Middle School Student Success Plan Template by 4JwxQ9u


									                                                     Connecticut State Department of Education
                                                 Sample Middle School Student Success Plan Template
                                                                      Grade 6

Academic Development                             Examples                                   Delivery                  Target Date
                                                                                                                      Date Completed
      Goal setting                                    Set academic goals (S.M.A.R.T.)     Advisor*
      Portfolio w/connection to academic              Study skills lessons and practice
       performance                                     Time management instruction         Advisory **
      Learning style                                  Test-taking strategy sessions       Classroom teachers
      Responsibility for Success                      Portfolio development
            o Time management and                      Individual planning meeting         School Counselor
               organizational skills                         o Course plan
            o Study skills                                   o Understanding academic       School Psychologist
            o Understanding and utilizing                       strengths and weaknesses
               academic support                        Learning Styles inventory           School Social Worker
      Transitions                                      21st Century Skills coaching
                                                                                            Developmental Guidance
      Educational planning                            Parent-teacher conferences
      21st Century Skills                             Parent Information programs         Classroom teachers
      Other
                                                                                            All Administration
                                                                                            Other Support Personnel
Career Development                                  
     Career planning and preparation                  Personal/career interest profiles   School Counselor
     Career Pathway selection                         Career speakers
     Goal setting                                     Career exploration (online)         School Psychologist
     Portfolio project connection with career         Exploratory courses
       pathway of interest                             Service learning projects           School Social Worker
     Other                                            Job shadow days with parents
                                                                                            Classroom teachers
                                                                                            Lib./Media Specialist
                                                                                            Related Arts teachers
                                                                                            All Administration
                                                                                            Other Support Personnel

   March 2012
                                                                   Connecticut State Department of Education
                                                               Sample Middle School Student Success Plan Template
                                                                                    Grade 6

Social/Emotional/Physical Development                           Examples                                                Delivery                            Target Date
                                                                                                                                                            Date Completed
         Healthy and safe life skill/choices                            Create social, emotional and                  Advisor
         School/community engagement                                     physical goals
         Decision making skills                                               o positive and healthy goal              School Counselor
         Social and emotional self-regulation and                                 setting
          resiliency                                                     Personality/Interest inventory                School Psychologist
         Self-advocacy                                                  Conflict resolution training
         Portfolio/Capstone project connection to                       Responsible decision-making                   School Social Worker
          personal/lifestyle areas of interest                            lessons
         Transitions                                                    Managing feeling and emotions                 Developmental Guidance
         School Climate                                                  counseling /support                           Advisory
               o Respect for self and others                             Drug and Alcohol awareness
               o Appreciation/respect for                                 program                                       D.A.R.E.
                   diversity                                             Utilization of support services and
                                                                          referral as needed                            Library/Media Specialist
                                                                         Healthy Choices-Multimedia
                                                                          presentation                                  Classroom Teachers
                                                                         Internet safety student/parent
                                                                          programs                                      All Administration
                                                                         School climate (anti-bullying)
                                                                          activities                                    Other Support Personnel
                                                                         Getting to Know You surveys
                                                                         Orientation to Middle School

* At Sample Middle School all certified personnel (core teachers, related arts teachers, counselors, administrators, support staff) are advisors to groups of 12 students. They stay with their students
for three years.
** Advisory lessons are created by grade level teams or counselors and delivered monthly.

    March 2012

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