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									                             CATHERINE E. MULLICAN
                       4459 Clairemont Dr. #D  San Diego, CA 92117
                      Phone: (858)274-6908  E-mail:


An efficient, assertive computer programming professional with diverse programming
experience in the Internet and software development industries. Principal strengths include
developing imaginative solutions through analytical problem solving, the ability to assimilating
and applying new information quickly. Creating and maintaining scripts and internal tools for
process enhancement. Exceptional implementation, analytical, and conceptualization skills with
expertise in the following computer :

Web Related:
    CGI  HTML  Apache  IIS  Some experience with PHP3, ASP
Other Languages and Technologies:
    Perl  ODBC  SQL (MS SQL Server, MySQL, some Oracle)  C/C++  Some
       experience using Java, XML
Operating Systems:
    NT 4.0  Solaris 2.5.1, 2.6, 7  Linux  FreeBSD  some VMS


GATEWAY, INC. – San Diego, CA                                                      2000 – 2002
Primary Perl programmer supporting website.

      Created and maintained CGI scripts on site and maintained and enhanced internal tools
       for order processing, sales reporting, and content management.
      Prevented disruption of critical business processes by reducing gap in corporate
       knowledge of internally developed content management tool.
      Supported dynamic requirements of the consumer web sales team while maintaining
       current functionality for business sales team.
      Increased maintainability of order-processing tools, metrics collection and processing
       tools and related workflows by creating documentation.
      Integrated diverse systems into existing processes by communicating standards and
       creating flexible tools.
      Educated software development team to ensure continuity through rearchitecture project,
       significantly increasing website sales and profitability.
      Provided critical component of software rearchitecture effort that produced award-
       winning website, increased sales, improved customer service results and resulted in
       financial bonuses for team members.
      Modified order-processing tool to expand system capabilities which ensured smooth
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BAE SYSTEMS – San Diego, CA                                                      1998 – 2000
Software Engineer

Part of core group for the SOCET SET photogrammetry and mapping product (C and C++).

   Developed and enhanced backup/restore and delete utilities, hot keys, and pointing device
   Ported handwheel support, delete utility, and tape drive support from Unix to NT.
   Wrote several utility scripts (Perl).
   Wrote scripts supporting the test process and improved test result database.
   Developed an internal web site (HTML, PHP3) for document sharing, test data retrieval and
    database updates.
   Optimized cross-platform build processes.

INTEL CORP. – Folsom, CA                                                         1997 – 1998
Designed and developed next-generation intranet homepage (HTML, ASP).

   Initiated and implemented online survey to determine users' needs.

                             EDUCATION AND TRAINING

BS – Computer Science – Harding University – Searcy, AR

JAVA Programming Language – Sun Educational Service
Essential COM+ (DevelopMentor)
Perl Tutorials: Advanced Perl Programming, Tricks of the Wizards, Perl/Tk (The Perl
Conference 3.0)
Dale Carnegie Course

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