IRS Form 2290 Schedule 1 by stevesand


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									IRS Form 2290 Schedule 1
 •   Tax payer must file schedule 1 along with form 2290 to the IRS. IRS will return the
     schedule 1 with IRS Electronic watermark with a timestamp.
 •   To report all vehicles for which you are reporting tax (including an increase in taxable
     gross weight) and those that you are reporting suspension of the tax by category and
     vehicle identification number (VIN).
 •   Proof of payment for state registration. Generally, states will require verification of
     payment of the tax for any taxable vehicle before they will register the vehicle.
 •   Use the stamped copy of Schedule 1 as proof of payment when:
     ◦ Registering vehicles with the state, or
     ◦ Entering a Canadian or Mexican vehicle into the United states

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