New Age Movement The Search for Inner Divinity by 3gz600u


									 New Age Movement
The Search for Inner Divinity

      St. Maurice & St. Verena
      Coptic Orthodox Church

         October 21, 2008
  Introduction to New Age
 Timing
 Culture
 PoliticalSystems
 Acclaimed failure of organized
 Spiritual hunger
 Marginal believers
  New Age Spirituality
 What is new about New Age?
 What does it offer?
  Enchantment
  Harmony   & Understanding
  Health
  Wholeness
Fundamental Principles
 Global   response in time of Crisis
 Formation of worldwide network
 Encourage study and benefit from
  all religions
 To investigate unexplained laws
  of nature and powers hidden in
       Central Themes
   the cosmos is seen as an organic whole
   it is animated by an Energy, which is also
    identified as the divine Soul or Spirit
   much authority is given to the mediation of various
    spiritual entities
   humans are capable of ascending to invisible
    higher spheres, and of controlling their own lives
    beyond death
    there is held to be a “recurrent knowledge” which
    pre-dates and is superior to all religions and
   people follow enlightened masters
What New Age says about …

 The   human person
 God
 Christ
 HolySpirit
 The World
New Age Spirituality - Critique
 Spiritual Narcissism (egotism,
  selfishness, self-absorption)
 The cosmic Christ
 The god-within, theosis
 Spirituality as relationship
 Christianity & New Age in

 Jesus  Christ or Aquarius?
 Is God personal or a force?
 One universal being or billions?
 Do we save our selves or is
  salvation a free gift from God?
 Christianity & New Age in

 Do  we invent truth or embrace it?
 Who do we talk to in prayer?
 Do we avoid social commitment
  or seek it?
 Is our future in the stars or do we
  help construct it?
  What the Church can learn
        from New Age
 Spiritualthirst of humanity
 Keeping religion real
 Avoiding scandals
 Personalizing God within the bigger
 Noticing forgotten or disenfranchised

                    Glory to God forever.

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