PROJECT CHILD FIND
ARE YOU CONCERNED ABOUT                    WHO CAN HELP?                                       IF YOUR CHILD REQUIRES HELP,
YOUR 3 TO 5 YEAR OLD CHILD?                                                                    WHAT SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE?
                                           If you live in West Orange and would like to
Do you have or know a child who is         request an evaluation for special education and     Once the evaluation is completed, you
developing differently or having           related services, send a written request to the     and the Child Study Team will review
difficulty learning?                       Director of Student Support Services. Include       your child’s educational needs and
                                           your child’s name, date of birth, address, and      recommendations will be made.
Does your child display difficulty in      telephone number and the nature of your child’s
any of the following areas?                difficulty.                                      This might include placement in one of
                                                                                            the district’s half-day or full day special
   Acquiring speech or language           The Child Study Team, an interdisciplinary group education classes designed for
    skills;                                of professionals can assist you in evaluating    disabled preschoolers and taught by
   Walking, running or manipulating       your preschooler’s skill development in the      certified special educators. Your child
    small objects;                         following areas:                                 may also require the services of a
   Unusual shyness, temper tantrums                                                        speech therapist, occupational
    or disinterest in others;               Cognitive/learning;                            therapist or physical therapist.
   Playing with other children;            Speech and language;
   Difficulty paying attention, following  Fine and gross motor;                          To the maximum extent possible,
    directions or listening;                Social and behavioral;                         preschoolers with disabilities will
   Hearing, vision, or serious health      Health;                                        receive their education with children
    problems;                               Self-help skills.                              who are not disabled. Therefore, your
   Acquiring usual self-help skills                                                        child may be able to attend a general
    (feeding, dressing);                   After receiving your request for evaluation, the education preschool program with the
                                           district’s Child Study Team has 20 days to set a appropriate supports and services
   Slow to learn new tasks
                                           meeting with you. At the meeting, you and the    necessary for your child to progress.
WHAT CAN YOU DO?                           team will decide if an evaluation is needed for
                                           your child, and in what areas.
If you, your physician, your child’s day
care, preschool, or general education      WHO ARE THE PROFESSIONALS?
teacher think there is a problem with
your child, you, as a West Orange          The Child Study Team includes a school
resident, or as a non-resident who has     psychologist, learning specialist, social worker,
a child attending a non-public school      and speech and language therapist. Also
in West Orange, or as a homeless           available are the evaluative services of a school
person considered a resident of West       nurse, an occupational therapist and physical
Orange, can find help through the          therapist.
West Orange Board of Education.
                                                                 FOR CHILDREN                              PROJECT CHILD
In New Jersey an Early Intervention Program (from          2 YEARS AND 9 MONTHS OLD                      FIND FOR CHILDREN
birth to the child’s 3 birthday) is available to provide        TO 21 YEARS OLD                          2.9 – 21 YEARS OLD
educational and therapeutic services to eligible
children who have developmental delays or                          Call or write to:
disabilities.                                                                               Is your preschool child developing differently or
                                                                Elizabeth Maddalena                     having problems learning?
In Essex County an Early Intervention Service                  Student Support Services     If you and your child are residents of West Orange.
Coordinator can be reached at (973)-395-8836.                  179 Eagle Rock Avenue
                                                                                            If your child attends a non-public school in West
                                                               West Orange, NJ 07052
Further information in English and Spanish is                                                 Orange.
available at: 1-800-322-8174                                  Tel. 973-669-5400 Ext. 231    If your child is not attending school yet because you
                                                                 FAX: 973-669-8601            have recently moved to West Orange.
                                                                                            If you are homeless but considered a resident of
                                                                                              West Orange.

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