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Core Subject Word
Name _______________________                   Question #7:
                                               people participating in a play
Choose the core subject word for each                 actors
definition.                                           audience
                                                      United Nations
Circle the correct answer.
                                               Question #8:
Question #1:                                   conflict without actual war
collection of data files                                tragedy
         database                                       iron curtain
         disk drive                                     cold war
         hard copy
                                               Question #9:
Question #2:                                   a guess
to cut in two                                          compute
         circumscribe                                  estimate
         bisect                                        calculate
                                               Question #10:
Question #3:                                   person, place, or thing
smallest unit of data                                  adverb
       molecule                                        noun
       atom                                            verb
                                               Question #11:
Question #4:                                   shows action or being
record-like disc that can store information           verb
        hard copy                                     conjunction
        software                                      participle
                                               Question #12:
Question #5:                                   origin
the perception of light, hue, and saturation          ancestry
        color                                         terminal
        altitude                                      anatomy
                                               Question #13:
Question #6:                                   a non-metallic element found in all
a sour or caustic substance                    organic things
        base                                           carbon
        alloy                                          alloy
        acid                                           base
Beach Park
Core Subject Word
Name _______________________             Question #20:
                                         combines equal things (words,
Choose the core subject word for each    phrases, and clauses)
definition.                                     conjunction
Circle the correct answer                       preposition

Question #14:                            Question #21:
relating to farming                      the distance of something above sea
        agriculture                      level
        cultivation                              altitude
        horticulture                             longitude
Question #15:
total before deductions                  Question #22:
        net                              basis of comparison
        gross                                     constant
        base                                      finite
Question #16:
hand controlled device that can move a   Question #23:
cursor over the screen                   computer error
        mouse                                   modem
        bit                                     bug
        modem                                   bit

Question #17:                            Question #24:
shows strong feeling or emotion          takes the place of a noun
       interjection                              preposition
       preposition                               pronoun
       conjunction                               adverb

Question #18:                            Question #25:
substance that forms a salt when mixed   having definable limits
with an acid                                     finite
        carbon                                   gross
        base                                     basin

Question #19:
the smallest particle of matter
Beach Park
Core Subject Word
Answer Key

1. database
2. bisect
3. bit
4. disk
5. color
6. acid
7. actors
8. cold war
9. estimate
10. noun
11. verb
12. ancestry
13. carbon
14. agriculture
15. gross
16. mouse
17. interjection
18. base
19. atom
20. conjunction
21. altitude
22. standard
23. bug
24. pronoun
25. finite

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