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					The Hidden Secret To
How The Most Successful
Use the Power Of Mobile Text
Messaging To Consistently
PACK Their Businesses!
by Christopher J. Sewell
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    Dear Restaurant/Bar/Cafe/Lounge/Nightclub Owner,

    Thank you for downloading my “Mobile Text Message Marketing Magic” Special Report!

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    In this new economy, there is no room for businesses that are content to be 5th, 6th or 7th in
    their industry. The top 2 leaders are gobbling up all the business because they choose to master
    technology while everyone else fights for the scraps.

    Although, this resource conveys information about how your business can use and master
    mobile Text Message technology to dominate your local market, there are other technologies
    your business will also need to master, such as, Search Engine Optimization, Video Marketing,
    and Facebook/Twitter Marketing – if you truly want to dominate your local market.

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    Within these pages you’ll find a hidden key to building repeat business to your establishment
    and that’s through mobile Text Message technology.

           Great Success To You!

           Christopher J. Sewell
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  The Life or Death Of Your Business Depends On Technology
If you own a Restaurant, Bar, Lounge, Café or Nightclub – you need to turn off the
TV, radio or any other distraction – and listen to what I reveal to you in this
Special Report. It can mean the different between your business being the local
hot spot and packed each night – or your business closing up shop because you
failed to keep pace with the latest in technology.

I know why you started your business. To make money showing people a great
time through fantastic food and a very engaging social environment!

It brings you joy to watch your customers interact with each other, laugh, share
food and flirt at your establishment. Come on, admit it. Your ego goes through
the roof because you’ve successfully engineered an environment to bring joy to
the eyes, ears, mouths and souls of every person who enters your establishment.

However, you have a problem in your industry. A big problem.
How do you keep people coming back for more of the joy you specialize in

If you think word-of-mouth, a few press releases, and some flyers in your local
area is going to keep your business growing, you better think again. Even if you’ve
had moderate success doing things the old fashion way, times are changing and
you can change and profit with new technology – or your business might go the
same direction as the dinosaurs.

You don’t know what happened to the dinosaurs, don’t you?

It didn’t end well for the dinosaurs and your Restaurant, Bar, Lounge, Café or
Nightclub may suffer the same fate if you don’t embrace what’s new in
technology today. All it takes is a new establishment, just like yours, to open shop
right next door to you – who fully embraces Mobile Text Message Marketing and
other innovative ways of getting the word out about their business – and in a
blink of an eye, your successful business is quickly out of business.

                            © Total Market Domination Consultants LLC
         Get a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL of our Text Message Marketing system (a $1,500 value).

What I want to discuss with you today is the magic of using Mobile Text Message
Marketing to grow your Restaurant, Bar, Lounge, Café or Nightclub – and
dominate your local market.

 How New Technology Is Making Some Business Owners More
 Money, But Putting Other Business Owner’s Out Of Business
In today’s economy, there’s not much profit available for businesses that hold the
5th, 6th, or 7th position. Either your business is #1 or #2 in your local market, or
your business ends up fighting for the scraps left over by the local leaders.

Technologies such as Mobile Text Message Marketing, Search Engine
Optimization, Video Marketing, etc – are practically putting established
businesses out of business, while allowing the new breed of Cowboy
entrepreneur to ride in and steal all the local business over night.

If you’re one of these new Cowboy’s (or Cowgirl’s) reading this Special Report
because you currently own (or want to own) a Restaurant, Bar, Lounge, Café or
Nightclub – good for you. You’re in a great position to dominate your local market
with Mobile Text Message Marketing while the slow, established dinosaur
business owner holds on to what worked 20 years ago.

Okay, don’t get upset if you’re a well established owner of a Restaurant, Bar,
Lounge, Café or Nightclub – and you’ve built a solid business through word-of-
mouth, press releases, and flyers. It’s not over for you IF you decide today that
you will embrace technology and not run from it.

With that said, let’s dive right into my “Mobile Text Message Marketing Magic”
Special Report to show you how to pack your establishment using your
customer’s mobile phone which they carry with them 99% of the time.

    New Wave Mobile Text Message Marketing Versus Email
            Marketing…Who’s The True King?
Why am I discussing email marketing first? Well, because I want to demystify
mobile text message marketing. But, first I want to briefly touch on email
marketing and then transition over to Mobile Text Message Marketing, so you
fully understand how text messaging can boost your business.

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Description: Mobile test message marketing for restaurants, lounges, cafes, and nightclubs. How restaurant, lounge, cafe, and nightclub owners can use the power of mobile text message marketing to get more business.