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									                        Loudoun County School of Practical Nursing

                Advanced Nursing Skills and Professional Issues

                             Katrina Garland, Instructor
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                                   at 571-219-1031

                                  PN II Syllabus 2011-2012

Prerequisites: PN I

Course Description:
This unit is designed to provide students the opportunity to master skills, which include:
phlebotomy, IV fluid initiation and maintenance, first aid skills, advanced airway skills and
working as a team member in a crisis situation. In this unit legal, ethical and professional case
studies are utilized to teach the beginning LPN practice standards. Résumés, job seeking skills,
and career opportunities are addressed. Leadership and management theories along with
organizational frameworks for heath care delivery are explored. Emphasis is placed on the entry
practice level for the LPN. Some portions of this class will be taught via Blackboard.

Concept Areas and Unit Competencies:

Mastering nursing competencies:
        8359.046 Perform procedures related to first aid and emergency care.
        8359.051 Describe the nature of body fluids.
        8359.052 Identify the processes involved in fluid movement.
        8359.053 Identify the processes involved in electrolyte movement.
        8359.054 Explain the role of fluids in maintaining homeostasis.
        8359.055 Describe the major types of acid-base imbalances.
        8359.056 Maintain IV therapy.

Applying Legal, Ethical, and Professional Responsibilities to Clinical Practice:
        8357.045 Explain legalities governing nursing practice.
        8357.046 Explain the concept of ethics as related to nursing practice.
        8357.047 Explain nursing standards of care.
        8357.048 Describe the influence of various agencies on the delivery of health care
        8357.049 Describe organizations that enhance the development of nursing
        8357.050 Examine career opportunities and responsibilities.

Applying Techniques of Leadership and Management:
       8359.102 Differentiate between management and leadership.
       8359.103 Identify major organizational frameworks for healthcare delivery.
       8359.104 Identify client care delivery systems.
       8359.105 Explain important concepts in leadership and management in the delivery of
       client care.
       8359.106 Describe the elements of performance appraisal.
       8359.107 Use principles of staffing and scheduling.
       8359.108 Identify unit coordination responsibilities of the LPN in the nurse manager role.
Phlebotomy theory and skills course contracted through Northern Virginia Community College
Adult Education Program.

Christensen, Barbara and Elaine Krockcow: Foundations of Nursing and Adult Health Nursing, St.
Louis, 2003, Mosby.
Hill and Howlett: Success in Practical/Vocational Nursing- classroom set

Grading: A grade of 80% in theory is mandatory to successfully complete the unit. An average
grade of 80% on all exams is required to pass the unit. Loudoun County Public School Grading
Scale will be used for letter grades.

A+     98-100           C     73-76
A      93-97            C-    70-72
A-     90-92            D+    67-69
B+     87-89            D     63-66
B      83-86            D-    60-62
B-     80-82            F     0-59
C+      77-79

                Area                   Total Points Awarded             % of Final Grade
Fluid and electrolytes/IVs                      100                           10%
Phlebotomy Test                                 200                           20%
First Aid                                       200                           20%
Presentations, Legal and Ethical                 300                           30%
Issues, charting and Burnout              100=presentations
project                                 100=legal and ethical
                                        100= burnout projects
Resume                                           200                           20%
                Total                           1000                           100

Format and Expectations:
A student in PN II is allowed to miss 31.5 hours without the requirement of makeup time or
being placed on probation. Any time missed over 31.5 hours must be made up in the clinical area
before graduation and consists of being placed attendance probation. A maximum of 63 hours
may be missed in PN II. Please refer to the student handbook for attendance policy. Classroom
rules are posted. Classroom formats include: lecture, power point presentations, brainstorming,
group work, games, computer lab work, QUIA, guest lectures, audiovisuals, etc. Classroom
participation is expected. Clinical format involves the care of clients at Inova Loudoun Hospital
Medical-Surgical-Telemetry units, Catocin Family Practice, and assigned observational areas. The
Phlebotomy section is taught in conjunction with Northern Virginia Community College.
Helpful Hints: Be on time and be prepared, if you know that you will be absent inform the
instructor and have a fellow student pick up your missed work. All work that is missed will be
due when the student returns with in reasonable time period. Bring your textbooks everyday to
class along with any other nursing homework or projects that you could be working on. If you
are having difficulty in a subject let the instructor know ASAP. Consider forming a study group of
people that you can really work with. Plan on studying one to two hours a night and use
techniques that will help you retain information. If there is a rubric for grading to be used, follow

Outline Of Course:
1: IV Therapies and Phlebotomy
Complete competencies in the following areas:
     IV pumps, lines and drips
     Central and peripheral accesses
     Blood components
     IV antibiotics
     Fluid and electrolytes and osmolarity
     TPN and PPN
     PCA use and standing orders

2: Phlebotomy
     Successfully complete the course on phlebotomy taken through Northern Virginia
        Community College

3: Emergency Nursing and First Aid
     First responder and first aid interactive CD learning package
     Bioterrorism principles
     Trauma as a disease
     Triage- the principles and the art
     Emergency nursing- the psychological principles
     Test
4: Resumes, job seeking skills, career opportunities and funding your education
     Resume
5: Legal, ethical professional development for the entry level LPN
     Case studies
     Ethical dilemma paper (written in GI)

6: Leadership and management for the entry level LPN
     Role playing and group work
     Case studies
     Burnout Paper

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