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									                        MZ Fontaine (1978- )

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Note: Teachers, due to the sexually explicit nature of Mz Fontaine’s lyrics, please
see the “Teaching Strategy” section (pgs. 9-13) in the T.D.S.B. Controversial
and Sensitive Issues document (2005) prior to teaching this in your classes.

Nominated for Woman of the Year at the LGBTQ awards in 2008, Mz
Fontaine is a successful lesbian rap artist. Born in Guyana by the
name Naomi Romeo, she moved to London at the age of 14. Mz
Fontaine released her first album New Era in 2003 and her second
album Spoken Thoughts in 2007. She openly discusses and
celebrates her sexuality in her music and raises awareness about the
realities and struggles of LGBTQ youth. She has appeared on
television and radio shows speaking out against homophobia and
homophobic violence. By opening up her own LGBTQ studio and
label (Fondation Entertainment), she has created a safe space for
artists to create music and has given unsigned LGBTQ artists the
opportunity and support to further their careers.
Intermediate: How might the experience of a LGBTQ person who is
also of a racial minority differ from the experiences of a LGBTQ
person who is white?
Senior: Mz Fontaine is a black, lesbian woman. Each of these
populations has experienced injustice in one form or another. If you
were her, which injustice would fight for? How would you rank these
injustices in order of importance? Justify your answer.


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