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How does it work ?
How does it work ?
 Student fills in an online form
 Personal details
 Education – GCSEs, AS & A levels & others
 Choices – research needed
 Personal statement – may need help !
 Send it to referee (Mr Stavridis!)
What do we do ?
 Look at the form online to keep an eye on
  progress – email & text
 Add a reference/predicted grades
 Check the form for obvious mistakes
 Return forms with (instructions)
 Send it off to UCAS (point of no return!)
 Acknowledged by UCAS
 Students follow progress via track
 Offers start to flood in (we hope)
Deadlines official
 Most people Jan 15th at UCAS
 Oxbridge, Vets & Medics October 15th at
Deadlines - ours
 Or how to prevent Mr Stav’s breakdown
 Oxbridge, Vets & Medics by 01 October
 Remember aptitude tests for Medics
 All other applicants half term
 I know they won’t all stick to these but I
  live in hope !
 General Studies/Personal Development
  sessions for students (Thurs p4/Fri p4) for
  the first half term in Year 13 dedicated to
 Split into groups with a member of staff
  based in an ICT suite
 Initially sessions are structured
 Session on UCAS website
 Session on personal statements
 Session on what your qualifications should
  look like etc
 All materials are available for students to
 After the summer support continues in
  Personal Develop lessons. These are

What should students be doing now ?
   Fill in most of the form – it’s quick & easy
   Research courses & universities – lots of online
   Note Open Days of those in which they are
   Discuss ideas with tutors, subject teachers &
   Book Open Days & let us know they are going
   Complete their Green Career forms
   Sessions in school alone are not enough !
Over the next month or so

 Go  on visits & create long lists, then
  short lists
 Start to construct their personal
 Organise any extra requirements –
  work experience, placements etc
 Start personal statements and get
  them checked over
Early next term
 Reduce choices to a short list in light of AS
 Make sure their choices match their
  results and predicted grades
 Complete your personal statements
 Oxbridge, Medics & Vets should be already
 When they are happy with their form &
  people have checked it they should mark
  it complete, pay & send it to referee (me)
works in parallel with student input
 Most students have completed a white slip
  indicating probable area of study (subject)
  plus subjects studied – return to me
 Reports issued to subject teachers for
  subject references
 Returned to me – collated & chased up !
works in parallel with student input
 Passed on to final reference writer usually
  their tutor, with green careers card–
  returned to me – students should
  discuss refs with those writing them
 Placed on UCAS form
 Stored for later use
Other support
 Use tutors during Personal Development
  to go through personal statements etc
 Use subject teacher especially re subject
  specific issues
 Myself, Mr Wheatley, Mr Law
 UCAS website has lots of video clips
  showing how to complete the various
  sections of the form
Other Support
 We’ve organised a trip to York University
  Open Day 4th July meet at the university.
 After school & lunchtime sessions in year
  13 if required – UCAS surgery
 Extra sessions for Oxbridge, Vets &
  Medics, mock interviews etc
 Some interviews will available via
Anything else
 Any extra exams UKCAT BMAT, NMAT etc
  need booking and sitting
 Students may need to prepare a piece of
  work to send off - make sure they have
  plenty of time
 Some universities open days may be
  “unofficial interviews”
Questions we don’t answer
 Can  you tell me which university
  should I go to ?
 Can you tell me which course should
  I do ?
So what can you do to help ?
 Will take you to this page            Now select Parents
Your bits of UCAS !

                                Up to date
                                information          Useful
A blow by                                            alternative
blow                            about fees
account of
each stage
in the
Lots of
links &
of terms

              signing up
              for          Use this to view video clips of what
                           different stages of the process are about
Video Help

                                                           variety of
                                                           video clips
                                                           on all
                                                           aspects of

                                                          Many useful
                                                          links on this
                                                          (just like it
                                                          says on the
                                                          tin) shown
                                                          on next slide

       A very good starting point is the Parents’ Guide
Video help

Other areas to look at
   http://www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/
   http://unistats.direct.gov.uk/
   http://www.qaa.ac.uk/
   http://unionview.com/
   http://www.push.co.uk/
 Would you buy a house just from talking
  to an estate agent ?
 - unlikely – you’d want to see it and see
  what it felt like first, visits are vital but try
  to see a little of the city as well as the
Other thoughts
 Fees
 They are frightening !
 Choosing based on cost ?
 Will it affect credit rating etc
 How does it get paid back ?
 9% of everything over £21 000 earned
How to calculate repayments
More other thoughts

 Picture for this year
 Grades
 The A*

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