation. Any comments obtained
   through this process must be submitted to
   USDA Rural Development as part of the
   RCDG application, or when available.
   Visit the State Point of Contact website, or
   contact your Rural Development State
   Office for more information.

Summary of Proposal Evaluation Criteria:          Maximum 110 points available in 10 categories:

   Newly established or proposed Centers that     (1) Administrative Capabilities, (2) Delivery of Technical
   do not yet have a track record on which to     Assistance and Other Services, (3) Economic
   evaluate the criteria should refer to the      Development, (4) Networking and Regional Focus, (5)
                                                  Commitment, (6) Work Plan and Budget,
   expertise or track record of staff or
                                                  (7) Qualifications of Those Performing the Tasks,
   consultants expected to perform project        (8) Local and State Support, (9) Future Support (10)
   tasks relating to the criteria. See NOSA       Special Emphasis.
   for full descriptions.

Responsibilities Post-Award or Selection:               Execute Grant Agreement, Letter of Conditions,
                                                         and other documentation to obligate funds.
                                                        Complete the project per terms and conditions.
                                                        Document for grant disbursement requests.
                                                        Provide semi-annual narrative and financial
                                                         reports (due 30 days post 3/31 and 9/30) in
                                                         prescribed format.
                                                        Provide final narrative and financial report (due
                                                         within 90 days of project completion) in
                                                         prescribed format.
                                                        Provide supporting documentation and
                                                                               Navigate RCDG Revised 6/23/10
                                                         deliverables for completed tasks such as
                                                         feasibility studies, marketing plans, business
                                                         plans, publications, quality success stories,
                                                         applied research reports, copies of surveys
                                                         conducted, training materials developed, sharing
                                                         of successful strategy or innovative approaches,
                                                         an accounting of outreach and training provided,
                                                         an accounting of shared resources with other
                                                         cooperatives or states resulting from the project.

USDA is an Equal Opportunity Provider and         Persons with disabilities who require alternative means
Employer.                                         for communication of program information (Braille,
                                                  large print, audiotape, etc.) should contact USDA’s
The USDA prohibits discrimination in all its      TARGET Center at (202) 720-2600 (voice and TDD).
programs and activities on the basis of race,
color, national origin, age, disability, and      To file a complaint of discrimination, write to USDA,
where applicable, sex, marital status, familial   Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence
status, parental status, religion, sexual         Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410; or call
orientation, genetic information, political       (866) 632-9992 (voice) or (202) 401-0216 (TDD).
beliefs, reprisal, or because all or part of an
individual’s income is derived from any public
assistance program; though not all prohibited
bases apply to all programs.

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