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									                                    Lehigh Carbon Community College
                                        Developmental Education
                                    October 22, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Michelle Carlino (administrative co-chair), Julianne Labbiento (faculty co-chair), Diana
DiCosmo, Jeannette Polizzi, Christine Wargo, Cindy Brooks, John Callahan, Pam Weldon, Bethany
Zornek, Barbara Kistler, Linda Novak, Joanne Gerken, Gloria Lowell, Alison Jameson, Larissa Verta, Jenna
Duke, Cyndi levis, Susan fread, Scott Aquila

Welcome back Bethany and welcome to Gloria Lowell, RSS adjunct

Michelle gave update on leadership team meeting with board of trustees on communication between
high school and college on skills needed. All discussions here go to leadership team each month.

Nils not able to attend – his response to timeline - like for us to discuss pre-requisites for catalog so that
fall 2010 can be in catalog and also change three 100 courses to 4 credits (3 lecture, 1 lab credit which
could be computer based or supplemental) could this go into effect for fall 2010 schedule.

Divisions asked what to do with 099 developmental courses
John Callahan –English division saw value but need to further restrict enrollment to those who would
not benefit from 99 – those need literacy levels – hard to tell how many can benefit, but 30% would not
benefit – it significantly reduces the learning of other class in terms of ability as well as self
esteem/efficacy - compass does not address low score levels accurately. Need to change or create an
authentic test subcommittee on placement testing is John, Jason Malozzi, Jeanette Polizzi, Jen
Myskowski, Marc Bonanni – no meeting time established as of yet. Nov and dec we run into
thanksgiving and Christmas when we will not meet, could have subcommittees meet during this time.
Dr Kistler called Susan Fread about her own math courses –what are the scores of the students to see
how they do in the class – what do the scores on comp look like in comparison to final grades in lower
level courses – was compass really low for those that fail – could for all instructors and particularly
developmental instructors again get compass scores of their students in developmental courses?
Cyndi – Trio started in 99 level courses and graduated – lowest financially and would not have been able
to pay – 99 count for financial aid – ability to benefit comes in to play here need cutoff points, but not
move 99 all over to non-credit
Diana Dicsomo – at Northamptom, took lowest scores and created a special non-credit demanding
program for them – one semester – Diana said few completed it and they dropped it after one semester
Julie Labbiento –math students tend to not take the test seriously.
English – division mixed about keeping it or not, but ability to benefit is a necessary issue – concern
about 100 level – students taking it repeatedly – Joanne Gerken has a computerized lab requirement –
those who do it tend to do better in the course
Jennette said in the past there were red flags put up for students who need dev and repeatedly taking
dev courses
Students need strong advising when they are developmental courses – they need more counseling to be
students, to learn study skills, etc – Christine said that students with low compass scores have holds
placed on their accounts and can’t register without seeing an advisor – but has not been accurate with
banner system – online registration not working – allowing the students with dev holds to register
Jeannette did report that the advising won’t work for 15 minutes, need advisor for longer period of time
Need the early alert system used.
Cyndi – college needs an oncourse course – 8 parameters in workforce needed for college success –
allows us to be proactive – can we make RSS 104 course mandatory
John – schools often have students who place into dev reading also had to take dev writing and a
counselor time – required for all dev students
Joanne – we did the college experience and the retention officer to work with dev students – this has
been done and was taken away – we should have the 99 and 100, but need extra support
Gloria – students are overwhelmed and have a lot of work but need the writing connection brought in
Students don’t feel like they are prepared
We can improve upon our dev ed program –
Bethany – ESL- levels of non-credit and credit ESL courses – what monetary support can we get for
students who have financial issues and would need non-credit literacy courses
Jenna – 100 exit exam for English – passing the course and the exit exam determines final grade –
adjuncts passing them for the essays throughout and then they fail the exit exam – discussion by Linda
and Joanne on requirements of eng 100
Pam Weldon – the school board needs to be informed of what is going on – they control what is spent

Math -
Board of trustees worried about developmental and students paying repeatedly for the development

Scott Aquila – reviewed draft dev education timeline and curriculum committee
Cut off for catalog – November
John – college policy – not a prerequisite but a policy would make more sense – need to take it through
academic standards – one policy vs. every course going through curriculum committee – this wouldn’t
be prerequisites – curriculum committee changes take 60 days
Susan Fread – Michigan – basic skills evaluation booklet – given to all advisors, instructors

Divisions to look at pre-requisites – need to look at compass scores and what those levels mean

Hunter Boylan – centralized and decentralized programs – lccc is decentralized but needs work to be
more coordinated
Subcommittees – assessment – John Callahan
   - Lccc data for dev ed – Dr. Kistler
   - Best practices
   - What percentages of students in eng and rss would really benefit from esl

Michelle and Julie will take input on who wants to serve on each committee or what we think we would
like to do
Jeannette – increased to 4 credit courses for past 10 years – university of Rochester

Miutes respectfully submitted by Larissa M. Verta

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