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        New Members of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology

To the New Person

Welcome to the Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology (WTCMP) Faculty of Veterinary
Medicine. We hope you will be very happy with us and will regard it as a positive experience.
The following information is in addition to the induction that you should shortly receive from your

WTCMP has a reputation for being a friendly place, as well as an excellent one for stimulating
research, and we would like to build on that. The Centre has a few social events throughout the
year. These include a Welcome Party in October.

In this information pack, you will find various bits of information that should help you settle in. It
is designed to ensure that you are properly informed about Safety in the laboratories and that
you are correctly registered according to the regulation applying to the hazards you may be
exposed to.

Please complete the forms in the WTCMP starter pack immediately upon your arrival. You will
only be registered for work in the laboratory once the forms are completed. You will probably
need help from your supervisor to fill in some parts.

To the Supervisor

Please note that every new Centre member should receive full instruction on Safety. It is your
responsibility to make sure that this happens.

If you require any further information contact:

Alex Mackay WTCMP Administrator (Room 5/14) or

Prof Dave Barry WTCMP Director (Room 6/22)

1.    Staff identity card
2.    Salary
3.    Hours of work/holidays
4.    Out of hours working
5.    Sickness absence notification procedure
6.    Registration for use of computing services
7.    Application for use of Novell Network
8.    Safety
9.    WTCMP Internal Stores Ordering
10.   WTCMP External Ordering
11.   Mail
12.   Fax
13.   Parking permit
14.   Social room
15.   Staff Directory
16.   Support services
17.   Staff Development
18.   Emergencies
19.   Campus Map
20.   Websites
1. Staff/Student Identity Card

You will need a University staff card to make use of many University facilities, e.g. Library, Sport
and Recreation facilities.

Once you get a staff number, you should drop in to the Human Resources Department, Gilbert
Scott Building to obtain a staff identity card any time between 10-11 am on Tuesdays or
Fridays and they will take a photograph and provide you with an ID card. You do not need to
telephone for an appointment, but you will need your staff number before you go and you must
have a contract from Human Resources or you will not be issued a card. If you are a visitor to
GBRC, our janitors will issue you with a temporary visitor’s card. If you are a new student you
should fill in the relevant form and ask the GBRC janitor to activate your registration card.

2. Salary

Salaries are paid on the last working day of each month. Questions relating to pensions should
be directed to the Pay & Pensions Section, Finance Office, ext. 3704.

3. Hours of work/Holidays

Your hours of work are specified in the Staff Handbook as is your holiday entitlement. If you wish
to go on annual leave, you must agree the dates in advance with your supervisor. Public holiday
dates are available at
http://www.gla.ac.uk/services/humanresources/policies/ho/holidays/publichols/pubhols2009/ All
University offices are closed on public holidays.

4. Out of Hours working

Normal working hours are within 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday - Friday. Anyone working outside
these hours must sign themselves in and out in the late working book located by the janitor's

5. Sickness Absence Notification procedure

On your first day of absence, you should notify your immediate Supervisor/Line Manager or Alex
Mackay (by phone Ext 2684) as soon as possible after 9.00 am. If you think your sickness is
work related you must inform your Supervisor/Line Manager or Alex Mackay on the first day
when you phone in to report your absence.

Absences lasting more than 7 calendar days require a medical certificate. If you have been given
an open-ended certificate, you should not return to work until your doctor has given you a final
certificate to confirm that you are fit for work. It is important that you maintain regular contact if
the absence is prolonged and it is a requirement that you phone in again on the fourth day of
absence to update your departmental contact. For longer absences you should maintain at least
monthly contact, or as often as you renew medical certificates.

6. Registration for use of Computing Services

Please return your completed form to Alex Mackay. If you are a visitor, you may also apply for
computing access by completing a form entitled ‘IT Services Facilities by Approved Visitors’.
Within a few days you will receive a reply from Computing Service giving your email address and
computing password.

Computing Service also provides a range of support services available to all staff and registered
visitors.         Details      are     available     on      their      web         page       at:
http://www.gla.ac.uk/services/computing/index.shtml. .

7. Application for use of Novell network

The Novell registration form can be completed when you have received your computing
service email address, and this gives you access to the WCMP server. Please give the completed
form to Alex Mackay.

If you are a postgraduate student then 24-48 hours after matriculation you will automatically be
registered for these two services.

If you require assistance with setting up your computer, contact Alex Mackay. You may need
to have your email address and Novell password for assistance.

8. Safety

The Health and Safety of all colleagues in the Centre is very important. Relevant procedures are
spelled out in the FBLS and GBRC Safety websites –
GBRC - http://www.gla.ac.uk/centres/gbrc/safetyhandbook/
FBLS -    http://www.gla.ac.uk/faculties/fbls/informationforstaff/safety/
SEPS -    http://www.gla.ac.uk/services/seps/index.html

The safety handbook is available online, and contains important safety information for all
personnel in the building.

The Chief Technician and Safety coordinator in GBRC is Mr Graham Tobasnick ext 2841, room
B5-08, Glasgow Biomedical Research Centre.

Specified Animal Pathogen Order (SAPO)
Registration for work with Specified Animal Pathogens
The GBRC has a licence to work with African Trypanosomes, which are Specified Animal
Pathogens. If you plan to culture African trypanosomes ( Trypanosoma brucei, Trypanosoma
vivax etc) you will need to register. You do not need SAPO registration to work with other
pathogens within the GBRC.

Regulatory control requires that no person shall have in his possession any “Specified Animal
Pathogen” or any “carrier” in which he knows such a pathogen is present, except under the
authority of a licence issued by the appropriate Minister (Scottish Executive Environment and
Rural Affairs Department (SEERAD)). The purpose of this is to prevent the introduction and
spread of Specified Animal Pathogens which are not endemic in Great Britain and which if
introduced would cause serious disease and economic loss to the livestock industry. All work
(including holding/storage) with these organisms requires a licence.

If you wish to import African trypanosomes into the GBRC (from the UK or abroad) you will need
to obtain permission from SEERAD. Details on all SAPO procedures can be obtained from Alex
Mackay (Level 5).

Use of Genetically Modified Organisms and Pathogens
All work involving genetically modified organisms, recombinant DNA or the culture of pathogenic
organisms must have received prior approval from the GBRC Genetic Modification Safety
Committee. Before commencing any such work, you must get confirmation from your supervisor
that approval has been granted and read the project description for the work. Your supervisor
should provide you with a copy of the description and you should fill out the enclosed registration
form so your name can be added to it. [Contact Dr Tansy Hammarton]

9. Internal Stores Ordering

FBLS Stores is located in the Cardiovascular Building. You can obtain a wide range of consumable
items, including chemicals, glassware, stationery and computer discs from the stores and the
costs of all items will be charged to your supervisor’s budget.

The Stores service offers an online ordering facility with a twice daily desktop delivery service. To
register for this service, please print this form (http://www.gla.ac.uk/media/media_40069_en.pdf
- Stores Access Request) and forward it to Jim Stewart, Stores, Room L1/15, BHF Cardiovascular
Research Centre, 126 University Place. Once access to online ordering has been authorised, you
will be emailed a temporary password which must be changed upon receipt by logging on to the
online ordering menu (http://www.gla.ac.uk:443/ibls/stores/stock_list.php) and using the change
password facility. Financial restrictions on research budgets mean that you should be careful in
the use of consumables. Any items such as special chemicals that are not held in stock can be
ordered by contacting the stores personnel.

10. External Ordering

All WTCMP external orders are placed by Sandra Terry, level 6 GBRC. All
order sheets should be submitted to Sandra on a Monday for ordering on a Tuesday.

11. Mail

Incoming mail
Daily 10.30am and 2.30pm - mail is delivered and sorted into the pigeonholes on each floor.
Outgoing mail
Outgoing mail should be placed in the Pigeonhole marked “Outgoing Mail” .
A pigeonhole is allocated to each academic and Research Fellow. Support Staff, Post-docs and
Post-grads should use the A-Z pigeonholes on the bottom rows.

12. Fax

The Centre fax machine is situated in Room B6-24. The fax number is 0141 330 5422. Please
ask Sandra Terry for assistance.

13. Parking permit

Application forms are available from the University Gatehouse. The current cost of a permit is
£180 per annum which you can pay up-front or by payroll deduction.

If you wish to apply for a permit, contact the Main Gatehouse for details. Due to the high
demand, there is a waiting list for permits. When you cease to have a need for your permit,
it should be returned to Liz Kelso, Security, Main Gatehouse.

14. Social Room

The Common Room is located on Level 2, GBRC Building, this is used for morning, lunchtime and
afternoon breaks by staff in WTCMP and also other Departments in the Building.

15. Staff Directory

The University-wide internal directory by staff surname is available electronically at the Glasgow
University home page at http://www.gla.ac.uk/stafflist/.

16. Support Services

In addition to internal stores and IT support, there are a number of research facilities available to
all staff and visitors within WTCMP. These include Media Services support, Graphics Unit and
Electronics Unit. A full list is available from http://www.gla.ac.uk/faculties/fbls/ss/. Please
contact Alex Mackay if you require to access any of these services.

17. Staff Development

The University’s Staff Development Service offers a number of courses that you and your
supervisor may consider appropriate for you to undertake. The Training Programme is detailed
on the Staff Development web page at

18. Emergencies

In the event of any emergency, DIAL 4444.

DO NOT dial 999.

19. Campus Map

This link will give you details of how to reach Glasgow and the University, and also gives details
of our Campus maps - http://www.gla.ac.uk/general/maps/

20. Websites

WTCMP home page : http://www.gla.ac.uk/centres/wtcmp/

Neighbouring department’s web sites

FBLS home page:      http://www.gla.ac.uk/fbls/

I&I home page:           http://www.gla.ac.uk/faculties/fbls/ii/


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