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									SACC IT Subcommittee Meeting Notes
March 27, 2003

      DHS –David Freeland, Dave Horton, Phyllis Muska
      HHSC – Cindy Peck, Priscilla Hopkins
      MHMR – Sally Anderson
      OAG – Nancy Smith
      PRS – Kim Weatherford
      RRC – Hope Morgan
      TBPC – Fran McDonald Berry
      TCEQ – Grace Montgomery Faulkner
      TDCJ – Robert Bray
      TDI – Andy Robinson
      TPWD – George Rios
      TRC – Brenda Hills
      TXDoT – Scott Burford
      TYC – Jay Svinicki

Legislative Overview
Dave Horton, DHS, distributed the most current copy of the Legislative Tracking Report
maintained on the TASSCC site. This document tracks various bills that could have an
impact on IT in various agencies and is available at - click on “Discussion”.
The information is updated approximately weekly.

Specific bills that were discussed included:
    HB 2, which includes ROI evaluation of projects and authorization of DIR to make
       decisions that affect state government
              Andy Robinson, TDI, said that as part of this bill, DIR would combine with
              TBPC to form a State Administrative Services Agency.
       HB 1075, calling for criminal background checks for IT staff
       HB 2067/SB 1701, which pulls together various IT-related items
              David Freeland, DHS, described the version which puts the State Auditor’s
              Office as the lead for the QAT process, although DIR should have
              responsibility for setting the guidelines for IT-related projects. Andy
              Robinson said that DIR would set up the enterprise architecture, but that
              the individual agencies would have to come up with their plans for
       HB 2125/SB 1650, regulating the collection and disclosure of information collected
        on individuals by government entities
       HB 2412/SB 1152, requiring agencies to consider using TexasOnline for all agency
        IT services and giving TexasOnline the right to bid on IT business
SACC IT Subcommittee
Notes from March 27, 2003 Meeting
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       HB 2667/SB 388, which regulates the sale and maintenance of real property by
        state agencies; also covers consolidation and closure of offices
       HB 3004, which gives DIR the power to enhance state IT capabilities and develop
        an ROI program
       SB 622/HB 1386, which allows for the creation of a central service center for
        occupational licenses
       SB 1355, calling for DIR to develop, implement and enforce a standard IT
        architecture for all state agencies, including e-mail standardization and approval of
        any IT contract over $50,000
              Andy Robinson, TDI, said that it would be needed if agencies are moving to a
              standard architecture, but that “data center” will need to be more clearly
              defined in the bill. Several members of the group felt that multiple data
              centers would be called for in order to ensure business continuity. Hope
              Morgan, RRC, felt that the timeline was too aggressive, since it calls for
              implementation by September 2004.
       SB 1579, calling for consideration of open source software

Nancy Smith, OAG, wondered whether the SACC IT group should provide some guidance to
agency executives on bills where IT is affected. David Freeland and Dave Horton felt that,
because the legislative schedule is falling so far behind, few bills will get out of committee.
Sally Anderson, MHMR, noted that since fiscal notes had not yet been requested, bills are
apparently not moving. Dave Horton suggested that agencies work through Dustin Lanier in
the Governor’s office on specific concerns with bills. Grace Montgomery Faulkner, TCEQ,
suggested that SACC IT members could sit in on IT-related bills on a rotational basis and
report back to the group.

Nancy Smith expressed concern that bills don’t distinguish between “cost avoidance” and
“cost savings”, and that agencies may be expected to forfeit budget dollars seen as
“savings”. Hope Morgan thought that the e-mail costs might be estimated at $200 per
user per month, when current costs are actually in the $3-5 per user per month range.
Sally Anderson was concerned that bills could be passed without fiscal notes. David
Freeland felt that there needs to be better management of outsourcing contracts, and
that there should be multiple data centers with competition among them.

Next Meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for April 24, 2003, from 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. in the
Commissioner’s conference room, 6th floor, West Tower, DHS Winters Complex, 701 West

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