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									The Damages Of Being Part of DePuy Recalls

DePuy Orthopaedics Inc.’s recall on two of their hip replacement system, the ASR XL Acetabular System
and ASR Hip Resurfacing system on 2010 was probably one of the most controversial recalls that the
history of medical equipments could record. About 93,000 people all over the world were implanted by
the recalled hip replacement devices and they are all subject to the consequences of the recall.

So why did DePuy Orthopaedics decided to recall its hip replacement products? The recall rooted from
                                                       the reports that state that the devices have
                                                       higher than normal revision rate. The patients
                                                       who received the implant are subject to a five
                                                       year revision rate which is a lot higher than the
                                                       normal 15 year revision rate. According to the
                                                       data that was released by DePuy itself, about 12
                                                       to 13 percent or one out of every eight patients
                                                       have are subject to this high revision rate.

Aside from the high revision rate of the products, there had been also reports of several symptoms that
people implanted with the recalled hip replacements are experiencing. Some patients complains of pain
in the groin, or other areas such as the hip or the leg, they also experience a hard time getting up from a
seated position as well as difficulty in walking and carrying relatively heavy things. Usually, these are
considered post surgical symptoms, but if they occur for a long time or they came back, they could be
clear signs of problems with the implant such as being loosened or dislocated.

                                                    Patients who have been part of the ASR recall
                                                    are subject to a lot of trouble and damage. Even
                                                    if some of them have not yet experienced the
                                                    painful symptoms that the defective device
                                                    causes, they still need to secure their health and
                                                    safety and consult their doctors, which is
apparently, something that would consume not only their money but also their time.

DePuy has already announced that they are offering assistance to the patients who were part of the
recall, saying that they would reimburse out of pocket expenses of the patients. Though this effort may
sound appealing to some, there are other people like expert hip lawyers who believe the patients
deserve more than what the company offers them and resorted into filing lawsuits against DePuy to
ensure that they will get the right compensation that they deserve from the company.

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