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									States of   Changes of   Behavior of    Graph
Matter        State        Gases       Essentials

100           100          100           100

200           200          200           200

300           300          300           300

400           400          400           400

500           500          500           500
             What is liquid?

 The state of matter where particles
are free to move, but remain in close
       contact with each other.

                               Row 1, Col 1
          What is evaporation?

The name for the process whereby
  only particles at the surface of a
liquid gain enough energy to break
           away as a gas.

            What is pressure?

The name for the force that acts on a
 surface when it is being constantly
  bombarded by particles of a gas.

       What is the Kelvin scale?

The temperature scale most often
used in physical sciences, where
  absolute zero is at 0 degrees.

             What is solid?

The state of matter that has definite
    shape and definite volume.

             What is boiling?

 The name for a type of vaporization
that occurs when a liquid changes to a
 gas both at its surface and below its

         What is its volume?

The name for the amount of space
      that a gas takes up.

        What is the horizontal axis?

  The axis of a graph on which you
should show the variable which you
changed or manipulated as part of an

           What is temperature?

The measure of the average energy of
motion of the particles of a substance.

          What is freezing?

 The change of state during which
particles move slowly enough that
weak forces between them begin to
         link them together.

          What is less pressure?

The direction that the pressure of a
gas changes (greater or less) when
 the volume of a closed chamber
      containing it increases.

       What is the independent variable?

 The name for the set of values from
   an experiment which should be
plotted on the vertical axis of a graph.

              What is gas?

  The state of matter in which the
 spaces between particles is large
relative to the size of the particles.

        What is condensation?

The name for the change of state
when a gas forms liquid droplets.

         What is increased pressure?

The result on pressure of an increase
in the temperature of gas particles in
          a closed container.

      What is upward (from left to right)?

  The direction that a line through a
plot of data points will slope (upward
or downward) if when one variable is
  increases, the other also increases.

        What is a crystalline solid?

The name for the type of solid where
 particles form a regular, repeating

            What is boiling?

  The name for the change of state
    which may occur when the
atmosphere above a liquid is reduced
     to a very low level (as we
demonstrated using a vacuum pump
            and bell jar).

                What is yes?

The answer to the question:

 Is the level of atmospheric pressure
that is pressing on our skin right now
enough to crush a steel tank car if no
    additional pressure is applied?

  What are the scale and the units measurement?

Beyond the name of the variable that
   is plotted, two other factors you
should always label on both axes of a
               data graph.


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