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					Dear Sir / Madame, Apurba Das

We want to inform you that the 1st International Photo Focus 2011 was a great success. The organizing
committee counted 3750 arrived photos from 540 authors from 61 country. All photos are fabulous with
special cultural characteristics that makes our photo contest step up to a higher level of artistic quality.
We very much appreciate all photographers.

The judging of 1st International Photo Focus 2011 is now finished. Following are the results for your
photographs in the OPEN section:
    Photo No. 1 : Carrier =====> Points: 16
    Photo No. 2 : Evening Desert =====> Points: 17
    Photo No. 3 : Golden Land =====> Points: 22
    Photo No. 4 : Well Wisher =====> Points: 13
Minimum points for acceptance in OPEN Section: 17 points. Detailed information about all awarded and
accepted authors and their photographs, you can find on our web site: http://kozjak50.com/news/

Following are the information that will be entered in the printed and digital catalog and they will be used
to send you the catalog from 1st International Photo Focus 2011:
     Surname: Das
     Name: Apurba
     Adress: 81/7,South Baksara Road,P.O.Baksara
     Zip: 711 110
     City: Howrah, West Bengal
     Country: India
If there is need for correction in the above information please reply us as soon as possible on this email
address: fkk_kozjak@yahoo.com

Congratulation to the winners and we hope to see you at the opening night of 1st International Photo
Focus 2011, on 8th July 2011 at 20.00 o'clock at the Center of culture 'Trajko Prokopiev' in Kumanovo.

Best Regards
Jovanovski Vladimir

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