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									The Care Quality Commission's guidance notes

CQC's guidance notes (formerly called practice notes) give advice on particular
issues that are drawn to our attention. The guidance notes generally refer to matters
not included in the Mental Health Act Code of Practice. Occasionally they will provide
an explanation or emphasise certain parts of the Code.

Any authoritative interpretation of the law can be given only by the courts. In the
absence of any judicial decision, CQC's view of any interpretation can at best only be
informed opinion and must not be treated as, or substituted for, professional legal

The guidance notes were previously issued by the Mental Health Act Commission
(the Care Quality Commission took over the responsibilities of the Mental Health Act
Commission in April 2009) and most were reviewed and re-issued in April 2006.
Guidance Notes are reviewed in line with current practice, or at least every two

We welcome any comments on the contents of the guidance notes, which you should
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Please feel free to print copies of the guidance notes.

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The Care Quality Commission's guidance notes available

                                                                  Date last
     Subject                                                      published or

1    Guidance note List                                           October 2008

     The admission of children and adolescents to adult mental
2    health wards and the duty to provide age-appropriate         October 2008

     The identification and rights of the “Nearest Relative”
3                                                                 October 2008
     under the Mental Health Act 1983

4    Nearest Relatives of non-UK residents                        October 2008

     Guidance for SOADs: Consent to treatment & the SOAD
5                                                                 October 2008
     role under the revised Mental Health Act

     Guidance for SOADs: On giving reasons when certifying
6                                                                 October 2008
     that treatment is appropriate

     Guidance for clinicians and SOADs: The Mental Health Act
7    1983 the imposition of medical treatment in the absence of October 2008

     The administration of Clozapine and other treatments
8    requiring blood tests under the provisions of the Mental     October 2008
     Health Act

     Consultation with the ‘Other’ Professional in Second
9                                                                 October 2008
     Opinions under the Mental Health Act

     Guidance note for commissioners on consent to treatment
10                                                                October 2008
     and the Mental Health Act 1983.

     Nurses, the administration of medicine for mental disorder
11                                                                November 2009
     and the Mental Health Act 1983

     Guidance for Commissioners: The RCPsych consensus
12                                                                October 2008
     statement on high-dose antipsychotic medication

     The treatment of anorexia nervosa under the Mental
13                                                                October 2008
     Health Act 1983

14 The Mental Health Act in Independent Hospitals                 October 2008

     Use of the Mental Health Act 1983 in general hospitals
15                                                                October 2008
     without a psychiatric unit

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                                                                 Date last
     Subject                                                     published or

     Guidance for Commissioners: The revised Code of
16                                                               October 2008
     Practice: points to note.

     Scrutinising and rectifying statutory forms for admission
17                                                               October 2008
     under the Mental Health Act 1983

     Leave of absence and transfer under the Mental Health
18                                                               March 2010
     Act 1983

19 Voting rights for detained patients                           October 2008

     Second Opinions for Supervised Community Treatment
20                                                               January 2009
     patients who are refusing medication

   Treatment under emergency power for Supervised
21 Community Treatment patients who are awaiting Second          January 2009

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