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									                           Dolphin Times

                                              January 2012

Christmas Disco 2011
Our Christmas Disco was held at Trafford Social Club and was well attended. Everyone enjoyed
some great food, games and prizes, disco dancing and even a visit from Santa.
The first Annual Margaret Turnbull Awards were presented to the boy and girl who had
demonstrated, throughout the previous year, a winning combination of positive attitude, commitment,
good behaviour, attendance and consistency in striving for self-improvement. Congratulations
therefore to Jenny Levenston and Mark Ashton for their achievements– thoroughly well deserved.

Swimming at the Manchester Aquatic Centre (MAC)
Rob would like to remind all swimmers and parents that Stretford ASC also runs sessions at the
MAC. They are held on Mondays and Wednesdays between 6-30 and 8-00pm. These sessions are
open to all swimmers, but if you have not been before please have a word with Rob first.
Great win for Stretford
Arena National Swimming League North West 2011
In the third round of this year's competition third-seeded Stretford stormed to victory against some
stiff opposition at Horwich on Saturday 10th December.
Great swimming by all the team gave us an early lead and at the halfway mark we were eight points
ahead of second-placed Lancaster. It was very close in the final stages but Stretford swimmers
maintained their focus to take first place in the final gala of the year. Chief coach Rob was delighted
with the result and congratulated the swimmers on a fine performance.


Final positions and points:
Stretford 217
Lancaster 210
Wigan 180
Clitheroe 161
Bury and Elton 155
Chadderton 117

The Team

You are the Team. If you are selected to represent the Club in any competition it is up to YOU to turn

You are the Team. Without YOU the Team does not exist.

You are the Team. During the past few weeks I have received some truly petty excuses for not

You are the Team. If YOU are selected to swim it is because we have decided YOU are the best
person to represent the Team at that stroke.

If YOU decide not to swim YOU reduce the strength of the whole team giving your friends and the
Club less chance to be competitive and successful.

You are the Team. I realise that YOU cannot always swim but I would ask YOU to consider carefully
before refusing. If there is some reason why you do not wish to swim in competitions please let
Sharon or myself know and we will not select you in the first place.


Record breaking Club Championships
The Annual Club Championships took place over the last weekend in November and were a great
70 swimmers entered this year, and achieved a magnificent 241 PBs. There were many great swims
and some very hard fought races and we congratulate all our swimmers for their achievements.
All the results are on the website including the 2011 Roll of Honour and updated PB list.

Jared Armstrong won the 10/11 years Achievement Award for his tremendous efforts in a total of 14

Special congratulation are also due to 3 swimmers for setting 4 new club records: Jude Odumoso for
the 8/9 year boys 50m freestyle, Georgia Plant for the 14/U girls 400m freestyle, and Sam McCall for
both the 14/U boys 200m freestyle and the 14/U boys 400m freestyle.

Before the excitement of the Ladies and Gents Open 50m freestyle races on the final night we had
the Dads race and the Mums race, complete with fancy dress. These are a mixture of fun and
competition and we salute those who took part!

This year we had special guests presenting the awards on the Saturday and Sunday: Pat Ainsworth,
our former President and teacher for many years at the club, and Ray Stratford who also taught at
the club for many years. It was good to see them return to the club and present their own named
trophies to our new generation of swimmers.

We thank all the volunteers without whom these events would not be possible; referees, starters,
judges, timekeepers, recorders, marshalls, announcers, those who manned the door each night and
all who helped in any way.
Heather Gourlay, in her final year as pointscore and championship gala organiser, ensured things
ran smoothly and we thank her for all her hard work over the last few years.

Steve Pope again took some great photographs and photo CDs are on sale for £3.50 at the Club
desk at Stretford - all proceeds to club funds.

Rossall Swim Camp
The Annual Stretford Swim Camp will take place at Rossall this year from Monday 9th - 13th April.
The list of invited swimmers is currently being drawn up and invitations will be sent out soon. It is
expected that there will be places for approximately 45 swimmers and the cost per swimmer will be
£175-00. The actual cost is somewhat higher but a subsidy of 25% has been provided by the club.
New partnership with the Trust
Stretford ASC has formally agreed to work in partnership with Trafford Leisure Trust, a deal which
should help the transition for swimmers between Trafford’s Swim Well lessons and the Club and
between the Club and the Swim Trafford swimming squad.

The Trust has agreed to support us with publicity and there will be a board going up in the leisure
centre reception soon – all part of the Trust’s push to raise the profile of all the swimming clubs in
Trafford and aquatics sports in general.

The deal, which took effect from September, means we agree to work in partnership with Trafford
Leisure Trust along with the other three Trafford clubs - Altrincham, Trafford Mets and Flixton.

As part of the deal, the Club has agreed to share its pool time for     part of the Tuesday and Friday
sessions. This means the Trust will run lessons while Stretford         ASC swim. This should allow
swimmers taking part in Swim Well lessons to see what the Club          does, become familiar with our
coaches and encourage them to join the club when they                   have achieved stage seven.

In return, the Trust has agreed to help us with marketing the Club. There will be a board in the
reception area for the Club's use along with one of the boards we currently use by the changing
rooms. The Trust is also going to help us produce a leaflet advertising the club to potential

Plans are currently being drawn to replace the seating in the spectators’ gallery and to review the
lighting for the pool. We have received a grant for some money towards replacing the diving blocks
and the Trust is trying to identify some extra funds to allow this to happen.

But the partnership arrangement also means that the pool hire rates for the next three years have
been set – and they represent a significant increase in pool-hire cost.

These extra costs will be real challenge for the Club to meet, so we need to bring in more money to
keep the club financially viable.

This can only be done either by increasing the price of sessions or by attracting new members.

Clearly, we would prefer to address this shortfall by increasing our numbers and we are looking for
ways to do this. But there is a real possibility that we will have to increase rates for sessions as well.

This will only be done if there are no other options and we will keep you informed.

In the meantime, we are appealing to all swimmers and their families to think of ways of increasing
membership - any ideas will be very much appreciated!

We may also be asking for leaflets to be distributed at schools - volunteers for leafleting welcome.

GALAS:      Parents or adults, we are always looking for more poolside staff, so if you
are interested in helping those who already volunteer to help run these Galas please
contact any member of the Club committee.
Starts and Turns
I didn’t attend the Arena National Swim League Gala at Leigh. Sharon attended as Lead Coach and
she informed me that you all swam well and attained a good result. Sharon also felt we could have
had a better result but for some poor starts and turns.

How many times in training do I say make the next start or the next turn the best one you have ever

If you never practise to make the start or turn perfect in training you will never achieve perfection in
competition when you are nervous and under stress. Remember it is no good practising doing it
wrong, and most of the time it is easier to do it correctly – only perfect practice makes

Starts: Not too deep, about 30cm underwater, streamlined, dive out not down. Head down as you
enter the water with ears between your arms - underwater kicking as you start to slow down, breath
control as you surface. Think what you are doing. Don’t just do what you have always done or you
will be just as good as you have always been.


Annual Membership Fees.
The annual membership fees are due for renewal in March and letters will be sent to all members
in February. Early payment will be appreciated.

Doug Francis Fund
Stretford Swimming Club has a small fund which can offer some help to members of the club in
case of financial difficulties. The fund can be used to support a member’s progress in swimming or
water polo. Examples of awards made by the fund trustees include help with costs of swimming
fees, membership fees, open gala entry fees and training camp fees. Should anyone wish to
apply, please contact the Treasurer, Margaret Wells (e-mail or
hand in a letter at the club desk). All applications are treated in strictest confidence

Stretford ASC Annual General Meeting
Stretford ASC AGM will take place on March 13th at 7-00pm at Stretford Leisure Centre. The AGM
is open to club members over 18 and all parents are welcome.
Stretford ASC has signed up for free fundraising to
help support the ongoing success of the club.

Help raise money – FOR FREE!

All you need to do is use the link when shopping
online; you still get the same or sometimes even
better deals available and the club receives
rewards each time you make a purchase.

Register your support at

 Club website
 If you haven’t already, please visit the Stretford website at
 Important club information can be found such as dates for Pointscore, inter-club galas and social events.
 Swimmers’ personal best times (PBs) are also available, invaluable for tracking progress and for use in
 submitting applications for open galas. Work is also continuing on the new club website – watch out for

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