Guidelines for Anaphylaxis April 2009 by 3gz600u


									         Equality and Health inequalities Impact Assessment Screening Checklist

Name of policy/service                  Guideline for the treatment of Anaphylaxis
Is this a new or existing               Existing as Guideline for the treatment of Anaphylaxis
Purpose of the policy/service           To standardise management of anaphylaxis
Stakeholders in policy/service          Multi professional
Person responsible for policy/service   Sarah Crawford, Caroline Hockett & Suzanne Scaffardi
impact assessment
Proposed date for implementation of     April 2009
Do you think the policy/service will impact upon any group within the population based upon:

Race/ethnicity                          No       Lower socio-economic groups                     No

Gender                                  No       Involvement in the criminal justice system      No

Religion/belief                         No       Homelessness                                    No

Disability (including long term         No       Looked after children                           No
conditions and mental health)
Age                                     No       Population groups more at risk of developing    No
                                                 certain conditions (based on community
                                                 health profile data)
Sexual orientation or gender identity   No       Any other groups                                No

What impact will the policy/service have on lifestyles? For example:
       Diet and nutrition
       Exercise and physical activity
       Substance use; tobacco, alcohol, drugs
       Risk taking behaviour
       Education and learning or skills
       Functional ability
       Quality of life

Will the policy/service have any impact on the social environment? For example:
         Social status
         Employment (paid or unpaid)
         Social/family support
         Stress
         Income

Will the policy/service have any impact upon:
         Discrimination?
         Equality of opportunity?
         Relations between groups?
         Improving uptake of services by under represented groups?

Will the policy/service have any impact on the physical environment? For example:
         Living conditions
         Working conditions
         Pollution or climate change
         Accidental injuries or public safety
         Infection control
Will the policy/service impact on access to and experience of services? For example:
         Healthcare
         Transport
         Social services
         Housing services
         Education

                  Equality impact assessment screening checklist summary sheet
1.   Positive impacts (Note groups affected)     2. Negative impacts (note groups affected)

This policy promotes principles of excellence in         Patients/relatives who do not speak English as a
care and safety for Adults.                              first language or who have specific communication
                                                         needs may require the support of an
It provides equality of opportunity and access for       interpreter/advocate to explain the purpose of the
all groups.                                              transfer. Language and advocacy support is
                                                         covered within the trust policies for PAL and
                                                         interpreting services.

3.   Additional information/evidence required

Communication needs of patients and relatives recorded routinely in the nursing notes.

Trust has a robust interpreting service enabling patients and carers to access information in different

4.   Recommendations

Policy to be monitored for negative impact on patients for the first 6 months from implementation and a
full assessment completed if indicated. Monitoring to continue on an annual basis thereafter.

5.   As a result of completing the impact checklist, have any negative impacts been identified, and if so
     is a full impact assessment recommended?

See above

6.   If impact assessment has not been recommended please state the reasons why.

See above

Date for completion of screening checklist review /completion of full impact assessment : 02.04.09
(monitoring results to be review in 6/ months)

Managers name and signature:                             Date:

Sarah Crawford                                           02.04.09

Approved by Operational manager for Equality             Date:
and Diversity(name and signature)

Jennifer Kenward                                         02.04.09


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