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He is Near by KathleenMaples


									Aug 11, 2007                         He is Near               Kathleen Maples

Psa 145:18 The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him
in truth.

This is a precious truth to a weary heart. If you are tired, if you are struggling, if
you feel like fainting from the pressure, read this very carefully and slowly and let
the Holy Spirit minister this wonderful truth to your heart. He is righteous in
everything He does. If we feel like He is a million miles away, it is us that has
drifted from Him, not Him that has left us. He hasn't gone anywhere. This verse,
when you look at it carefully seems to suggest that the Lord is very near, waiting,
desiring to hear that call, the cry to HIM. He longs to hear His Name called out
from our lips and hearts. We invite, we call out to Him, and He will hear. He's
watching so closely He knows that cry is coming before we get it out. He is
waiting, with love and longing to help us more than we realize. He hears, He
understands the cry, the reason for the cry, and He knows He alone has what we
need. When we cry for help, He is near, He is willing to help, and will liberate us
and deliver us, and give us the victory over whatever is besetting us, or plaguing
us. His intervention, His presence, His love for us, assures us of victory over
everything, including ourselves, if we will but trust Him and cry out to Him and be
love Him enough to be still before Him and understand He is God and He can do
anything. He wants what is best for us. Oh, that we as His people could learn to
just love and enjoy Him, and trust Him to work everything else out. If we are to be
His Bride, shouldn't just spending time with Him, loving Him, and learning of Him
be our first priority? All the do's and don'ts would take care of themselves if
knowing HIM were our number one priority. The do's and don'ts would become a
natural thing out of a loving heart that would not want to offend this gracious and
awesome Christ.

Let our heart be established in Him, and may we be found faithful to Him, always
seeking to put HIM first in our lives, daily, and truly. The only truth is His Word. If
we are crying out to Him out of a sincere heart that hungers for righteousness and
hates the things that hinder us or weigh us down, we are in a position to be heard
and helped. None of this applies to those who do not take the things of God
seriously, nor have a heart for holiness and truth. If you are playing games with
God, you can't claim the promises of God.

2Ti 2:19 Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord
knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart
from iniquity.

Our foundation is the Word of God which was made flesh and dwelt among
mankind. He was the living Testimony of God. Now we have this Testimony
written down for our eyes to behold. It's sure, stable and cannot be thrown or torn
down, despite the attempts that Satan has made over the years to do so. The Lord
knows-and this word in the Greek means He has an intimate knowledge of His
own. Those are they who love Him enough to tarry before Him, and in His Word,
hungering for Him. They are willing to put off the world, and make time for Him.
They desire to know Him. And the last part here-if you dare to identify yourself
with Him, as one of His, you should do so with reverence, gratitude, amazement,
and awe, and not knowingly allow any behavior that would bring a reproach on
that precious name. If we claim the name, we must reverence His Name, not only
with our lips, but with our hearts. Psalms 111:9 says Holy and Reverend is that
name. Don't use it vainly, or lightly. And be careful to not bring reproach on that
name by a cavalier, worldly lifestyle that is selfish and lightly esteems that name.
But if you are reading this, I doubt seriously you fit in to that place.

Psa 145:19 He will fulfill the desire of them that fear him: he also will hear their cry, and
   will save them.

He will prepare and serve up that which those who fear Him, and reverence Him
need. He will hear them, and will deliver them. He will defend, rescue and bring
them to victory. He knows those who are His. He knows those who truly love Him.
He knows those who are cast down because of the work of the devil in their lives or
around them. What a precious Lord we have who is willing to help us, saints! Let
us bow before Him and worship Him and love Him, and thank Him. He alone is
worthy! Let us never take Him forgranted, and oh, Father, forgive us for
neglecting You, and allowing trivial things to keep us from Your Presence. God
help us, change us oh Lord, and give us the courage to come before You, with
reverence and awe, in Jesus' Precious Name...amen.

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