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									                               Town of Chester
                              Board of Selectmen

                      Minutes of Meeting - July 10, 2006

Members Present:        John Baldasaro, Chair, J. Andrew Myers, Clerk
                        Dominic Piergiovanni

Others Present:         Joseph A. Kellogg, Town Administrator

In the absence of Chair J. Baldasaro, Clerk A. Myers called the meeting to order
at 5:00 p.m. in the Chester Town Hall. The minutes of the June 21, 2006, June
26, 2006 and July 7, 2006 meetings were reviewed and signed by all members.

Tony Mazzaferro, Highway Superintendent, was present for a discussion about
his reappointment. A. Myers explained that the Board wished to have a better
understanding of how the expanded department was working and to assure that
T. Mazzaferro was able to handle the increased management responsibilities. T.
Mazzaferro agreed the transition was difficult, however treated it as a challenge
and thinks that everything is now going well. He noted that priorities have
changed depending on the season with the focus presently being on keeping up
with cemetery and water maintenance responsibilities. As a result, roads have
not been graded at the same pace as in past years, however all needed work will
be completed by the end of the summer. A. Myers said he views the
Superintendent’s position as being more of a manager. He encouraged T.
Mazzaferro to look forward in setting objectives, such as performing an evaluation
of Town roads to determine if certain ones can be upgraded in an effort to
encourage development and expand the Town’s tax base. D. Piergiovanni
expressed concerns with T. Mazzaferro’s ability to do the job. He said that T.
Mazzaferro is not responsive to the Board’s direction and has not performed
several tasks assigned to him. T. Mazzaferro responded that any of the Board
members should talk to him directly if they have a problem with anything he is or
isn’t doing. A. Myers stressed the fact that T. Mazzaferro is management and
should carry out the Board’s wishes and directions with his employees. T.
Mazzaferro agreed and said he now has a better understanding of the job. J.
Baldasaro entered the meeting at 5:55 p.m. and other members briefed him on
the discussions. On a motion by A. Myers, seconded by J. Baldasaro, the Board
voted 2-0-1 (D. Piergiovanni abstaining) to appoint Tony Mazzaferro as Highway
Superintendent, Tree Warden, Parks Superintendent, and Insect and Pest
Superintendent for FY2007.

In other business, D. Piergiovanni said he had received a complaint about the
Town backhoe driving over grave sites to get to the location of a new grave being
dug. He suggested that special care be taken in such circumstances in the
future. There was a brief discussion about a number of dead or dying trees
which need to be removed. It was noted that a hearing may be required prior to
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes - July 10, 2006
Page 2.

such removal if the trees are considered shade trees, however if the trees are a
public safety hazard, no hearing is needed. T. Mazzaferro said that two hydrants
needed to be replaced on Middlefield Road. The Board authorized the purchase of
another new hydrant to be used as a spare.

Robert Heath, Huntington Selectman, was a present for a discussion about the
disposition of the Hampshire Community Action Commission (HCAC) building in
Huntington, which may have to be sold to pay off HCAC’s debts. He told the
Board he thinks that, since the building was purchased with public funds, all
efforts should be taken to oppose a sale and to have the building transferred to a
non-profit entity which will provide services to low and moderate income citizens.
Board members agreed and on a motion by J. Baldasaro, seconded by D.
Piergiovanni, voted 2-0-1 (A. Myers abstaining) to direct J. Kellogg to prepare a
letter of support for R. Heath’s position, such letter to be sent to the HCAC.

Robert Pyers, with the Western Massachusetts Economic Development Council,
(WMEDC) was present with Lori Tanner, of the Pioneer Valley Planning
Commission (PVPC), for a discussion about improving the Town’s economic
development initiatives. R. Pyers explained that the WMEDC was created in the
1990's in an attempt to bring seven separate organizations involved in economic
development under one umbrella in order to provide a coordinated approach to
improving the economies of western Massachusetts communities. He said his
organization has many different missions to accomplish this objective, including
support of tourism, bringing in new businesses and supporting existing
businesses to grow and expand. R. Pyers noted that he is somewhat familiar with
Chester and thought our focus should be on tourism and commercial
development related to the hospitality industry. He told the Board the Greater
Springfield Convention and Visitors’ Bureau could help in these efforts and
discussion was held about participating in a regional (New England) marketing
campaign. R. Pyers said a web site was in the process of being developed as part
of this campaign and Chester could have a page on this site to market the town
to a regional market. Discussion was also held about the Town’s efforts to
encourage development such as adoption of the Community Development Plan
and establishment of a Home Based Business bylaw. Board members thanked R.
Pyers for attending and providing his insight in order to help us with our
economic development efforts.

Bids were publicly opened at 7:25 p.m. for Highway Department Materials for
FY2007. Two bids were received by the deadline of July 10, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes - July 10, 2006
Page 3.

Results are as follow:

                         Material               FOB Plant         Delivered

Donovan Bros., Inc.:     Stone Dust             $10.50/ton        $13.25/ton
                         3/8" - TR Screenings   $11.50/ton        $14.25/ton
                         1½" Stone              $ 9.00/ton        $11.75/ton
                         Process Gravel         $ 8.00/ton        $ 9.99/ton
                         Bank Run Gravel        $ 6.75/ton        $ 9.50/ton
                         Washed Winter Sand     $ 8.00/ton        $ 9.49/ton

Meehan Const. Co.        Stone Dust             no bid            no bid
                         3/8" - TR Screenings   no bid            no bid
                         1½" Stone              no bid            no bid
                         Process Gravel 1½"     no bid            no bid
                         Process Gravel 3/4 "   no bid            no bid
                         Bank Run Gravel        no bid            no bid
                         Washed Winter Sand     $ 8.00/ton        $10.70/ton

After discussion, and on a motion by J. Baldasaro, seconded by A. Myers, the
Board voted 3-0 to take the bids under advisement, with an award to be made at
the next meeting.

A request from the Chester Hill Winery, asking for a one day wine and beer
license, was reviewed by the Board. The request was being made for an event
which would be held at the Kelso homestead on Bromley Road, not at the Winery,
and involved permission to sell wine to be consumed on premises. On a motion
by J. Baldasaro, seconded by D. Piergiovanni, the Board voted 3-0 to issue a one
day on premises wine and beer license to Chester Hill Winery for August 6, 2006,
from 12 noon to 5:00 p.m., subject to the receipt of a $50.00 fee.

The Board reviewed a similar request from the Chester Theatre Company, also
asking for a one day wine and beer license. The request was being made for a
complimentary cake and champagne reception to be held in the Town Hall lobby
as part of their July 14th production. On a motion by J. Baldasaro, seconded by
A. Myers, the Board voted 3-0 to approve the use of the lobby for the reception
and to issue a one day on premises wine and beer license to Chester Theatre
Company for July 14, 2006, subject to the receipt of a $50.00 fee.
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes - July 10, 2006
Page 4.

The Board reviewed a proposed contract amendment #1 to the Town’s contract
with Lenard Engineering, Inc. for engineering services relative to the Chester
Village Infrastructure Planning Project. Such amendment would extend the time
period for completion from June 30, 2006 to December 31, 2006. On a motion by
J. Baldasaro, seconded by D. Piergiovanni, the Board voted 3-0 to approve the
contract amendment.

J. Kellogg advised the Board that he had received a call from the Selectmen’s
Secretary in Otis relative to their deliberations concerning the possible creation of
a Town Administrator position. The Secretary had asked if any members would
be interested in attending an August 1st meeting to provide comments on our
experiences with the position. All members said they would put it on their
calendar and directed J. Kellogg to inform the Otis Selectmen that at least one of
them would attend.

A brief discussion was held as to whether to participate in the Hampshire County
bid for diesel fuel for FY07. It was noted the Hampshire County price was not
fixed and would fluctuate depending on the market, however delivery costs and
taxes would be at a set rate for the entire year. J. Kellogg was directed to contact
the Town’s current supplier to determine what their costs would be for the fiscal

The Board reviewed a request from Tony Mazzaferro, seeking permission to carry
over five days of vacation leave from FY06 to FY07. There was a brief discussion
regarding the Board’s past practice, allowing such action for one time only. On a
motion by J. Baldasaro, seconded by A. Myers, the Board voted 3-0 to approve
the request with the stipulation that the time must be used up in FY07 with no
further such requests to be approved.

On a motion by J. Baldasaro, seconded by D. Piergiovanni, the Board voted 3-0 to
make the following appointments for FY2007:

      Historical Commission:          Edwin L. Carrington, Janice A. Brown
      Assistant Town Collector:       Kelly D’Astous
      Veteran’s Agent:                Frank Ciancotti

There was a brief discussion about developing a system where Eric Twining, now
that he has his T1 Water Treatment license, can begin taking readings at the
Treatment Plant at least two days a week. D. Piergiovanni said he would set up a
meeting with J. Kellogg, E. Twining, and Bernie St. Martin to discuss the
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes - July 10, 2006
Page 5.

Robert Wilander, 475 Route 20, was present to complain about the Highway
Department crossing over cemetery grave sites with the backhoe. J. Baldasaro
advised R. Wilander that the matter has already been addressed with the
Highway Superintendent.

Finance Committee members, Michael Crochiere, John Garvey, and James
Zimmerman were present for a joint meeting to authorize end of year transfers for
FY2006. It was noted that such transfers in the past required Town Meeting
approval, however, as a result of legislation recently passed, amending Chapter
44, Section 33B(b) of the General Laws, such transfers may now be accomplished
by a joint vote of the Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee. On a motion
by J. Baldasaro, seconded by A. Myers, the Board voted 3-0 to approve the
following transfers:

Transfer from Accounts:

      Library Salaries 40500              $   220.75
      Accounting Salaries10135.           $   467.63
      Accounting Expenses10135.01         $   173.13
      Bonds 90917.02                      $    57.00
      Police Officer Wages 60210.01       $ 4,300.00
      Fire Dept Wages 60110.03            $ 2,103.72
      Unemployment Ins./SUTA 90917        $ 6,740.00
      Fire Expenses 60110.01              $ 1,916.89
      Workers Comp Insurance 90912        $ 4,450.00
      Assessors Expense 10141.03          $   288.00
      Selectmen's Salaries 10122.         $ 2,000.00
      Reserve Fund 10115.01               $ 1,500.00
                        Total             $24,217.12

Transfer into Accounts:

      Library Expenses 40500.01           $   220.75
      Collector Expenses 10146.02         $   467.63
      Rizzo Property Acqn. 90924.03       $   173.13
      Police/Fire Accd Insur 90193.03     $    57.00
      Police Expenses 60210.04            $ 4,300.00
      Supplies/Repairs 20423.02           $ 2,103.72
      Snow Removal Salaries 20422.02      $ 8,656.89
      Snow Removal Expenses 20423.07      $ 8,238.00
                         Total            $24,217.12
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes - July 10, 2006
Page 6.

On a motion by Michael Crochiere, seconded by James Zimmerman, the Finance
Committee voted 3-0 to concur with the vote of the Board of Selectmen regarding
the above transfers.

The Board agreed to set August 15, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. as the date of a public
informational meeting to discuss proposals to adopt an Accessory Apartment
bylaw and a Wind Energy bylaw.

There being no further business before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 8:01 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Joseph A. Kellogg
Town Administrator


John Baldasaro

J. Andrew Myers

Dominic Piergiovanni

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