Laser Cellulite Treatment for Hips and Thighs

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             Laser Cellulite Treatment for Hips and Thighs

Laser cellulite treatment for the hips and thighs is the way to go for lasting
elimination of those depressing cottage cheese deposits. There are different
kinds of treatment options available to tackle the problem but Cellulaze
seems to soar above all of them. It is the first and only minimally invasive
treatment for cellulite that has considerable clinical information to support it.
The Cellulaze™ system is manufactured by Cynosure® and is FDA
approved. More benefits pertaining to use of the system for the hips and
thighs are described in the following paragraphs.

Other Benefits of Cellulaze Treatment

    •   By utilizing the SideLight3D™ laser fiber of the Cellulaze™ system,
        the physician can level down fat bumps, encourage collagen
        development to improve skin elasticity and thickness for a smoother
        look and resolve the problem of dimples by setting free the fibrous
        bands which pull down the skin. Cellulaze™ has proven to increase
        skin elasticity by 29 percent and skin thickness by 25 percent even
        after a period of one year.
    •   A single treatment is enough to get outcomes that last for at least a
        year. If the patient were to use lotions and creams on the other hand,
        she would have to repeatedly apply them to maintain the positive
        aesthetic benefits.
    • The ThermaGuide™ intelligent delivery system prevents over-
        treatment and hot spots.
    •   The laser cellulite treatment is outpatient and wide-awake.

                                           Cellulite Treatment
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    • Either local anesthesia or a numbing solution would be used before
        the surgery.
    • There would be minimal pain, discomfort and bruising.
    •   93 percent of the patients associated with a Cellulaze clinical study
        were either satisfied or very satisfied with the treatment outcomes one
        year after the procedure. All of the patients surveyed said they would
        recommend the procedure to a friend.
    •   It is a short duration procedure, taking at the most one and a half
    •   If suitable care is taken, whatever scars there are from the laser
        cellulite treatment would hardly be visible. Your plastic surgeon can
        assess your skin type and give you useful information on scar
    • Patients can resume their regular activities after a day or two and start
        more vigorous exercise after 7 to 14 days.
    •   The surgery can be combined with liposuction so that a woman can
        achieve a figure that’s great for the beach.

The best results are ensured for women who are not too overweight and only
have light to moderate cellulite growth.

Money’s Worth!

In conclusion, laser cellulite treatment for the thighs, specifically
Cellulaze™ is money’s worth. Only remember to find yourself the right
plastic surgeon to perform the procedure for you. Whoever you pick should
have a good bedside manner, be willing to answer your questions, hear your

                                           Cellulite Treatment
Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery                         Call: 713-791-0700

concerns, have adequate experience in the procedure and technology, and
work at an accredited plastic surgery center.

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                                           Cellulite Treatment

Description: Cellulaze laser cellulite treatment ensures lasting removal of cottage cheese from the thighs and hips. This laser cellulite treatment is FDA cleared.