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									            Akron Mennonite Church Newsletter
   1311 Diamond Street, Akron, Pennsylvania 17501                                                                      May 2009
Akron Mennonite Church will be fully engaged in God's
mission in a broken world as we are called, equipped and sent
by the Holy Spirit to follow Christ in life. Shaped by the gifts
and vision of our members, we will keep Christ and church at           May 3 – MYF SUNDAY
the center of our lives as we reach out to neighbors near and
far and witness to the world around us through an                      May 10 – Hesston Bel Canto Singers
Anabaptist-Mennonite expression of faith.
                                                                       May 17 – Dawn Yoder Harms

                                                                       May 24 – Dawn Yoder Harms

                      Worship Notes                                    May 31 – Dawn Yoder Harms
                      Dawn Yoder Harms                                 And I find myself reflecting on those questions in
                                                                       regards to our congregation: What new life is God
“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell
                                                                       giving birth to among us? What might we do to
like dirt.” ~Margaret Atwood (novelist and poet)
                                                                       encourage it to take root and grow and spread beauty
                                                                       throughout the “garden?” What “weeds” do we need to
I couldn’t agree more! One of my greatest joys in the
                                                                       clear out to make space for its growth? And are there
spring is poking around in my flower beds, pulling
                                                                       times when we can simply stand back and take in the
weeds, transplanting perennials, and getting dirt under
                                                                       beauty and give thanks to God?
my fingernails.
                                                                       In this season of springtime gardening, I have found this
Of course, what really draws me into my gardens is my
                                                                       prayer by Richard Foster meaningful, and so I share it
eagerness to see what new bit of life I will see pushing
                                                                       with you, with my prayer for a growth-filled spring:
up through the dark earth. It all begins with the snow
drops, then the spring aconites, then the daffodils and
                                                                       Spirit of the living God, be the gardener of my soul.
tulips and hyacinths, and soon the irises. It always
                                                                       For so long I have been waiting, silent and still—
amazes me to see this new life emerge from the ground,
                                                                       experiencing a winter of the soul.
on its own, without my effort. All I do is stand by and
                                                                       But now, in the strong name of Jesus Christ, I dare to ask:
take in the beauty and wonder.
                                                                                 Clear the dead growth of the past,
                                                                                 Break up the clods of custom and routine,
And I am reminded: I am not the creator of this new
                                                                                 Stir in the rich compost of vision and challenge,
life. God brings it forth, and it is a gift. My job is to
                                                                                 Bury deep in my soul the implanted Word,
simply prepare the soil to receive it: nourishing it with
                                                                                 Cultivate and water and tend my heart,
compost, pulling the weeds that can choke out life,
                                                                                 until new life buds and opens with flowers. Amen.
planting seeds and corms with a prayer for them to take
root and grow and spread beauty throughout the
garden, giving thanks for it all.
                                                                       (from Richard J. Foster, Prayers for the Heart, San
                                                                       Francisco: Harper San Francisco, 1994). This book can
As you can gather, this process of gardening is not only
                                                                       be found in the AMC library.
physical work for me; it is reflective time, prayerful
time, a time to hear God’s voice as I enjoy God’s creation
and allow it to speak into my life. I find myself
wondering: what new life is trying to push up through
the soil of my soul? What weeds threaten to choke it
out? How might God be calling me to nourish it?

                   AMC Profiles                                   read. Life was mostly work with little play. They lived
                                                                  in a very small house and were a close family. Kathy
~ In tribute to Kathy. This article was written
                                                                  has warm memories of family life on the prairie. When
   before she passed away. It is printed as                       she was 17, Kathy became ill with tuberculosis and spent
              originally written.~                                three months in a sanitarium with rest, fresh air and
                                                                  good food as her treatment. Because of her
                                                                  compromised health from TB as well as hepatitis, Kathy
                                                                  was no longer able to help on the farm. Her father
                                                                  found a used typewriter, and Kathy taught herself to
                                                                  Her typing skills, along with her German language were
                                                                  the qualifications that MCC was looking for in their
                                                                  Kitchener office. She was offered the job, and she
              John and Kathy Hostetler
                                                                  accepted. In this position, Kathy read and responded to
                                                                  letters from needy people in Germany whose lives had
Fifty years ago, in 1959, Kathy and John Hostetler had            been affected by WW II. These were thank you letters
defining moments that set the course for the rest of their        for MCC aid as well as requests for help. Her next job
lives. They responded to a call from MCC to come to               assignment brought her to the MCC office in Akron in
Akron, as well as an invitation to join a small group on          1953, where she administered the Trainee program.
Wednesday evenings. This group was exploring                      Kathy chuckles as she remembers that her job included
possibilities for the beginning of a community church in          sharpening pencils for Bill Snyder! Soon her valuable
Akron. John and Kathy, as newcomers, felt that being a            skills were needed on the European front, where she
part of the church venture was a gift. They were active           worked at the other side of the Trainee program in the
from the start, offering their gifts as an integral part of       Frankfurt office. Here she witnessed first hand what she
the beginning of Akron Mennonite Church. Kathy was                had been working with in the assignments back in
secretary to the first minister Kermit Derstine. She had          Akron.
the distinction of being the first woman on the Advisory
Council of five members. Later John was a member of               Kathy shares a unique history of her friendship with a
the Pastoral Team. Their two sons, Richard and Robert             woman in Germany who wrote to her when she was in
were born in the first two years after they arrived in            the Kitchener office, and who met her when Kathy
Akron.                                                            transferred to Frankfurt. Their friendship blossomed in
                                                                  Kathy’s years there and they still are in touch, more than
John and Kathy highlight many outstanding                         60 years later.
characteristics of church life that they appreciate. The
fellowship meals continue from the early years, even as           A young farm boy from West Liberty, Ohio was also
they have changed form. Kathy notes that each minister            assigned to the Frankfurt office. John Hostetler was
has brought individual skills to their roles among us,            born on July 29, 1925, into a warm, happy family, the
some with gifts of listening and personally walking               middle child with two sisters. He liked to help on the
among us, while others find their strength in preaching           farm. One memorable experience that John will always
and teaching. We need both, they agreed. John                     remember is the summer day in 1935 when he was
appreciates how our church has welcomed those on the              buried alive in the gravel pit! He considers his rescue as
fringes from other churches and invited them to be a              a second birthday and is very grateful for the remaining
part of us. He sees that our mission also includes                years of his long and wonderful life. John preferred
walking with those who are searching and accepting                sports in school. He sang in the high school choir.
them where they are. John also noted that while we                Life as John knew it, changed with the US involvement
accepted everyone, we kept our focus on the life and              in WW II. The draft was calling, and John signed up for
teachings of Jesus as our center. And while we helped             Civilian Public Service as an alternative to going to war.
our neighbors, we stayed a global church, thanks to the           He was assigned first to Sidling Hill Camp in
presence of MCC members among us.                                 Pennsylvania, then later to mental hospital work in New
Katherine Penner was born in the Ukraine on July 23,              Jersey. He and a good friend talked about college and
1924, the oldest of five children. When she was a mere            decided to go to Goshen for one year. He assumed he
toddler, her parents immigrated to the prairie of                 would go back to the farm and help his father.
Manitoba where they began farming, along with other               However, that wasn’t meant to be. John had so much
immigrants. They were all new to the community and                fun at Goshen that he stayed four years, leaving with a
spoke German, so they worked together. Kathy learned              degree in Business and History.
English in her one room school and taught her dad to

When John left college, his pastor encouraged him to                   Bel Canto will also sing at Weaverland Mennonite at
apply to MCC. John was assigned first to Basel and then             7 p.m. Saturday, May 9, Akron Mennonite at 9 a.m.
to Frankfurt where he was the comptroller of the                    Sunday May 10, and Lancaster Mennonite School chapel
European program. This included financial records,                  at 8:15 a..m. Monday May 11.
purchasing vehicles, distributing food and clothing and
helping with the PAX program.
                                                                    On Sunday, May 10, 2009, the Hesston College Bel
Both John and Kathy remember the exact spot and time                Canto Singers will present selections from their concert
of their meeting at the MCC house. Fast forward to                  tour called God is Near. The choir, under the direction of
1957 and they were married at the Frankfurt office, one             Bradley Kauffman and accompanied by Ken Rodgers,
and a half years after they met. A co-resident in their             consists of twenty-one students selected by audition.
house officiated at their marriage. Kathy’s dress was
                                                                    Bradley Kauffman is completing his second year on the
made by another MCC worker. The MCC staff was their
                                                                    Hesston College’s music faculty where he chairs the
surrogate family. They continued living in the house
until they left for home in 1958. They settled in Goshen            music department and directs the instrumental program.
where John taught business and history at Bethany High              Prior employment included director of Instrumental
School. Kathy worked part-time for H. S. Bender in the              Music at Bethany Christian Schools, Goshen, Ind. and
seminary office.                                                    director of Choral and Instrumental Music at Iowa
                                                                    Mennonite School, Kalona, Ind. Kauffman holds an M.A.
The next year they received a call from William T.
                                                                    in Choral Conducting from the University of Iowa.
Snyder to come to Akron as the Material Aid Director.
In this capacity John worked with churches who
contributed school kits, blankets, clothing, health kits
and numerous supplies that were needed for MCC to
ship abroad. John was responsible for the procuring and
shipping of these materials. In 2004 he was honored
with the distinction of being the first person to give 50                          PREACHING PEACE
years of his life with MCC. A blooming pear tree grows                                MAY 2, 2009
at the Material Resource Center to mark this recognition.                      AKRON MENNONITE CHURCH
John may have officially retired, but he continues with
his volunteer work at Booksavers and the Re-Uzit                    Preaching peace will present a special FREE one day
Furniture Store, where he also serves on the Board. John            seminar, Romancing the Resurrection, from 10:00am-
was instrumental in the formation of these enterprises.             4:00pm. Feature speaker is Tony Bartlett and lunch will
Both Kathy and John reflect on how their lives have been            be provided, an offering will be received. We’ll see how
enriched by their 16 years of volunteer work in the                 those aspects of Jesus’ life and teachings where peace
prison ministry as well as all of their volunteer service           and nonviolence have permeated our modern culture
over the years. Kathy currently volunteers at MRC and               and changed Western civilization. Contemporary films
John volunteers at the Ephrata Hospital.                            and events will be explored to demonstrate the power of
                                          ~ Priscilla Ziegler       the gospel to transform our world.

                                                                    Tony Bartlett, an engaging speaker and former Roman
                                                                    Catholic priest leads the community Wood Hath Hope.
                          ♫♫♫♫                                      He holds the PhD from Syracuse University where his
   The Bel Canto Singers of Hesston College, along with             dissertation was on the death of Jesus and its effects on
special guest artist and professional baritone Tony                 modern thought. He has taught at the Bexley Hall
Brown, will perform a concert of fine music at James                Divinity School and Colgate Rochester Theological
Street Mennonite Church, 323 W. James Street,                       Seminary. He lives in Syracuse, NY with his wife Linda
Lancaster, at 6 p.m. Sunday, May 10. Brown, a world-                and their three children.
renowned performer and peace ambassador, is a
promoter of peace and goodwill around the world. The
reception following will feature history writer John
Sharp sharing Hesston Centennial stories and Bel Canto
on the lighter side. Alumni and friends are invited to
this Hesston College special event in Lancaster

            CHILDREN’S CORNER                                                DSECC NEWS
                                                                               By June Hershberger
                   Mary Jane Crockett

           NURSERY TO GRADE 5

May 3      Share-A-Life Event: 11:45AM-2:00PM –              April 20-25 was the Week of the Young Child! The
            nature hike; bring a packed lunch                purpose of celebrating the Week of the Young Child is to
May 17-20 VBS Market Place meeting @ 7PM room 222            focus attention on the needs of young children and their
May 24      No Christian Education classes                   families and to recognize early childhood providers. The
June 7      Regular classes
                                                             theme across the country this year was “Bringing
June 14     Begin Combined Summer Classes
                                                             Communities Together for Children.”
July 26-29 MARKETPLACE 29 A.D. – Vacation Bible
            School                                           At Diamond Street we celebrated with our Friendship
                                                             Concert on Tuesday night, April 21. Every class, from
                                                             the one-year-olds to the kindergarteners, performed a
                                                             song in English and in Spanish. At the end, all children
                                                             joined together to sing “Peace Like a River,” led by Ms.
                                                             Pat Martin. The concert is the event of the year and the
                                                             children are totally adorable singing in the front of the
OFFERINGS:                                                   sanctuary. Parents hover as close by as possible with
Thank you children and adults for your offerings for         cameras in hand to catch the moment.
MCC Penny Power 2009 “Healthy families around the
world”. Total $730.00                                        The night of the concert, we also had a Book Fair where
                                                             parents could buy inexpensive books for their children.
                                                             What better way to celebrate this week than by reading a
     Become part of Marketplace 29 A. D. on                  book together! A third way that we focused on children
                 July 26-29!                                 was by displaying their art work at the Art Show that
                                                             same evening. The children had been preparing art-
Still needed:
                                                             work for weeks. The theme was “Museum of Famous
  1. Shopkeepers for the spice shop, stone cutter,
                                                             Artists” and some of the pieces were for sale!
  carpenter shop, weaver, and musical instrument shop
  2. Bible memory organizer                                  Diamond Street Early Childhood Center, with the
  3. Someone to print out certificates and necessary         support of AMC, is one of the links that is bringing our
  forms                                                      community together for the sake of our children.
  4. Coordinator of the preschoolers                         Forest Hills Mennonite Church, 100 Quarry Road, Leola,
  5. Snack person                                            is hosting Cellar Door in concert on Saturday, May 9, at
  6. Publicity/promotional ideas person                      7 p.m. Cellar Door is an ensemble of six accomplished
  7. Sewing (costumes, pouches, kippas)                      and acclaimed high school and college musicians who
  8. Grounds set up and contact person                       bring a new energy and excitement to classical music.
  9. Tribal leaders                                          Their program will include works by Shostakovich and
  10. Photographer                                           Mozart, as well as some original compositions from
                                                             within the group. A freewill offering will be received.
  Contact Lynne Brubaker: 859-2585 or email:                 For more information call the church office at 717-656-
  brubaker.jl@gmail.com, Emily Hartzler or Sally Wise.       6227.

 What's Happening in the Hospitality Class?                                                              Created to Praise

On a typical Sunday up to 12 women crowd into Dawn's
office space during the adult Discipleship Hour. The first                            Created to Praise is a Summer Day Camp that is a
order of business is catching up with each other after                                special time of using and developing our God-given
another busy week. But not for long; as we are                                        talents. This year's camp will be held from August 3-7,
captivated by the book we are currently studying                                      at Neffsville Mennonite Church. Classes will meet from
entitled “The Way is Made by Walking” by Arthur Paul                                  8:45 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. each day. Students who will be
Boers. Boers’ tells of his pilgrimage along the Camino de                             entering grades 4 through 9 in the fall of 2009 are invited
Santiago, a 500 mile walk, in such an interesting,                                    to participate.
transparent manner that we are quickly drawn into
making practical applications to our own lives. Boers’                                The tuition is $130 for the first family member. The cost
lessons learned on the Camino bears amazing likeness to                               is $100 for each additional family member. Tuition
our emotional, physical and spiritual challenges. So it                               assistance is available.
was that some weeks prior to Easter the idea came to the
group to join in our own pilgrimage and during the six                                For more information see Patricia Martin for a brochure
weeks of Lent to walk 500 miles. By Easter altogether                                 or Neffsville Mennonite Church online site
698.4 miles were logged by members of the Hospitality                                 (www.neffmc.org).
class. It was a truly meaningful experience for those who                             *******************************************************************************
participated.                                                                                NEW DISCIPLESHIP HOUR CLASS
Some of the themes so far that have caught special
attention have centered on simplicity, prayer and
hospitality. With six chapters remaining, who can guess
the lessons still to be learned by these pilgrims on life's
                                 ~Helen Peifer, class participant
*******************************************************************************       All food has a story that comes to us through a “food
                REAL ESTATE AUCTION                                                   chain” of people and places. Our abundant food supply
                                                                                      is both a blessing and a curse. What is “enough” for
                                                                                      you? What are “slow foods” and how can they help us
                                                                                      savor God’s gift of nourishment? Is the lowest priced
                                                                                      food the best way to be good stewards of our money?
                                                                                      What are the stories behind our food production before
                                                                                      it reaches the dinner table? How does the Bible depict
                                                                                      food- both eating and growing it? Fair trade is more
                                                                                      than tea and coffee. Do you know what the term
                                                                                      “sustainable agriculture” means? What is all the fuss
Bernice Valverde will be selling her real estate (only) property                      about organic farming? How can Akron Mennonite
on June 11 at 4PM by auctioneers Good, Kline, Kreider.                                Church be an advocate for healthy eating?
 Bernice has lived at 1585 Reading Road, Mohnton for 36
years and on May 16 will be moving to a duplex at 47 Peaceful                         All of these questions (and more!) will be explored and
Lane, Ephrata. All are welcome to come to the auction and                             discussed in an adult Discipleship hour class co-
support Bernice at this exciting time in her life.                                    convened by Christina and Patricia Martin. Classes will

begin Sunday, May 10 in room 121&123. The text for                 and another couple T.K. and Mae Hershey. Through
the class is the Simply in Season cookbook. Bring your             this groups mission work, the first Mennonite Church in
own copy or purchase one when you attend the class.                Argentina was built in the town of Pehuajó in 1919.
                                                                   Now this pioneering mission vision is continuing today
You are welcomed to this journey of joy-filled and
                                                                   through the mission outreach called VEMZO, with
meaningful eating. Come participate in the class as we
                                                                   which four Atlantic Coast Conference churches (Akron,
connect food and faith, and emphasize the value of
                                                                   Forest Hills, Neffsville and Ridgeview) have been
eating local, seasonal foods. Feel free to contact Christina
                                                                   partnering since 2002 in collaboration with Mennonite
or Patricia with any questions (717-581-0572).
                                                                   Mission Network. Today there is an exciting mission
                                                                   outreach project happening in which we have the
            "STOP THE MADNESS"                                     opportunity to participate through this partnership.
         A WALK AGAINST VIOLENCE                                   Sergio Curto (pictured above making pastelitos) is the
                                                                   current pastor of the Mennonite Church in the town of
              SATURDAY, MAY 2, 2009                                Carlos Casares, which was the fourth Mennonite church
                10:00 – 12:00 NOON                                 established in Argentina. He has a vision of continuing
                                                                   VEMZO’s mission of reaching outside of their towns to
       PRE-REGISTRATION PREFERRED                                  evangelize and plant new churches in the provinces of
       CALL FOR A REGISTRATION FORM                                Córdoba, San Luis and Mendoza. A model that has
                                                                   worked in Argentina has been sending missionary
          THE TRAIL BLAZE BEGINS AT                                families to live and work in towns as they establish them
            IN THE LIGHT MINISTRIES                                and begin about a year ago, he shared this vision with
        415 S. SHIPPEN ST., LANCASTER,                             his church and instead of waiting for pledges of support
                 PENNSYLVANIA                                      from the Argentina Mennonite Church or churches in
                                                                   North America, they began praying and committed to
      WE WILL CONCLUDE AT BINN’S PARK                              the project by starting to raise money to fund it. They
                                                                   made large quantities of pastelitos criollos, a traditional
         TAKE A WALK WITH US                                       Argentine pastry, and sold them in their church and it
 FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 717-293-9287                            the town in order to fund their first mission trip.
                                                                   The goal is to establish contacts and relationships with
                                                                   people who live in these places so that they can begin
                                                                   friendship evangelism and then eventually begin a
              VEMZO Partnership                                    church fellowship, possibly led by missionary families
                                                                   sent out from an established church. This is a model
                                                                   that has worked in other parts of Argentina and includes
                                                                   regular pastoral visits to these places. They planned out
                                                                   a route where they had some contacts and in August of
                                                                   2008, Sergio and another man from the church, Juan
                                                                   Molina, set out on their first trip, which lasted 8 days. In
                                                                   one town they visited, Vicuña Mackenna, there are
                                                                   14,000 inhabitants and very few established churches.
                                                                   These are prime areas for mission and at least one
                                                                   person accepted Jesus on this first trip.
                                                                   There have been several trips since, and the fruits of
                                                                   their labor are already being realized. In the city of Villa
                                                                   Mercedes, San Luis, a group of three families and four
                                                                   youth began meetings almost every day to share,
                                                                   worship, pray and study the Bible. Some members of
                                                                   this group used to live in the town of Chacharramendi,
                                                                   where we (David & Starla) visited regularly when we
                                                                   lived in Santa Rosa. Recently a missionary family,
The vision began over a hundred years ago when a
                                                                   Rubén and María Nuñez and their children, have moved
group of Mennonites gathered in Elkhart, Indiana in
                                                                   to the town and are renting an apartment and
1901 to discuss beginning a mission outreach in South
                                                                   supporting themselves and their ministry by making
America. Eventually, exploratory trips by J.W. Shank
                                                                   and selling pastries. They are already holding Bible
led him to Argentina in 1917 along with his wife Emma
                                                                   studies and a children’s Sunday school there as they
witness to their neighbors. The church is also in the                                      TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES NEWS
process of buying some land with a large shed that
could be used as a meeting place until they can build a                               Live Music in the Café
house and eventually a church building.                                               Friday, May 1, 6:30–8:30 p.m.
                                                                                      Lively Renaissance music with recorder ensemble
The VEMZO committee in Argentina and the Argentine
Mennonite Mission Network (the mission committee of                                   Akronymns in the Café at Ten Thousand Villages, 240
the national church) have also officially approved this                               North Reading Road (Rt 272) in Ephrata. Free. Call (717)
project, which will help with funding. Our churches                                   721-8400.
involved in the VEMZO partnership also have the                                       Live Music in the Café
unique opportunity to support this exciting mission
                                                                                      Friday, May 8, 6:30–8:30 p.m.
work through our financial contributions and
                                                                                      Original and traditional American music, old timey,
relationships with our friends there. I hope all of you
will take this as a challenge to remain or become                                     bluegrass, folk and blues with The Craven Family Band
involved in this work. ~ David Moyer                                                  in the Café at Ten Thousand Villages, 240 North Reading
                                                                                      Road (Rt 272) in Ephrata. Free. Call (717) 721-8400.
NOTE: Dates for the VEMZO visit are now                                               Celebrate World Fair Trade Day
confirmed! The group will arrive on Saturday,                                         Saturday, May 9, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
October 3, and depart on Monday, October 12,                                          Participate in "One Big Bang" a 24-hour drumming-
2009.                                                                                 around-the-world event to raise awareness of the
                                                                                      benefits fair trade has for tens of thousands of artisans
*******************************************************************************       around the world. Free mini drum classes at 11:30, 1:30
                                                                                      and 3:30 for all ages, no experience required. Free
        Mennonite Historical Society Sponsors                                         African 'drum pencil' with purchase. 240 North Reading
          “Writing Amish Family Stories”                                              Road (Rt 272) in Ephrata. Call (717) 721-8400.
                                                                                      Live Music in the Café
                                                                                      Friday, May 15, 6:30–8:30 p.m.
                                                                                      Acoustic music with singer/songwriter Tom Post, Jr. in
                                                                                      the Café at Ten Thousand Villages, 240 North Reading
                                                                                      Road (Rt 272) in Ephrata. Free. Call (717) 721-8400.
Join us Saturday evening, May 9, for a program                                        Live Music in the Café
and banquet at Weaver’s Restaurant in Adamstown,                                      Friday, May 22, 6:30–8:30 p.m.
PA. Ervin Stutzman, Eastern Mennonite Seminary                                        St. Narcissus in the Café at Ten Thousand Villages, 240
dean and author of two books about his Amish                                          North Reading Road (Rt 272) in Ephrata. Free. Call (717)
parents, will speak, along with Amish writer, Linda                                   721-8400.
Byler. Hugely popular within the Amish
                                                                                      Sixteenth Annual International Children's Festival
community for nine books of historical fiction,
                                                                                      Saturday, May 30, 10 a.m.–3 p.m.
Byler has just been offered a national book
                                                                                      Children of all ages will enjoy activities, crafts, games,
contract. Both Byler and Stutzman will speak about
                                                                                      live international music and international foods at this
the pleasure and challenge of writing Amish family
                                                                                      annual celebration of children around the world. Some
stories. The evening will include special music by
                                                                                      of the crafts and activities have a small fee, but there are
the Lancaster Harmony men’s quartet and a feast of
                                                                                      many things to enjoy without cost.
traditional Lancaster County home cooking.
                                                                                      The festival runs rain or shine. 240 N. Reading Road (Rt
Weavers is located on Route 272 north of Ephrata
                                                                                      272) in Ephrata. Call (717) 721-8400.
(www.weavermarkets.com).           Tickets      and
registration are $16 from the Society at (717) 393-                                   Ten Thousand Villages is a non-profit retail store dedicated to
9745. All are welcome.                                                                providing vital, fair income to artisans in developing countries
                                                                                      by selling their crafts and telling their stories in North
                                                                                      America. Ten Thousand Villages is a program of Mennonite
                                                                                      Central Committee, the relief, service and peace agency of the
                                                                                      North American Mennonite and Brethren in Christ Churches.

      Fairmount Homes to Host                                     May 10      Hesston College Bel Canto singers @ 9:00am
      Health Screen with Quest                                                worship service
             Diagnostics                                          May 12      Congregational Council meeting @ 7pm
Fairmount Homes is hosting a Health Screen by Quest               May 14      AMC Financial Taskforce meeting @ 7pm, room 222
Diagnostics, open to anyone in the community, to be               May 17      AMC Financial Taskforce meeting @ 5:30pm, room
held in the Farm Crest Community Room on May 14,                              222
2009, from 6-9 a.m. The Health Screen covers 30 tests             May 17      High School Senior recognition luncheon @ Joyce &
that can detect anemia, coronary risks, diabetes, gout,                       Rick Haller’s
liver and kidney disease, to name a few. A lifestyle              May 17      Movie night @ 6:30pm, Assembly Room
evaluation is also included. Test results are strictly            May 24      No Jr. Christian Education/Discipleship Hour
confidential and mailed directly to your home.                                classes

The cost of the testing is $50. Testing for thyroid (TSH)
or prostate screening (PSA) will be available for an
additional fee of $20 each. Payment by cash or check is            AMC Newsletter is printed monthly & distribution the last Sunday of
due on the day of the Health Screen.                              the month. Give submissions to church office by the previous Monday.
                                                                                          Editor: Janet Weber
For more information or to register for an appointment,                                    
please contact Ferne Motto at 354.1895. The registration               Jim S. Amstutz, Co-Pastor; Dawn Yoder Harms, Co-Pastor
deadline is May 6, 2009. Directions may be found on                        Church office 717-859-1488: amc@akronmench.org
the web at www.fairmounthomes.org.                                                      www.akronmench.org

Fairmount Homes is a nonprofit continuing care
retirement community located near Ephrata. The mailing
address is 333 Wheat Ridge Drive, Ephrata, PA 17522.

Myron & Geraldine Ebersole – Woodcrest Villa, Apt. B405,
2001 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601 – Phone: 735-

Barbara Mitchell – 1961 Glendower Drive, Lancaster, PA
17601; phone – 201-7904; email: mitchell50@comcast.net

Lauren Dixon – 445 South 9th Street, Akron, PA 17501;
phone – 859-5499; email: laurendixon36@yahoo.com

          LOOKING AHEAD 
May 3-17 Grocery Bag Drive for Ephrata Area Social Services
May 3     MYF Sunday
May 3     Fellowship Meal
May 3     Share-A-Life nature hike, 11:45am-2:00pm
          Bring a packed lunch
May 3     Murder Victims Family members speaking: Bess
          Klassen-Landis & Walter Everett @ 7pm
May 5     Women’s Bible study @ Marlene Kaufman’s home,
May 7     Men’s breakfast, Udder Choice @ 7am, presenter is
          Hershey Leaman


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