Student Level II Benchmark Portfolio Rubric by 3gz600u


									                       Mastery Level Proficient Portfolio Rubric
Portfolio                        5                                         4                                  3
Components                 Above Standard                             At Standard                       Still a Goal

    1. One curriculum-specific lesson created with the ISTE lesson plan template
    2. The long-range plan for the current ADEPT year (must include a technology goal)
    3. One curriculum unit
All portfolios MUST contain a sample of student work and an assessment instrument.
Curricular      The project's technology use (word   The project's technology The project has little
Connections     processing, databases, spreadsheets, use (word processing,    connection to the
                 presentations, or Internet activities)         databases, spreadsheets,           curriculum or does not
                 effectively supports the curriculum            presentations, or Internet         adequately support
                 and enhances departmental or school            activities) supports the           school or department
                 goals for technology use and student           curriculum and                     goals for learning.
                 learning. It provides new technology           addresses school or
                 experiences for students.                      department goals.
Integration      The use of technology enhances how             The use of technology is           The project's use of
of               students achieve the learning                  appropriate for helping            technology is not clearly
                 objectives. Students use higher order          students achieve the               defined, does not
Technology       thinking skills to develop a deeper            learning objectives.               adequately support
                 conceptual understanding of key                Students use higher                student learning, or is an
                 concepts. The choice of technology             order thinking skills to           inappropriate use of the
                 is age appropriate, creative, and              process the major                  medium.
                 supports several different learning            concepts. The choice of
                 styles and ability levels.                     technology is age
                                                                appropriate and
                                                                addresses 1-2 learning
Student-         Educators routinely use student-               Educators routinely use            Educators attempt to
Centered         centered approaches to learning                student-centered                   implement student
                 including constructivist pedagogy              approaches to learning             centered approaches to
Teaching         (allowing students to                          (meaningful, active,               learning, but allow
                 create/identify/construct                      cooperative, and project-          insufficient time,
                 their own problems or scenarios                based learning) that               inappropriate
                 and/or innovative                              facilitate appropriate             technology based
                 solutions to complex problems)                 student use of                     resources and/or
                 facilitating                                   technology.                        incomplete directions
                 appropriate student use of                                                        for the students to
                 technology-based                                                                  successfully complete
                 resources.                                                                        the activity
Samples of       Student effectively organizes varied           Student organizes varied           Student resources do not
Student          resources and clearly identifies the           resources and has a                adequately support the
                 purpose. Student uses strong critical          reasonably clear                   purpose or there are no
Work             thinking and provides clear, accurate,         purpose. Student uses              samples of student
                 and vivid descriptions. Main ideas             some useful examples               work.
                 are supported with examples that               and helpful descriptions
                 lead to a logical conclusion.                  that lead to an
                                                                appropriate conclusion.
Assessment       The educator uses multiple and                 The educator has                   There are no clear plans
                 alternative assessment strategies              planned for assessment             for assessment or the
                 which directly correlate to                    and the assessment tool            forms of assessment do
                 educational goals. The assessment              is adequate to measure             not match curricular
                 strategies are logical, fair, and clearly      the learning objectives.           goals.
                 stated. Students are allowed to reflect
                 on their own experiences.
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