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					                                       Industry Day Survey

Instructions for Completing the Survey. Please see below questions for which we are
soliciting your feedback to the Industry Day Conference held at the Dearborn Hyatt on 15 April
2011. Offerors are asked to complete the following questionnaire and provide answers
electronically back to the U.S. Army TACOM POCs, Ms. Ardella Anderson and Mr. Alton Marks
at Survey responses are requested to be submitted
no later than 06 May 2011.

1. Were the registration and check-in processes for the conference clearly defined? Was
enough time provided for you to make the appropriate arrangements for the conference?

2. Was the location and facilities appropriate for this conference?

3. Do you feel that the information presented during Industry Day contributed to your
understanding of the MRAP CLSS Draft Request for Proposal (RFP)?

4. Do you feel that the agenda and pace of the presentations during Industry Day was
appropriate? If not, were the presentations too fast, too slow? Was there a sufficient amount of

5. Do you feel that the information provided during Industry Day was beneficial to your
understanding of the MRAP CLSS Requirement?

6. Is there any information or topics you felt that were not addressed by either the conference or
posting of Questions and Answers?

7. Did the Industry Day presentations and subsequent posting of questions and answers make
your firm more or less likely to submit a proposal for this requirement?

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