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Sample of letter of presentation : Computer graphics by MBbHOp1


									Sample of letter of presentation : Computer graphics

Novembre 28, 2006

Ben Door
Director of human resources
100, Caravanne Bld.
Ste-Tulipe (Quebec)
K2I 6S1

Mister Door,

I am pleased to forward you herewith my curriculum vitae. Indeed, I would be very interested to
occupy a post of operator in computer graphics graphics for a company like yours, famous for the
quality of his services and his professionalism.

I obtained a diploma of professional studies in processes computer graphics of the school Blue-
white-red. As you will be able to note it with the reading of my curriculum vitae, I followed
various courses which enabled me to acquire competences and knowledge necessary to exert the
principal functions and the requirements of your station. Moreover, I am a person who likes to
take up challenge again and your station would give me opportunity of it.

I know well the environment Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesing just as QuarkXPress and
I work well as much on Mac than PC. I have much creativity and my work of quality is always

I will be happy to re-examine in detail my competences and aptitudes during an interview with
you. I remain at your disposal for any other information which you would like to know.

I thank you, Mr Door, of the attention which you will pay to my candidature, want to approve my
best greetings.

Isa Big Lot
444, Watt St.
Beloeil (Quebec) J3T 5W6
(450) 111-1111

j.p. curriculum vitae


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