PGCE ICT Audit 2000/1 by DY7ZJkKr


									audit00.xls                                                        Page 1                                                     PGCE ICT Audit 2000/1

                 Audit of ICT skills and understanding
                           PGCE 2000-2001
              Important - please read the accompanying notes before completing the first
                  column in September. Near the end of December/January you will be
                completing the second column. Again, read the notes to help guide your
                   You Must have 3 or above for at least one occurrence of the 4/98 Ref.

              ICT Audit to meet the requirements of Circular Number 4/98 Annex B Part
    Name>                                                                                                        Targets to meet
      12ai                         can use: Windows™ OR Apple™ OR Acorn™ system                              x                                -
      12ai                                  can use two or more programs at the same time                    x                                -
    12ai/av                                             can cut, copy and paste files/folders                x                                -
      12ai                                                      can cut, copy and paste data                 x                                -
     12aii           can connect up a system: monitor/computer/keyboard/mouse/printer                        x                                -
     12aii                               can adjust settings: display(screen)/mouse/printer                  x                                -
     12aii                              can select printer: choose laser, colour, plotter etc.               x
     12aiii                                      install and run a CD-ROM OR a program                       x                                -
     12av                                                  use on-line 'help' and user guides                x                                -
     12avi                                              know key strategies to avoid viruses                 x
     12avi                            can add paper to printer & replace printer cartridges                  x                                -
     12avi                                 can use scandisk (or similar) to check for errors                 x
    12avii          understand the need for equipment security and the use of passwords                      x                                -
     12bii            can evaluate data: accuracy, validity, reliability, plausibility & bias                x
     12bii            know that data uses memory/storage (colour image > mono image)                         x
     12bii                                                                can compress a file                x
     ANO                                                        aware of common file types                   x
     ANO                                           can 'Save as' a different file type/version               x
     12biii                             save files to through a intranet (e.g. save to 16NT)                 x
     12biii                                                 can save files onto a floppy disc                x
     12biii                                  can download and save files from the internet                   x
     12biv                      understand the concept of static and dynamic information                     x                                -
     12bv             can link/embedded objects to share information between programs                        x
     12bv                                                 make a link to an on-line resource                 x
     12bv                      find a resource on a local area network and save on floppy                    x
     12bvi                                      understand the concept of shared resources                   x
      13a                                                     can use ICT to find things out                 x
      13ai          can recognise the quality of sources of information: editorial scrutiny                  x
     13aii         can plan a strategy & frame useful questions for searching the internet                   x                                -
     13aiii                    can search a information source using AND, OR and NOT                         x
     13aiv                                                     can enter data into a database                x                                -
     13aiv                                  can enter data into a spreadsheet (like this one)                x                                -
     13avi                                             can recognise unreasonable outcome                    x
      13bi           can change values in a spreadsheet to consider alternative outcomes                     x                                -
     13bii                         can name a simulation and describe its classroom value                    x                                -
     13biii                                         can create a simple model using LOGO                     x
     13biv                             can analyse a set of numbers to identify the pattern                  x
     13bv          know the importance of grammar/syntax in a sequence of instructions                       x
     13bvi                                                      can use a floor turtle (robot)               x
     13bvi                                             can use a simplified LOGO program                     x
     13bvi                         can use a control program to create a simple procedure                    x
    13bvii                                    can create a control program with conditions                   x
    13bvii               can use =IF in a spreadsheet (e.g. IF(A1=B1,"same","different")                     x
audit00.xls                                                     Page 2                            PGCE ICT Audit 2000/1

    13bviii                   can give an example of feedback in an electronic device         x
      13ci                                   can present ideas using text with pictures       x
      13ci                                     can present ideas using text with tables       x
      13ci                                  can present ideas using text with drawings        x
      13ci                                              can present ideas using sounds        x
      13ci                                             can present ideas as a flowchart       x
     13cii                                                                can send a fax      x
     13cii                                                            can send an e-mail      x                  -
     13cii                            can use a conferencing system: Hypermail/VTC            x
     13cii       understand when it would be best to use fax, e-mail, conferencing…           x                  -
      14ai                                                       can use a video camera       x
      14ai          effectively use video playback in the classroom: Fast Forward etc         x
     14aii                                   know that ICT can measure/record events          x
      14ai                 know that a spreadsheet can carry out repeated calculations        x
     14aiii                       know that a computer program can control a device           x
     14bi                                            know about voice to text software        x
     14biv       know it is possible to access expertise/subject advice via the internet      x                  -
      14ci                            know that ICT allows changes to be made easily          x
      14ci             know that a spreadsheet can be used to demonstrate modelling           x
      14ci                    know that it is possible to create an animation with ICT        x
     14cii                                      can judge when ICT is the best option         x                  -
     14ciii                                  understand the value of progressive saves        x
      14d                          understand the educational value of rapid feedback         x                  -
      15a                                  understand the needs of different audiences        x                  -
      15a                              how ICT can meet needs of different audiences          x                  -
          aware of the most appropriate elements to meet teaching objectives:
     15b                                                           when best to use: text     x
     15b                                                        when best to use: video       x
     15b                                                when best to use: still drawings      x
     15b                                                when best to use: still paintings     x
     15b                                           when best to use: moving drawings          x
     15b                                           when best to use: moving paintings         x
     15b                                              when best to use: live video links      x
     15b                                       when best to use: number presentations         x
     15b                                                       when best to use: graphs       x
     15b                                                       when best to use: charts       x
     15b                                                  when best to use: video clips       x
     15b                                                  when best to use: sound clips       x
          understand the ICT requirements of National Curriculum:
      16a                                                                        English      x
      16a                                                                   mathematics       x
      16a                                                                         science     x
      16a                                                         design and technology       x
      16a                                                       information technology        x
      16a                                                                          history    x
      16a                                                                     geography       x
      16a                                                                               art   x
      16a                                                                           music     x
      16a                                                             physical education      x
      16a                              religious education (locally approved syllabus)        x
          understand the important areas that ICT contributes to:
     ANO                                                                          literacy    x                  -
     ANO                                                                       numeracy       x                  -
     ANO                                                      special educational needs       x                  -
          understand the important issues relating to ICT and:
audit00.xls                                                           Page 3                             PGCE ICT Audit 2000/1

     ANO                                                                   Equal Opportunities       x
     ANO                                                                     Health and Safety       x
              know the relevant functions (subject/phase) of:
      17ai                                                                     word processors       x                  -
      17ai                                                      graphics (drawing) packages          x                  -
      17ai                                                                  desktop publishers       x                  -
      17ai                                                                          spreadsheets     x                  -
      17ai                   multimedia authoring tools (e.g. HyperStudio or PowerPoint)             x                  -
      17ai                                                           web page authoring tools        x                  -
      17ai                                                                   scripting (HTML)        x
      17ai                                                                scripting (high level)     x
      17ai                                                             scripting (JAVA, C++)         x
              Use ICT to prepare pupil resources e.g. templates to scaffold learning:
     17aii                                                                     word processors       x
     17aii                                                                    drawing packages       x
     17aii                                                               multimedia programs         x
     17aii                                                                          spreadsheets     x                  -
     17aii                                                                             databases     x                  -
              incorporate in your teaching:
     17bii                                                       CD ROM sourced materials            x                  -
     17bii                                                          internet sourced materials       x                  -
              describe the ICT specific to the subject:
      17c                                                                                English     x
      17c                                                                           mathematics      x
      17c                                                                                science     x
      17c                                                               design and technology        x
      17c                                                              information technology        x
      17c                                                                                 history    x
      17c                                                                             geography      x
      17c                                                                                      art   x
      17c                                                                                  music     x
      17c                                                                    physical education      x
      17c                                     religious education (locally approved syllabus)        x
     17di                                                          distance learning materials       x
     17di                                                 educational television programmes          x
     17dii                                                        integrated learning systems        x
     ANO                                                    open integrated learning systems         x
      18a                                           awareness of health and safety legislation       x                  -
              understand the implications of:
      18bi                                                                 Data Protection Act       x                  -
     18bii                                                                copyright legislation      x                  -
     18biii                                                                      illegal material    x                  -
              describe the ethical issues relating to:
      18ci                               illegal and/or unsuitable material from the internet        x                  -
     18cii                                                             acknowledging sources         x                  -
     18ciii                                                                 data confidentiality     x                  -
     18civ                                             monitoring of the users of information        x                  -
     18cv                                                      socially unacceptable material        x                  -
     18cv                                                      morally unacceptable material         x                  -
      19a                                    create a spreadsheet to function as a mark-book         x
      19a                                      modify a word processor to aid report writing         x                  -
      19a                                            generate random value numeracy sheets           x
      19a                use a word processor to create administrative proforma/templates            x
      19a                   use a word processor to create curriculum proforma/templates             x
      19b                                                 access electronic OFSTED reports           x                  -
audit00.xls                                               Page 4                         PGCE ICT Audit 2000/1

      19b                                  access information provided by BECTa      x                  -
      19b                                    access information provided by DfEE     x                  -
      19c                                        join a education based news group   x
      19c                                       join an education based mail group   x
      19c                                                 access the NGfL web site   x                  -
      19d                          know about the opportunities ICT offers for CPD   x                  -

              Advice -
              Please enter your name at the top of this spreadsheet.
              You must complete every item of the pre-audit column
audit00.xls                                              Page 5                                   PGCE ICT Audit 2000/1

       Cell: B6
   Comment: Enter your name into this cell.

       Cell: B7
   Comment: You need to be familiar with one of the windows based systems used in schools.

       Cell: D7
   Comment: September entry
             4 help and advice
             3 familiar
             2 proficient
             1 competent/confident

       Cell: F7
   Comment: Dec/Jan entry
             4 can't do
             3 can do
             2 proficient
             1 confident/competent

       Cell: B8
   Comment: Use a word processor and e-mail at the same time/ switch between the two

       Cell: B9
   Comment: e.g.
             In My Computer or Windows Explorer, click the file or folder you want to copy.
             On the Edit menu, click Copy.
             Open the folder or disk where you want to put the copy.
             On the Edit menu, click Paste.
             To select more than one file or folder to copy, hold down the CTRL key, and then click the items you want.
             click the file or folder you want to copy, use CTRL-C (copy) and Open the folder or disk where you want to put the
             use, CTRL-V (paste)
             OR - Drag & Drop!

       Cell: B10
   Comment: e.g.
             Highlight some text use Edit menu, toolbar icons, OR keyboard shortcuts CTRL-C (Copy), CTRL-X (cut), CTRL-V

       Cell: B12
   Comment: e.g.:
             Not available on SUCS public workstations -
             Normally - Start > Settings > Control Panel

       Cell: B16
   Comment: e.g.:
             View ICT Themes - Security 6

       Cell: B22
   Comment: e.g.:
             Zipup and unzip files and folders - create an 'archive' - on public workstations find WiZ

       Cell: B23
   Comment: e.g.:
             *.doc (MS Word), *.htm OR *.html (a web file)
             OR *.pdf (Adbobe Acrobat)
audit00.xls                                              Page 6                                 PGCE ICT Audit 2000/1

       Cell: B24
   Comment: e.g.:
             From MS Word or Excel etc.. Save as Text, save as HTML, Save as Word 6.0 etc...

       Cell: B28
   Comment: e.g.:
             Static = Book
             Dynamic - Changing - how often do web pages change/move?

       Cell: B29
   Comment: e.g.:
             Use the Paste Special command (Edit menu) and select the Paste link option, information is pasted as a linked
             object. If you select the object type Object and Paste options, information is pasted as an embedded object. The
             Object command and most commands on the Picture submenu (Insert menu) also insert information as linked or
             embedded objects. The main differences between linked objects and embedded objects are where the data is
             stored and how it is updated after you place it in the destination file.

              Open any standard office program use Help on OLE or DDE or Link

       Cell: B31
   Comment: e.g.:
             ICT Themes -
             right click: Save target as….
             OR Save link as… (depends on browser)

       Cell: B32
   Comment: e.g.:
             Public Read on 16NT
             ICT Themes on PGCE
             All SUCS pages...

       Cell: B33
   Comment: e.g.:
             Search the web!
             Think about appropriate search strategies

       Cell: B34
   Comment: e.g.:
             information sources - e.g. DfEE web site ( in relation to information on

       Cell: B39
   Comment: e.g.:
             Calculator: £56 x 100
             Result = £6500
             Search for Money Laundering - results discuss stains/stain removals and Hospital contracts!

       Cell: B41
   Comment: e.g.:
             Really depends on Phase and subject. Ask your tutor and or search with http//, ask in school

       Cell: B42
   Comment: e.g.: To model a square...
             to square        OR to square
              fd 100             repeat 4 [fd 100 rt 90]
              rt 90              end
              fd 100
              rt 90
audit00.xls                                               Page 7                                PGCE ICT Audit 2000/1

              fd 100
              rt 90
              fd 100
              rt 90
              >>>>See public workstation > Start>Dept Software> Education > Generic

       Cell: B43
   Comment: e.g.:
             1,2,3,6,12, …..

       Cell: B45
   Comment: e.g.:

       Cell: B46
   Comment: e.g.:
             >>>>See public workstation > Start>Dept Software> Education > Generic

       Cell: B49
   Comment: e.g.:
             ON a blank spreadsheet, In cell C1 type:
             In A1 type 3; In B1 type 3; What is in C1?
             Change B1 OR A1; What is in C1?

       Cell: B50
   Comment: e.g.:
             an automatic window opener on a greenhouse; an appliance that will not work until the lid is closed, such as a

       Cell: B51
   Comment: e.g.:
             Include an image in a word processor or presentation software (e.g. PowerPoint)

       Cell: B52
   Comment: e.g.:
             In word processor create a table and place focussed data

       Cell: B55
   Comment: e.g.:
             Public workstation: Start> Special Learning >Inspiration > Templates

       Cell: B65
   Comment: e.g.:
             Search the web for information about Dragon Dictate
             OR IBM Via Voice etc..

       Cell: B68
   Comment: e.g.:
             It is possible to 'model' a businesses cash flow with a spreadsheet OR
             model the heat loss from a house etc.. Based on some assumptions and some given data.

       Cell: B69
   Comment: e.g.:
             NB Know - not able to!!!! - Have you seen Toy Story?
audit00.xls                                               Page 8                                 PGCE ICT Audit 2000/1

       Cell: B70
   Comment: e.g.:
             Would you use a word processor to put a note out for a milk man?
             Would you use a calculator to work out 4x4?

       Cell: B71
   Comment: e.g.:
             Useful if a file is corrupted AND useful to view the development of an idea etc.

       Cell: B73
   Comment: e.g.:
             Don't expect younger children to have the reading skills of older children - How would you prepare a report for
             Parents and a report for and EdPsych?

       Cell: B88
   Comment: e.g.:
             Depends on your phase and subject. Look carefully at examples and information in circular 4/98

       Cell: B100
   Comment: e.g.:
             Consider research
             and ICT Themes lectures/ resources

       Cell: B104
   Comment: e.g.:
             ICT Themes lectures/ resources

       Cell: B113
   Comment: e.g.:
             included for those that have the skills - promote your abilities!

       Cell: B114
   Comment: e.g.:
             included for those that have the skills - promote your abilities!

       Cell: B115
   Comment: e.g.:
             Mainly included for secondary IT subject specialists

       Cell: B116
   Comment: e.g.:
             Mainly included for secondary IT subject specialists

       Cell: B117
   Comment: e.g.:
             Use online help to find 'templates' NB Inspiration
             Standards web site - etc...

       Cell: B123
   Comment: e.g.:
             This will be in you School Based folder evidence
             Make it EXPLICIT!

       Cell: B126
   Comment: e.g.:
             Can you suggest some examples:
             Look at the Schemes of work on the Web!

       Cell: B143
   Comment: e.g.:
audit00.xls                                                Page 9                             PGCE ICT Audit 2000/1

              ICT Themes lectures/ resources

       Cell: B147
   Comment: e.g.:
             Just think about it carefully and consider:
             ICT Themes lectures/ resources

       Cell: B154
   Comment: e.g.:
             ideally !!!! use SUM, Average, Mean etc to evaluate pupil progress and your own work. Link with word processor
             for 'comments'?

       Cell: B155
   Comment: e.g.:
             set-up your own 'auto correct' data - PoS expands to read Programmes of study etc.

       Cell: B159
   Comment: e.g.:

       Cell: B160
   Comment: e.g.:

       Cell: B165
   Comment: CPD = Continuing Professional Development
             e.g. access Standards web site; BECTa etc.

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