Protecting Your Dearest iPad by ElizabethHowlett


									Protecting Your Dearest iPad

Apple’s iPad is clearly the most popular among the slew of tablet PCs available on the market today. It is
not the cheapest among the bunch. However, people are still willing to sell old iPad and upgrade to the
newest version. People are more than willing to cough up the money just to get their hands on this
sleek and thin tablet PC.

Now that you know how to sell iPad and have enough money to get yourself a new one, it is important
that you also purchase a cover to protect it. It would go to waste if you were to see your newly
purchased unit’s screen scratched because you left it in your bag with all your other stuff. There are a
lot of protective covers available in the market today. You can even choose what kind of material you
want your bag to be from among plastic, silicone, and even leather. You can include this when you
finally decide to sell your iPad online and your buyer will be grateful for it.

With the launch of the new iPad, Apple also launched a new smart cover case to go with it. However,
unlike the iPad 2 which came with a smart cover for free, this new cover case comes with a fee. You
would have to shell out $50 in order to get yourself one. The good news is that this is not exclusive only
to the new iPad as it could also fit the old iPad 2. It is made of rubber, which can protect the back case
of the unit. It still comes with the smart cover to protect the screen from scratches. It also comes in
different colors, which will truly perk up your unit. The only drawback is that it only comes in one size;
there are instances that the fit is not perfect, especially when you use it for the iPad 2.

The kind of casing to use for your iPad is just a matter of preference. Of course, you would want it to
reflect your personality, as you will be bringing it with you almost every time. People using the iPad for
work would want to maintain that professional look that they project so chances are, their iPad cover
would be made of leather. Black leather is the most common choice for people like this, however, those
who want to stand out can still go for the colored ones made of faux leather. It may be colorful but it
still maintains that look of being professional and serious.

For the younger generation, there are a lot of options for the cover. Rubber, silicone and plastic cases
are the more popular choices. These are available in different colors and some even have prints of
famous cartoon characters. The playful look of these covers does not fail to show the personality of the

Of course, when looking for a cover for your iPad, make sure that it will indeed protect it from minor
mishaps like scratches and bumps. Because if not, you might have a hard time selling iPad when the
time comes that you need to dispose of it.


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