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									                                                newsletter – MARCH 23, 2012. no. 8

  Principal’s Report                 March 24                Rowing: End of Season Presentation Evening
  Faith and Mission                  March 27-30             Year 8 Nowhere Creek Camps
  DAV Debating
                                     March 28-30             Year 9 Active Learning Program
                                                             Years 10-12 Retreats
  Careers News                       March 30                Last Day of Term 1: Classes conclude at 2.30pm
  Canteen                            April 6                 Good Friday
  Uniform Shop                       April 8                 Easter Sunday
  Community Notices                  April 9                 Easter Monday
                                     April 16                Staff Professional Development
                                     April 17                First Day of Term 2
                                     April 20                Walkathon
                                     April 25                ANZAC Day Holiday

                             FROM THE PRINCIPAL: ms Judith potter

        “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten
         that we belong to each other.”
                                                                             Mother Teresa
“Cerro Candela may be within Lima’s city limits, but life in this small shanty village is a world away from Peru’s lively
tourist haunts: there is no running water, no sewage, no paved roads, and next to no employment.

For Judy, her husband and their eight children, Cerro Candela bears little resemblance to God’s vision of a just world….”.

Through the support of Caritas Australia, Judy reflects that “Many people have hope now that change is possible and
realize they have to do their part to make it happen”. (Caritas Australia).

In opening our hearts and responding to the real stories shared each week by Caritas Australia, we ask, What can I do,
what can you do, what can we do?

A letter was sent last week from Sister Yvonne Lamerand ibvm (Mary’s Mount Community Leader) and Mr Shane Carey
(Chair of Council) advising parents and staff of the exciting news that the planned Performance Centre is to be named
The Mary’s Mount Centre. This name has been chosen to honour and acknowledge the leadership and service of the
Loreto Sisters alongside the heritage gifted to the Loreto Ballarat school community by the Loreto Sisters since 1875.
Our plans for the Mary’s Mount Centre are progressing well. We are excited also that the building of the Province
Archives Centre will commence in Term 2.

I commend all participants in the BAS Swimming Carnival and congratulate the team on their great achievement in
winning. I also commend all crews who competed in the Head of the Schoolgirls at Geelong last weekend. Many crews
achieved their ‘best’ time for the season, which is an achievement of which to be proud.

The annual House Athletics Carnival was held on Thursday. With less than clement weather on Wednesday and a cold
and wet day forecast for Friday, how fortunate were we with the sunny day that provided the ideal environment for
our Athletics Carnival. I was impressed with the support and encouragement shown by students to fellow members of
their House throughout the day. I commend each student who participated actively. The memories made on days
such as these are lifelong.
Each of these occasions has been supported by our dedicated staff and parents. I commend all student leaders who
have contributed to the success of these occasions and I thank staff and parents whose active contribution has ensured
these important opportunities for our students. In particular, I thank Mrs Megan Poulton (Director of Co-Curricular
Sport), Miss Bridget Brady (Sports Trainee) and all members of the Health and Physical Education Faculty.

I commend Mrs Margaret Adams, Mrs Tricia Cosgriff, Mr Peter Foord, Mr Pat O’Shea and Mr Graham Thurgood for
their gift of 30 years of service to Catholic education.

Bishop Peter Collins with (Left to Right) Mrs Tricia Cosgriff, Mr Peter Foord and Mr Graham Thurgood at the Catholic Education Week Dinner

Mrs Margaret Adams and Mr Pat O'Shea were unable to be at the dinner. Their Awards were presented at school this

                                                      FAITH AND MISSION
                                  MR PETER RIX, Director of Faith and Mission

We are heading into the end of the term with a rush. There is so much happening and it seems that when each day
ends there is more to do. This level of activity is a sign of the dynamism that is every school, no matter where it is
situated. It is a sign of life and vitality. It is a sign of growth. It is in partnership that we work together for the
education of your daughters.

Last Friday we celebrated the start of Catholic Education week with a Mass at the Cathedral, led by Bishop Peter
Connors. Our students joined with Damascus College and St Patrick’s College students in a combined choir, providing
an uplifting atmosphere for all those who were there. Their efforts for their school were appreciated by all who had
the opportunity to pray with them. There is something about good singing that lifts the spirits of all who hear it.

                               We did have an opportunity to be at the opening of the Art Show which was part of Catholic
                               Education Week. We congratulate Ms Jo Sisson, Head of The Arts and her helpers in the
                               production of the piece of art work shown here that represented Loreto College.

I have been preparing for the retreats that start next week. This unique opportunity only occurs because of the
commitment of the College and the work of dedicated teachers. Time away to reflect on life issues, to have the time to
spend with friends and the time to pray and discuss and just to slow down is invaluable. It is something that we as
adults also need, but we do not always seem to make the time.

I was preparing an activity for students while on retreat and, upon hearing of the death of Jim Stynes, stopped and
thought about the unique gift that is each person. I have included this piece for your reflection:
                                                     Your Many Faces

                            ‘You have your own special wrappings, your own size, colour
                            features, sex, age, background, experiences, thoughts, feelings and
                            approaches to things, as I do. Yet at the same time each of us is a
                            combination of sameness and differentness to every other human
                            being. Often times we tend to stay close to that which is familiar,
                            and to turn away from that which is unfamiliar.

                            I want to challenge this idea. I think we have lost a lot of life’s riches,
                            and are continuing to do so, because we have not learned the lesson
                            of our own uniqueness. No matter how much alike we think we are,
                            we are still different, and no matter how different we think we are, we
                            are still alike. If you believe, as many people do, that your sameness
                            creates your basis for trust and safety, and your differentness creates
                            your problems, then you are using only half of your resources.

Everyone would like to be without problems,                              and if you think that differentness creates your
problems, you will spend your energy to get rid                          of it. I think sameness can be comfortable but if
that is all there is, in time it leads to boredom.                       Differentness can be a source of difficulty, but it
also holds the key to a lot of locked up energy                          and experiences that make life exciting and
                                                                                                              Virginia Satin

Let us rejoice in our differences and grow to appreciate the gift that we bring to each other. Please pray for us as we
embark on our retreats that they be a prayerful experience and a chance for each person to grow closer to their God.
Attached is a flyer for a series of reflection days planned for this, the Year of Grace, and some of the themes of taking
the journey of the interior life. The first day is Thursday March 29, 2012.

                                  St Patrick’s Cathedral Parish Ballarat

YEAR OF GRACE Reflection Days

St Patrick’s Cathedral Parish invites      Silence is a key means by which we
you to be part of a series of reflection   are better able to stay connected to
days to be held on the following           God. The purpose of practicing
dates:                                     silence in our lives is to clear our
                                           heads, calm our hearts and listen
Thursdays                                  attentively.
    March 29
                                           Detachment is not so much a matter
    May 24
                                           of what we own as it is of what we
    July 19
                                           allow to own us.
    September 27
    November 22                            Humility frees us to learn from everything and everybody. We don’t have all
                                           the answers; we are an unfolding mystery, even to ourselves. Others can be
Venue                                      great sources of wisdom and truth.
     O’Collins Hall (Cathedral)            Patience is about God’s schedule, not ours. God’s action in our lives brings
Time                                       about progressive and patient growth, not overnight success. There is a direct
     9.30 am -3.00 pm                      correlation between having patience and gaining wisdom from the world
Cost                                       around us.
     Gold coin donation
                                           Attentiveness means being fully present to the moment so that we can
Each reflection day will have a
                                           discern what God may be saying to us. All our encounters hold the possibility
different focus: Silence, Detachment,
                                           of grace and revelation.
Humility, Patience and Attentiveness
                                               DAV DEBATING
                                   MS JILL MORGAN, HEAD OF ENGLISH
Round 1 of the Debaters’ Association of Victoria competition was held at Ballarat High School on Tuesday night,
March 20, 2012. Congratulations to the novice Year 9 debaters; Prue Steggall, Daina Minchenko and Shelley
Smith, who presented their argument very well. We also congratulate the two Year 12 teams. The Loreto 1 team:
Alex Mathieson, Jayne Droney and Katrina Weightman won their debate, and Loreto 2 team: Rebekah Leviston,
Jane Watson and Hilary Wilson were narrowly defeated.

                                  mrs Yoshie burrows, HEAD OF lote
This project was organised with the support of the Consulate-General of Japan to commemorate the one year
anniversary of the Tohoku disaster and to raise much-needed funds to contribute to ongoing recovery work in
affected regions. The Big Bento Lunch project involved people getting together for a Japanese-style lunch with
their colleagues, friends or family between March 11 and 17, 2012.

On March 15, a very committed group of Iron Chefs from Year 9 with some help from the senior Japanese classes
cooked Japanese style food for lunchboxes, Bento. We cooked more than 200 Bento boxes and 100 rice balls.
We raised more than $800. All funds raised through the project are donated to UNICEF -Japan's Earthquake and
Tsunami Emergency Relief Appeal.

I would like to thank whole heartedly our amazing team of iron chefs and all the staff involved, especially Mrs
Loretta Hyland and Mrs Louise Moreau-Labregere for their support. Special thanks also to Mrs Kumiko Smith, Ms
Kayoko Ikeda and Mr Eiji Terao who assisted with the cooking on the day. Finally, I would like to thank all the
staff and students who purchased the ‘Bentos’ and supported this project.

Many thanks to the Food Technology Department for their support for the day.
After two weeks of homestay and ESL immersion program, 12 teary eyed students left Ballarat. They impressed our
students with their high standard of English and thoroughly enjoyed their stay here in Ballarat. We were very fortunate
this year, Ms Kayoko Ikeda, the Science teacher escorted this group. It made the exchanging of some Science
demonstrations between the schools possible and the students discovered that we have similar Science curricula. They
also contributed to a Year 7 Geography unit by presenting a session on Japan. It was sad to say goodbye to them and
see them go.

The two weeks went very smoothly because of the superb organisation of the ESL organiser, Mrs Rosemary Foote.
Without the support of each host family, this exchange program would not run. I truly appreciate the kindness and
generosity of all the host families.

The host families were: McMaster family, Boatman family, Carey family, McCuskey family, Scott family, Carter family,
Crawley family, McDonald family, Cooper family, Spencer family, Gleeson family and Murphy family

                      MRS MEGAN POULTON, director of co-curricular sport
Peter Rix, Coach of Swimming
On Wednesday, March 14, 2012, approximately 50 students represented the College in the annual BAS Swimming
Sports. We had individual swimmers in all age groups and in all strokes. There were 11 relay teams and in every
instance the swimmers were a credit to themselves and to their school.

The weather has not been kind this summer for outdoor pursuits like swimming, but to the delight of all those present
at the Eureka pool the standard of the competition was very high. It was a joy to watch the girls do their best and to be
organised and ready to swim. They were supportive of each other and should be happy with their successes.

A number of records were broken on the day, including by Lucy Olver who broke a record in the Under 13 Division 3,
50m freestyle and our Medley Swimming Team who set new records in all three age divisions.

Tanika James was the Swimming Captain for 2012 and her efforts in the pool, which included results of three first
places and a second helped to set the tone for the rest of the team. Danielle Anstis and Rachel Anderson Under 12,
Lucy Olver, Annie Turner and Ella McCahon Under 13, Olivia Henderson Under 14, Justine Baker and Chiara Dew Under
15, Sophie Thomas and Eboney Olver U16 along with Georgina Murphy were some of the more successful swimmers
on the day.

The total scores for girls’ teams were:   Loreto College                   575
                                          Ballarat Grammar School          513
                                          Ballarat High School             460
                                          Ballarat Clarendon College       413
                                          Damascus College                 405

Thank you to all those who made the carnival a possibility and for the willingness of each of the girls to swim for their

                                                CAREERS NEWS
                             MS MARILYN SCOTT, CAREERS CO-ORDINATOR

                              Final reminder to Year 10 Blue, Green and Gold students

 Paperwork and BOTH OH&S tests are due into the box at Student Reception if you are to participate in Work
                        Experience Week from April 30, 2012 to May 4, 2012.

                  An employer acceptance without BOTH tests is not legal and you will miss out.
Being “industry and work ready” is a vital component of ensuring a smooth pathway and transition into the world of
work and further education. Our rapidly changing world provides many distractions for young people and not all of
these are positive or in their best interests. Getting involved in worthwhile activities that b
uild self-esteem, resilience and the ability to care for and respect self and others are paramount in preparing for a
future none of us can predict. Rapid change brings both stress and reward. It is a good idea to visit the Careers Room
and check out the university newsletters and new programs on offer.

Next week our Careers newsletter will feature two city universities that may interest and inspire our students to strive
for the best that they can be.

Monday, March 26, 2012 - lunchtime in Meeting Room 1 in the Library.

Are you interested in doing something different in your gap year? If you would like to leave your mark on a community
abroad, while experiencing the adventure of a lifetime, a Lattitude Global Volunteering placement could be for you!

Lattitude Global Volunteering is an international youth development charity that has supported young people on
overseas placements for 40 years. Become a part of the culture and assist local communities in Africa, Asia, Europe,
the Americas, Australia and the Pacific. Teach, coordinate outdoor activities, become a big brother or sister, coach
sporting teams or contribute to a community in need. Lattitude provides opportunities that enable young Australians
to truly experience another culture and to become part of a growing network of young people contributing in
meaningful ways to communities around the world.

If you want to be a part of this global network, get your application in by either of these dates:
       Friday April 27 for UK Schools Assistant placements
       Friday June 22 for all other placements

For more information and to apply visit our

Save the date: Tuesday May 8 – Lunchtime in meeting room 1 in the library.
The Australian Defence Force will speak on Trade occupations in the ADF. The presentation is aimed at Year 11 and 12
students but interested Year 10 students are more than welcome.

Why work in the HCS industry?

       One of the most diverse industry groups in the Australian workforce- there are over 500 different occupations
        (not just doctors, nurses and paramedics!)

       Tipped to be the fastest growing industry in Australia in the next 5 years (Australian Jobs 2007) due to our
        ageing population, demand for children’s services, high consumer demand and skill shortages

       Highest number of national and regional skill shortage occupations out of all industries in Australia

       As technology develops, so do the jobs (i.e., medical engineering, nuclear therapies, dental prosthetics)

       Lots of new jobs are yet to be invented over the next 10 years (i.e., work and research with stem cells)

       You can work here or overseas and in many occupations you can work flexible hours and travel and also open
        your own business (i.e., Massage)

       If you don’t want to work directly with people, there are many occupations where you can work ‘behind the
        scenes” in research, policy development, health information management and information technologies

Careers: There are over 500 occupations in the HCS sector.
Community services include occupations such as Youth Work, Mental Health, Juvenile Justice, Alcohol and Other Drugs
Work, Child Protection, Disability Work, Child Care and Aged Care.

Health occupations include Nursing, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Dietetics,
Podiatry, Prosthetics, Medical Imaging and Radiology etc.

Choosing the right subjects at school that will support further education and training pathways will depend on what
HCS occupation you would like to pursue. See your career adviser for up to date advice
Employment Prospects
Currently there are is a shortage of skilled workers in many HCS occupations, such as nursing, child care, medical
specialists, and health technicians. There is also an ageing workforce, which will create many jobs for young people
over the next 5 – 10 years when many skilled workers will retire.

“Expansion is anticipated in diagnostic services, allied health, complementary and alternative health services,
childcare, aged and community support services”. Taken from

Pathways into HCS careers
Depending on what occupation you would like to pursue, you can undertake study through vocational education,
University or through a traineeship.

You can study HCS courses at the majority of TAFE and University institutes and also private colleges like the Southern
School of Natural Therapies and the Endeavour College of Natural Health. Go to to find
out more.

What next?
      Fill out the online Career Map quiz at to work out which HCS jobs you would
       be suited to.
      Also, undertake the online career quiz at and compare your results
      Check out health occupation videos on Youtube at
      Go to to learn about careers in natural therapies

JASMIN JESENKOVIC: Bachelor of Nursing/ Bachelor of Paramedicine, Charles Sturt University.
What is the course about? The double degree is all about providing immediate and long-term care and aid to people.
We are trained to care for people in a holistic manner and to think outside the square.

What your course is like? It is hard, enjoyable and rewarding. I do not feel like I am working at all and when you are
able to work in the back of an ambulance keeping a baby breathing it is surreal. There are many places you can go with
nursing, such a wide range from hospitals to jails.

What are you planning for the future once you are qualified? Holding two degrees, I can work anywhere in Australia
or the world!!! I will be joining the Army Reserves and hopefully work in rural to remote communities where I can
work with the Flying Doctors one day and then in the hospital the next day, as the 'Doc' until the temp or locum doctor
gets there. Then it will be off to Canada for two years working.

KELLY HAYDEN: Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion, Deakin University
What is your course about? It looks at health from a population level not the one on one care. It aims to keep people
healthy and put in place structures to improve the health of the population. Areas covered in public health include:
mental health, health of minority groups, discrimination and issues like housing and transport

What your course is like? The course work is based around developing communication skills to work with a diverse
range of people, skills around planning and evaluating health programs and policies, learning about various sectors of
the community and the challenges they face to maintain good health. Becoming aware of the various interlinked
factors that can affect ones health as well as studying the pattern if disease outbreaks. It is engaging and will open
your mind to the bigger picture.

What are you planning for the future once you are qualified? I hope to go into International development looking at
issues around hygiene and sanitation, HIV/AIDS or women’s rights. Otherwise I would like to work on policy regarding
mental health or health of regional and rural Australia. Hopefully also spend time in different areas of the community.

University of Ballarat New Programs
The School of Science, Information Technology & Engineering recognises that its graduates need to be skilled in the
latest technology developments and be “industry ready” to meet the demands of today’s employers. To ensure that
our graduates continue to meet the highest of industry standards our current programs are regularly reviewed and
new programs developed to meet growing demand. In line with this, the School is excited to unveil the following new
programs for students commencing in 2013.

Bachelor of Mathematical Science (Health Analytics) In order to address a critical shortage of graduates with data
analysis skills in the health services sector, the new Bachelor of Mathematical Science (Health Analytics) has been
crafted to specifically target this niche area. Students will benefit from the strong industry links built into the program,
gaining hands on experience in the form of practical placements with health care providers throughout their studies,
giving them the edge when looking for employment in a range of health services careers.

Bachelor of Aviation Management
This is a niche degree that has been designed to meet the growing need by airlines for pilots to have a tertiary
qualification in addition to a commercial pilot licence. This program is the only program of its type to be offered in
Victoria in 2013. Although it is not yet essential for prospective airline pilots to have formal qualifications in the area of
IT or Business Management, preference tends to be given to applicants who hold a tertiary qualification as well. This
program has a strong practical focus and will facilitate pilots transitioning from their flying career to management roles
should they chose to do so.

Bachelor of Engineering Technology
The Bachelor of Engineering Technology will replace the existing Bachelor of Engineering Science. This new three year
program will provide students with the best possible start in a career as an Engineering Technologist. Students who
prefer a more practical approach to learning will excel in this hands-on program, with courses focused on engineering
principles that are implemented to solve design problems. With specialisations in Civil, Mining and Mechanical
Engineering graduates of this program will work in positions requiring expertise in planning, designing and
construction; have the ability to cost and analyse project resources; conduct tests and research; and gather and
analyse data to support decision making and reporting requirements. For further information on these new programs
contact Kara Hodgson, telephone 5327 9169 or email

Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Business Higher Education program is being delivered through Advance TAFE in Sale. Students in Gippsland
now have the opportunity to obtain the UB Bachelor of Business. This is a reasonably new program and is available
through the TAFE campus in Sale. For further information contact Veronica Boast, telephone 5327 9169 or email

What’s new @ ACU? Bachelor of Speech Pathology
A four year Bachelor of Speech Pathology will be offered at ACU’s Brisbane, Melbourne and North Sydney campuses
from 2013. The course involves students studying the theoretical and practical aspects of speech, hearing, language,
voice and difficulties in swallowing and feeding. They can work with people across the lifespan from babies to adults
and work in a range of settings such as schools, hospitals, community health or private practice.

The course is designed to expose students to speech pathology practice from the first year of the degree with over
1000 hours of clinical placement undertaken under the supervision of a practising Speech Pathologist commencing in
the first year. In the final year, clinical placement is a major component of the course.

Career Options
This course will prepare students to enter the speech pathology profession, where they will assess and manage people
who have trouble communicating and/or swallowing. Students will learn to use different diagnostic tools to assess
communication difficulties in children and adults who are experiencing developmental or acquired conditions such as
learning difficulties, cerebral palsy, or Downs Syndrome.

Alternatively, students may work with those who have medical or post-surgical conditions such as stroke victims,
progressive neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or those who are having trouble communicating or
swallowing following surgery for cancers of the head, neck and throat.

Speech Pathologists also assess and manage swallowing disorders across the lifespan. This may include children with
cleft lip and palate or with developmental delays, as well as adults who have had a stroke or head and neck surgery.

ACU will apply for accreditation with Speech Pathology Australia (SPA). Full accreditation cannot be attained until the
first student cohort has completed the course. Students will need to attain a study score of at least 25 in one science
and in English (or 30 in English ESL). For further information contact the Marketing Manager, Faculty of Health

Bachelor of Fine Art
The University of Melbourne plans to introduce two new specialisations into the Bachelor of Fine Art at the Southbank
campus in 2013 – animation and screen writing (subject to accreditation). These will be in addition to the
contemporary music, dance, film and television, music theatre, production, theatre practice and visual art programs
already offered.
Scholarships at Melbourne
If you are thinking about studying engineering at Melbourne, you might want to apply for the Paterson Scholarship of
$4,000pa for the length of an appropriate undergraduate degree. Applicants will need to complete an application
form and provide copies of their VCE results along with a letter addressing the selection criteria (including financial
need). Browse scholarships at

Do You Want To Find Out About Studying At The University Of Melbourne?
      Then ‘Meet Melbourne’ may be the program for you. This program involves University of Melbourne visits to
       regional and some metropolitan centres, aiming to give information about courses and careers, scholarships,
       entry requirements and so on. Sessions are being held at Albury, Ballarat, Bendigo, Caroline Springs,
       Dandenong, Frankston, Geelong, Glen Waverley, Hamilton, Sale, Shepparton, Warrigal, and Warrnambool.
       For details and registration, go to:
      Alternatively, ‘Access All Areas 2012’ may suit you. This is a series of events especially designed for Year 10-
       12 students and their families, offering a personalised insight into the University. Find out about
       undergraduate degrees and graduate pathways, opportunities to enrich your degree (e.g. concurrent
       diplomas, exchange and study abroad), admission and entry requirements, Access Melbourne and
       scholarships, accommodation and transition programs.
      When: 9am-3pm, Friday April 13, July 13 and September 27.
      Where: Parkville campus.
      Cost: Free, but limited places. Register:

The Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science awards a number of scholarships up to the value of $20,000 to students
who have achieved an ATAR of 80 or above. See the VU website along with eligibility criteria and application forms.
Get info on 9919 2009,

Big Science, Small Science (BSSS)
Is RMIT’s new way of delivering science straight to young minds through Facebook. The page is regularly updated with
scientific articles, quizzes, facts, polls and events. Check it out at

A Career in Legal Services
Are you aware of the jobs available in the legal sector apart for becoming a solicitor or barrister? Law clerks,
paralegals and legal executives may be employed by law firms, government departments, legal aid organisations,
financial institutions, corporations and court registries. They perform legal work on behalf of clients under the
supervision of a lawyer and can specialise in areas such as litigation, conveyancing, personal injury compensation,
criminal law, family law, probate or corporate law. More about courses/careers:
NOTE: Undergraduate law degrees can be studied at Australian Catholic University (from 2013), Deakin, La Trobe,
Monash and Victoria universities. Postgraduate studies in law can be taken at Melbourne and RMIT universities.

One question you first need to ask yourself is, do I know the difference between an interior designer and an interior
decorator? An interior designer designs and supervises the construction of building interiors, so, among other things,
they need an understanding of building construction. To work in this field you would usually have at least a diploma
such as the Diploma of Interior Decoration and Design, offered at several TAFE Institutes, however, many interior
designers have a university degree such as Interior Architecture from Monash or Interior Design from RMIT or
Swinburne. Interior decorators, on the other hand, plan and implement decoration of homes, offices and so on (e.g.
colour schemes, lighting and furniture) and would often complete the Diploma of Interior Decoration and Design.
Most courses require applicants to attend an interview and folio presentation as part of the application process at the
end of Year 12 (all except Interior Design at Swinburne University which selects on ATAR). Thus, prospective applicants
need to attend Open Days to find out more about the course for which they are applying, and to help them decide at
which institution they prefer to study. It is also important to be able to explain at the interview why you prefer a
particular institution – very difficult to answer if you have never been there!

Students interested in design might also consider studying architecture, industrial design, communication or graphic
design, building design (architectural), product design, fashion design or visual merchandising.

Interested in Film and Digital Media?
The Motion Lab at Deakin University recently assisted Alt.vfx to develop the Deer Motion Capture Ad for Tooheys Extra
Dry - Nocturnal Migration. To find out how the Motion Lab developed the ad, go to
Interested in Aerospace or Environmental Engineering?
Two of RMIT’s recent graduates will present the different fields of engineering that are offered at RMIT whilst
emphasising their chosen fields of Aerospace and Environmental Engineering at the 2012 Engineering Expo on March
29, 2012. You will be able to speak to the students between 2.30 – 3.15pm and 4.30 – 5.15pm at the Crest Lounge,
Etihad Stadium. For more information, go to

Interested in teaching?
It is important for teachers to be able to use the latest technologies in the classroom. Deakin University has developed
a subject where students will learn how to

       Make stop-motion animation movies
       Use interactive whiteboards,
       Develop teaching and learning tools using Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, wikis and You Tube movies, and
       Learn about cyber safety and cyber bullying.

The subject is offered at their Warnnambool and Burwood campuses.

Zoo Keeper for a Day
This is a hands-on school holiday program for students interested in a career working with animals. Help out the
animal keepers and learn about a most rewarding job. Speak with animal keepers about their jobs and experience.
When/where: 9.30am-4.00pm, April 3, 10 and 12 at Werribee Open Range Zoo, K Road, Werribee and 9.30am-3.30pm,
April 3, 5 and 10 (Year 7/8), April 4 and 11(Years 9/10) at Healesville Sanctuary, Badger Creek Rd, Healesville. Cost:
$102 (includes morning tea). Bookings:
Phone: 9285 9406 (pay when booking). Details of holiday programs:

VCE Chemistry and Biology Revision Lectures at Monash
These monthly revision lectures will help prepare you for your exams. The seminars are designed to encourage
revision throughout the year, clarifying and consolidating concepts as they are introduced in the classroom. When:
Biology 4.00pm – 5.00pm, Chemistry 5.30pm - 6.30pm, March 21, April 18, May 23, June 6, July 18, August 22 and
September 19. Where: Monash Parkville campus, 381 Royal Parade. Register: (Free), but registration essential: or call 9903 9504. You can attend both Biology and Chemistry if you wish, with afternoon
tea provided.

At Monash Seminar Series
The seminars provide an opportunity for you and your parents to gain an insight into courses and careers in a broad
range of fields across the faculties and campuses of Monash University. Dates for March are as follows

       26: Health Science and Social Work
       27: Teaching, Sport and Outdoor Recreation
       28: Medicine, Biomedical Science, Radiography & Nutrition and Dietetics
       29: Arts (Social Sciences and Humanities)

For more information and to register, go to

The Age VCE and Careers Expo
This is a fantastic annual event which enables senior school students and their parents to be able to participate in a
diverse range of over 115 seminars related to VCE subjects, gap year opportunities, vocational and higher education
courses, career pathways and VCE study skills.

Over 190 organisations will be in attendance, enabling students to be able to talk to course and program advisers
directly about their services. Cost is $10 per student. Free passes are available in the Careers room.

The event is being held at Caulfield Racecourse between Friday May 3 and Sunday May 6. To find out more, see your
career adviser or go to, 03 9596 8881

     Meet Melbourne University: Warragul (22), Bendigo (28), Ballarat (29). Register at
       At Monash Seminar Series: 10 course areas will be showcased in March at Monash University. Go to to find out dates and locations.
       25: Veterinary Science Open Day: University of Melbourne, Werribee,
       29: 2012 Engineering Careers Expo: Etihad Stadium,
       Early April: Applications for the UMAT open,
       1: Ballarat Jobs Expo: 10am – 3.00pm
       5: Experience Environmental Science Day: RMIT, City Campus,
       13: Access all Areas: University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus,

         13: Experience La Trobe University: Melbourne Campus,
         13: Discover the Nurse in U@UTS: University of Technology Sydney,

         13: Forensic Science Careers Information Day: Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, Southbank,

         At Monash Seminar Series: Design & Fine Art (18), and Psychology (19)

                                                   CANTEEN ROSTER
                     Mrs Sue Walsh / Mrs Helen Rieniets / Mrs Vicki Moroney

                      Week beginning Monday, March 26, 2012                      Week beginning Monday, April 16, 2012
 Monday          Mandy Todd                   Jenni Sutton
                 Patsy Catterson              Sharon Monson                        STAFF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
                 Simone Donnithorne
 Tuesday         Fiona Thomas                 Adrienne Cove                Kathy Keem               Kaylene Donoghue
                 Lisa Van Es                  Lina Zumbo-Gregory           Karen Creelman           Jacinta Heagney
                 Marlene Murphy
 Wednesday       Heather Deane                Vicki Keogh                  Andrea Perkins           Halen Spratling
                 Belinda Playsted             Karen Creelman               Pauline Batten           Tania Grant
                                                                           Elisha Fitzgerald
 Thursday        Lyn Weightman                Sharyn Blake                 Lyn Weightman            Sharyn Blake
                 Cathryn Conroy               Abuk Farial                  Cathryn Conroy           Abuk Farial
                 Janie Murphy                                              Janie Murphy
 Friday          Ellen O’Connell              Jacinta Musgrove
                 Christine Hocking            Simone Amendola                                  WALKATHON
                 Maree Kewish                 Sheryn Bucknall
                               The direct line for the Canteen is 5329 6155

                                                     UNIFORM SHOP
The Uniform Shop is open every second Tuesday during                   Dates for Term 2 are:
school terms, from 12.45pm to 3.15pm.                                  April 17, 2012        May 1, 2012
                                                                       May 15, 2012          May 29, 2012
                                                                       June 12, 2012         June 26, 2012
                                       Community notices

        National Neighbour Day
       Saturday, March 24, 2012

The City of Ballarat and Ballarat East Community House supports neighbourhood connections by encouraging the
  simple concept of “neighbourliness”. The aim is to raise awareness of the issues of isolation, security and the
                              benefits of having connections within our communities.

      Celebrate National Neighbour Day by participating in activities happening at Ballarat East
                                       Community House:
      CWA Scone making demonstrations and tastings– Taste award winning scones with home-made strawberry
       jam and cream. Delicious!
      BREAZE Local Food cooking demonstrations – Miss Jane from Power FM will be here to cook some delicious
       food and show us what we can do with food grown in our own backyards.
      Veggie Garden Blitz with the Ballarat Permaculture Guild – Learn how to put together a wicking bed. What’s
       that? Join in the fun and come and find out!
      Sausage Sizzle
                  When:           Saturday, March 24, 2012
                  Where:          Ballarat East Community House, 507 Eyre Street
                                  (opposite St Patrick’s Primary School)
                  Time:           10.00am till 2.00pm approx
          For more information about Community Houses visit
                                        Proudly supported by:
        B.D.G.A. School Holiday Junior Golf Program
                      (For the kids in the swing)
          supported by The Smith Family and Ballarat Council

Run by the B.D.G.A. and conducted by the local Golf Professionals at the
                           following clubs

           Ballarat Golf Club Monday, April 2, 2012
           Midlands Golf Club Friday, April 13, 2012
Each day consists of coaching activities, games, lunch and refreshments.
                     Time 9.30 am – 12.30 pm
                     Cost $15 per day
                     Equipment can be provided
                     Suitable for the ages of 9 to 17

       Each Golf Club will be continuing with a program in Term 2
                       (For the kids in the swing)
          supported by The Smith Family and Ballarat Council
     Bookings essential, entries close 3 days prior to clinic
            Please fill in details and bring on the day

      Childs Name     _______________________________________
              Age     _______________________________________
    Parents Names     _______________________________________
    Mobile Number     _______________________________________
           Address    _______________________________________
             Email    _______________________________________
                            Golf Experience - Y or N

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