Grading Rubric for Cell Presentations by DY7ZJkKr


									                  Grading Rubric for Cell Presentations

                      A                   B                   C                   D                   F
  Poster       Drawing             Drawing in          Drawing in          Drawing in          Drawing not in
               complete, in        color with          color; all parts    color; most parts   color; few parts
               color and in        several             clearly labeled;    clearly labeled;    labeled;
               proportion; all     examples of         at least one of     most major          some random
               parts clearly       most organelles;    each type of        organelles          organelles;
               labeled;            all parts clearly   organelle;          represented;        messy or
               no organelles       labeled;            neatness not a      messy or            incomplete
               missing; very       no organelles       consideration       incomplete
               neat                missing; neat
  Model        Neat; all           Neat; all           Neat; most          Messy; some      Messy; few
               organelles          organelles          organelles          organelles       organelles
               represented;        represented; no     represented; no     represented; no  represented; no
               poster is used as   key to organelle    key to organelle    key to organelle key to organelle
               the key to          identification      identification      identification   identification;
               organelle           provided                                                 (looks as if
               identification                                                               thrown together)
Newsletter     Neat;               Neat;               Neat;               Neat;            Demonstrates
               demonstrates        demonstrates        demonstrates        demonstrates     little prior
               good use of         good use of         some prior          little prior     knowledge of
               prior knowledge     prior knowledge     knowledge of        knowledge of     software;
               of software;        of software;        software;           software;        contains basic
               contains correct,   contains correct    contains basic      contains basic   information on
               concise             information on      information on      information on   some organelles;
               information on      most organelles;    most organelles;    some organelles; poor layout
               all organelles;     fair layout and     fair layout and     poor layout and showing little
               good layout and     presentation        presentation        presentation     effort
               presentation        format              format              format
Presentation   Well rehearsed;     Well rehearsed;     Not well            Not well            Not well
               relaxed; no use     relaxed; some       rehearsed; use of   rehearsed;          rehearsed;
  to Class     of notes;           use of notes;       notes;              extensive use of    extensive use of
               understood          understood          understood basic    notes;              notes; lack of
               subject matter;     subject matter;     subject matter;     understood          understanding of
               able to answer      able to answer      able to answer      some basic          basic subject
               follow up           most follow up      most follow up      subject matter;     matter; not able
               questions           questions           questions           not able to         to answer follow
                                                                           answer most         up questions
                                                                           follow up

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