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WHITTIER, CA - Horseshoes, wrought iron railings, walnut washers, fire screens, welder
electrode holders, gas logs and infrared gas grills. This is just a smattering of the products that
four generations of Rasmussens have produced at Rasmussen Iron Works, now celebrating 98
years of family business.

Founded in Whittier, California, in 1907 by Danish immigrant Rasmus Rasmussen, the family
has always adapted to the times with their products. As a blacksmith, Rasmus made
horseshoes and repaired wagons. His son, Harry, made fire tools. Gradually, the family
business expanded into wrought iron railings, window guards and fire screens, with Rasmus’
son Ted producing some exquisite examples of wrought iron craftsmanship. When agriculture
began to thrive in the Whittier area, the business adapted by making walnut washers for the
many walnut groves that flourished in the area. During the oil boom in the ‘20s, they made tool
pusher bodies for oil tool trucks.

During World War II, when metal was difficult to obtain, Ted taught high school welding
classes. During a field trip to the shipyards, he identified a need for replacement insulators for
welding electrode holders, a business in which he flourished until the war ended.

In 1945, Rasmussen moved into its present location. From that time until the early 80’s
Rasmussen operated a fireplace and barbecue retail store at the front of the property, while
manufacturing was accomplished in the back.

In 1958, Ted Jr. developed the sand pan gas log burner, which offered a more realistic flame
effect than previously available. This design is still the prevalent design in the industry.
Unable to find anyone to make logs for his new burner, Ted learned how to make his own
molds and cast his own fireproof logs. To this day, Rasmussen is noted for its faithful
reproduction of bark detail and coloration. Ted Jr.’s son, Rett, joined the business in the late
80’s. When vent-free gas log sets became a viable product, Rasmussen developed the
“Chillbuster” line, which are noted for their reliability and effect.

In 2000, Rasmussen developed Solaire Infrared Grilling Systems, a high quality line of
stainless steel gas grills which features the searing heat of infrared burners, providing a
counter-seasonal compliment to the Rasmussen line of quality gas logs.

In 2005, Rasmussen introduced FireShapes™, three-dimensional geometric shapes and stones
made from the same fireproof refractory ceramic that the company uses for its extensive line of
gas log sets. FieShapes allows the consumer to develop a completely personalized fireplace
presentation, and represents a great and attractive modern alternative to the gas log.

Additional information on Rasmussen products and downloadable photographs are available at
www.rasmussen.biz/media.html or by calling Rett Rasmussen at (800) 782-1365.


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