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					ACF Nationals 1998
Questions by Wichita State University


1. He was George McClellan's running mate in the 1864 presidential
election, and his advocacy of paying government bonds in greenbacks
narrowly cost him the 1868 Democratic nomination. After losing a
race for Governor of Ohio, he entered the Senate in 1879, but he
was driven from office after one term because of hostility to the
1883 Act that bears his name. FTP, identify this Senator who
sponsored the creation of a nonpartisan civil service.
Answer: George Hunt _Pendleton_

2. It comes in five types: the formula of the Kingdom of Ends, the
formula of autonomy, the formula of the end-in-itself, the formula
of natural law, and the formula of universal law, which is often
paraphrased as, "act only according to those principles that you
would want everybody else to act by." FTP, give this term for a
moral command that is always binding on all people, which was
introduced in the _Critique of Pure Reason_ by Immanuel Kant.
answer: _categorical imperative_

3. This joint project was agreed to by the European Space Agency
and NASA in 1977. Originally there were to be two probes, but
budgetary problems reduced it to just one, to be built in Europe
and launched by the U.S. Delayed four years by the Challenger
disaster, it was finally launched in 1990, using Jupiter's gravity
to break out of the plane of the ecliptic. FTP, name this probe
sent to study the polar regions of the sun, named for a Greek hero.
answer: _Ulysses_

4. He caused an international incident when he refused to meet with
Theodore Roosevelt after the latter gave a lecture at a Methodist
church in Rome, and he alienated many liberals with his Lamentabili
decree, which denounced modernism as a "synthesis of all heresies."
But he was better remembered as an advocate of world peace, who
died just days after his efforts to prevent World War I ended in
failure. FTP, name this last canonized Pope.
answer: St. _Pius X_

5. In the 1850s, this role was popularized on the London stage by
Ira Aldridge, who is thought to be the world's first black
Shakespearean actor. The earliest and most vicious of
Shakespeare's "Machiavel" characters, when asked if he repents his
heinous deeds, he answers that his only regret is that he "did not
do a thousand more." FTP, name this Moorish villain from _Titus
Andronicus_, who shares his name with the brother of Moses.
answer: _Aaron_

6. It was the first disease for which an organism was isolated as the
causative agent, a discovery made by C. J. Davaine in 1863. In
humans, it appears in both internal and external forms, and is
spread by the handling of animal carcasses and the waste products
thereof. FTP, name this highly fatal disease which can be
prevented with a vaccine developed by Louis Pasteur, a prominent
member of Saddam Hussein's arsenal of biological weapons.
answer: _Anthrax_

7. A staunch royalist, he refused to recognize the government of
Oliver Cromwell and had to be deposed by a military expedition sent
by the Puritans in 1652. Reappointed governor of Virginia after
the restoration, his moderate policy towards Native Americans led
to more trouble in 1675, when a group of western farmers took up
arms against him. FTP, name this target of Bacon's Rebellion, who
shares his name with a college town in California.
answer: William _Berkeley_

8. This is the only one of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions that was
actually turned into a working model during his lifetime. A firing
mechanism for small guns, it is cocked by winding the namesake
metal device inside the trigger, locking it into place. FTP, name
this device that is named partly because of its appearance, similar
to a doorknob's mechanism, and partly because of the spinning metal
disk that creates the required spark.
answer: _wheellock_

9. He wakes up on the day of his thirtieth birthday, and notices
that the landlady's cook has failed to bring him breakfast. Next,
a man dressed as a tourist walks in, another stranger appears in
the next room reading a book, and the two men tell him that he is
under arrest, but that he is free to go to work. A year later he
is executed, without ever finding out what he had been charged
with. FTP, name this hero of Kafka's _The Trial_.
answer: _Josef K._

10. Overcome by awe upon meeting Richard Wagner, he bent down on
one knee, pressed the hand to his lips and said, "O master, I
worship you!" His third symphony shows some of this worship, as it
was dedicated to Wagner. A cathedral organist at Linz from
1856-68, his works include masses in D Minor, E Minor, and F Minor
as well as his great "Te Deum." FTP, name this Austrian composer of
nine complete symphonies, not counting his "Symphony Number Zero."
answer: Anton _Bruckner_

11. Proposed in 1964 as a means of disproving local hidden variable
theories, it can be studied using a photon emitter, two polarizers,
and two photon detectors. It is proven when the time between the
cause of an irreversible change in a propagating photon and its
detection is greater than the time the photon spends in transit
between the points of change and detection. FTP, what theorem
states that quantum reality cannot be expressed classically?
Answer: _Bell's_ Inequality Theorem

12. This painting was inspired by a Pierre Corneille tragedy,
although the scene that it depicts did not appear in the actual
play. The title characters, two of whom will not return home
alive, stand at far left, their right arms extended towards their
father, who holds three swords in the air. FTP, name this painting
about three brothers about to fight a duel with the Curiatii, an
early masterpiece of Jacques-Louis David.
answer: _The Oath of the Horatii_

13. The melody was written by a South Carolinian named William
Steffe, and its original lyrics went, "Say, brothers will you meet
us-- on Canaan's happy shore?" Later, soldiers changed the words
to "We'll hang Jeff Davis to a sour apple tree," and still later,
to "John Brown's body lies a-mouldering in the grave." FTP, name
this military anthem, for which a more famous set of lyrics was
written by Julia Ward Howe.
answer: The _Battle Hymn of the Republic_

14. It is now officially called Uluru, in honor of the name by
which it was known to the area's original inhabitants, who believed
that it supported the crossroads of heaven. Dyed red by oxidized
traces of iron, it stands 1,400 feet tall, while two-thirds of its
mass is believed to be buried underground. FTP, name this world's
largest monolith, located about 120 miles to the south of Alice
Springs, Australia.
answer: _Ayers Rock_

15. When her coal-mining husband Walter does not return home for
dinner, Elizabeth fears that his usual Saturday-night drinking
binge has become a twice-a-week event. After setting out to find
him, Elizabeth comes back home to find people gathered at her
house. Walter has died in a cave-in, and Elizabeth decides that
she is thankful to death for reflecting the truth about their
marriage in, FTP, what short story by D.H. Lawrence?
answer: The _Odour of Chrysanthemums_

16. The one passed in 1931 created the British Commonwealth. The
1290 one legalized the sale of land by removing the fiction that
the buyer remained a tenant of the seller. The 1275 one guaranteed
the right to trial by jury, but the most influential was
promulgated by Edward I in 1285 and set out the foundations of
English private law. FTP, give the common name of these statutes,
which are named for the traditional center of British politics.
answer: Statutes of _Westminster_

17. Her father, the inventor of a smokeless furnace, was committed
to a mental institution after his business went bankrupt. Except
for four years at Bryn Mawr, she spent her entire life living with
her mother, even after she had become internationally famous
following the publication of her _Observations_. FTP, name this
Brooklyn native and diehard Dodgers fan, the poet of "When I Buy
Pictures," "To a Steamroller," and "Poetry."
answer: Marianne _Moore_

18. Postulated by Rodney Barker, it states that academic and
artistic activities are measured by the amount of funding they
attract, rather than by the quality of their output. Academia is
thus very much like a certain automobile company, which attracted
a lot of funding for its plant in Northern Ireland but produced
very few cars. FTP, name this economic theory, which sounds like
it might have something to do with the movie "Back to the Future."
answer: _DeLorean_ theory

19. Organized by the praetorian prefect Faenius Rufus, it collapsed
after it was betrayed by a freedman and its figurehead leader
killed himself in a panic. Its actual goals were unclear: some of
the conspirators favored the restoration of the republic, while
others hoped to replace the emperor with his former tutor. FTP,
name this plot to overthrow Nero in A.D. 65, which led to the
forced suicides of the writers Lucan, Petronius, and Seneca.
answer: _Piso_'s Conspiracy

20. Its author originally planned to write a novel about the
Decembrist movement of the 1820s, but soon realized that he could
not explain the Decembrists without explaining the generation of
their parents. As a result, all that remains of its first draft is
a single character, the future revolutionary Nikolai Bolkonsky, who
appears as a child in its last chapter. FTP, identify this long
novel covering the years 1805 to 1813, written by Leo Tolstoy.
answer: _War and Peace_
21. It was passed in the wake of Senate hearings on corruption,
which exposed widespread collusion between dishonest employers and
union officials, the use of violence by labor organizers, and the
misuse of union dues. Its solution was to require detailed
financial reports from labor groups, and it banned convicts and
communists from becoming union officials. FTP, identify this 1959
legislation, the last major overhaul of the NLRA.
answer: _Landrum-Griffin_ Act or _Labor-Management Reporting and
Disclosure Act_ (LMRDA)

22. As minister of justice from 1955 to 1957 he worked to reform
the prison system, strengthening regulations forbidding corporal
punishment and improving food, hygiene, and sanitary conditions.
He was political secretary of the Christian Democratic party from
1959 to 1963, after which he became prime minister, a post he held
until 1978. FTP, identify this Italian Prime Minister kidnapped
and assassinated by the Red Brigade.
answer: Aldo _Moro_

23. On the night of his wedding to Angela Vicario, Bayardo San
Roman discovers that his bride is not a virgin and returns her to
her family. Angela is beaten by her mother and fingers Santiago
Nasar as "the perpetrator." Angela's twin brothers, both butchers,
notify the village of their plans to murder Santiago and the
narrator of this novel tries to piece together what happened in,
FTP, what 1982 Gabriel Garcia Marquez work?
answer: _Chronicle of a Death Foretold_

24. Among his buildings are the Hall of Residence at MIT and the
Maison Carre near Paris, which he furnished with his own bent
plywood furniture. His work is characterized by asymmetry, curved
walls, and extensive use of natural materials. FTP, identify this
architect, one of Finland's first Modernists, whose surname might
call to mind a feminine singing voice.
answer: Alvar _Aalto_

ACF Nationals 1998
Questions by Wichita State University

Bonus Questions
1. The 1966 "nonfiction novel" _In Cold Blood_ attempted to merge
literary and journalistic genres in its true-crime account of the
mass murder of a rural family.
1. For five, who wrote it?
answer: Truman _Capote_
2. For fifteen, name the surname of the real-life murder victims in
Capote's novel.
answer: _Clutter_
3. For ten, in what state did the events of _In Cold Blood_ take
answer: _Kansas_

2. For fifteen points each, identify these prima ballerinas.
1. An exhausting international touring schedule probably
contributed to the sudden death at age forty-nine of this woman,
who did much to popularize modern dance as prima ballerina of the
Russian Imperial Ballet from 1906 to 1913.
answer: Anna _Pavlova_
2. The longtime prima ballerina assoluta of London's Royal Ballet,
her performances in "Sleeping Beauty" and "The Firebird" are among
her most memorable, while her partnership after 1962 with Rudolf
Nureyev brought her renewed recognition.
answer: Dame Margot _Fonteyn_

3. For ten points each, identify these comets which, true to their
reputation, either were or are harbingers of doom.
1. The arrival of this comet in 1997 prompted a mass suicide among
Heaven's Gate cult members, who hoped to hitch a ride on the
spaceship in its tail.
answer: _Hale-Bopp_
2. Slightly more ominous is this comet, which has a one-in-ten
thousand chance of wiping out all life on earth in the year 2126.
answer: _Swift-Tuttle_
3. Billed as the "greatest fiery chariot of all time," this 1974
comet meant the public-relations doom for many astronomers, as it
turned out to be a barely-visible dud.
answer: _Kohoutek_ (ka-HOE-tek)

4. Identify these ancient civilizations:
1. 5 pts: Its greatest leaders were Sargon II and Sennacherib, who
conquered Babylon and Israel in the 8th-7th centuries BC.
answer: _Assyria_
2. 10 pts: a poem by Aleksandr Blok and a orchestral suite by
Sergei Prokofiev are named in honor of this Turkic tribe, which
successfully defended its homeland on the Russian steppe against
both the Persians and the Macedonians.
answer: _Scythia_
3. 15 pts: The first Roman contact with the Germans came when this
tribe invaded Gaul along with their Teuton allies in 105 BC. After
wreaking havoc on most of Western Europe, they were crushed by
Marius at the battle of Raudian Fields.
answer: The _Cimbri_

5. Identify the physicist, 30-20-10
1. Until 1779, he worked as a military engineer in Martinique.
Shortly after returning home, he published his _Theory of Simple
Machines_, a study of friction.
2. In 1777, he invented the torsion balance, which allowed him to
complete his research in electrical and magnetic attraction,
providing the determination of the inverse-square electrical
attraction law.
3. He is the namesake of the SI unit of electric charge.
Answer: Charles Augustin de _Coulomb_

6. Answer these questions about Pontiac's rebellion.
1. For five points, Pontiac's rebellion began just months after
what other North American conflict came to an end?
answer: _French and Indian_ War
2. For ten points, name the present-day city whose site was the
main objective of Pontiac's offensive.
answer: _Detroit_
3. For fifteen points, name the British general who defeated the
Indians at Bushy Run in August, 1763, effectively ending the war.
answer: Henry _Bouquet_ (bow-KAY)

7. For fifteen points each, identify these holidays other than
Christmas which end with "-mas."
1. Celebrated on September 29, it marks the beginning of the fourth
quarter of the year in England.
answer: _Michaelmas_
2. Observed on 2 February, it is derived from Roman and Jewish
ritual purification ceremonies.
answer: _Candlemas_

8. Pencils and paper ready! For five points each, identify the following people as
Dutch, a lensgrinder, both, or neither.
1. Baruch Spinoza
answer: both
2. Ernst Abbe
answer: lensgrinder (German physicist and manufacturer of
3. Fritz Zernike
answer: both (inventor of phase-contrast microscopy)
4. Ruud Lubbers
answer: Dutch (former Prime Minister of the Netherlands)
5. Andreas Vesalius
answer: neither (Belgian anatomist)
6. Christiaan Huygens
answer: both (worked in optics, designed improved telescopes)

9. Many of the characters in Melville's _Moby Dick_ come in groups
of three For five points each, identify:
1. The three savages who serve on the _Pequod_ as harpooners.
answer: _Queequeg_, _Tashtego_, _Daggoo_
2. The three mates of the _Pequod_.
answer: _Starbuck_, _Stubb_, _Flask_

10. Identify the economists on a 15-10 basis.
1. 15 pts: Born in Kharkov, his works include _National Product
Since 1869_, _Economic Growth of Nations_
10 pts: This Harvard economist lent his name to an economic cycle
that recurs every 16-22 years, and is credited with inventing the
concept of gross national product.
answer: Simon _Kuznets_
2. 15 pts: A professor at Virginia Tech and George Mason, his works
include _The Calculus of Consent_, and _Liberty, the Market, and
10 pts: This economist, who shares his name with a US President,
won a Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking work on public choice
answer: James _Buchanan_

11. Identify the country, 30-20-10.
1. Located off the coast of Tasmania, its capital is Mildendo.
2. Its traditional enemy is the nearby empire of Blefuscu, which it
conquered after the entire Blefuscu navy was captured by a visiting
English mariner.
3. This country of extremely tiny people was the first land visited
by Lemuel Gulliver.
answer: _Lilliput_

12. Identify these computer programming languages given the name of
their creator for ten points each, or for five points if you need
a second clue.
1. 10 pts: Jim Backus
5 pts: This language was among the first to use such concepts as
variables, separately compiled subroutines, and formatted
output. Updates of this language are distinguished by using the
two-digit representation of the year in which the standard was
answer: _FORTRAN_
2. 10 pts: Bjarne Stroustrup (be-YAR-nee STRAW-strup)
5 pts: This object-oriented offshoot of another language has become
the most widely used high-level language today. Among its key
features was the development of the class paradigm, in which
variables and functions can be combined in the same data
answer: _C + +_ (C plus plus)
3. 10 pts: John McCarthy
5 pts: Developed in 1959 and 1960, every expression of this
language is a list of calls to a function. It has been the
long-standing standard for Artificial Intelligence development.
answer: _LISP_

13. For fifteen points each, identify these wacky but brutal rebel
groups from recent African history.
1. Currently in control of much of northern Uganda, these Christian
fundamentalist rebels are known to shoot cyclists on sight, since
they claim that bicycles were invented by the devil.
answer: _Lord's Resistance Army_ (LRA)
2. This now-defunct military faction from Liberia's civil war was
best known for fighting in the nude, since its members believed
that doing so would make their skin bulletproof.
answer: The _Butt Naked_ Brigade

14. Many legitimate evolutionary theories have been perverted into
justifications for racial supremacism and genocide. Identify these people and works
who contributed to this abuse of science.
1. 5 pts: This book had the unfortunate subtitle of "The
Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life," which led
many to erroneously cite it in support of white supremacy.
answer: On the _Origin of Species_
2. 10 pts: Adding to the confusion over the real implications of
Darwin's work was this Englishman, who coined the term "Social
Darwinism" in his _Synthetic Philosophy_.
answer: Herbert _Spencer_
3. 15 pts: A generation before Darwin, this writer's _Essay on the
Inequality of the Human Races_ declared the superiority of Germanic
Aryans, a theory supposedly "proved" by _The Origin of
answer: Arthur de _Gobineau_

15. Given a region of Italy, name its capital:
1. 10 pts: Sardinia
answer: _Cagliari_
2. 5 pts: Piedmont
answer: _Turin_
3. 5 pts: Tuscany
answer: _Florence_
4. 10 pts: Emilia-Romagna
answer: _Bologna_

16. For ten points each, given the villain, name the Dickens novel.
1. Wackford Squeers
answer: _Nicholas Nickleby_
2. Uriah Heep
answer: _David Copperfield_
3. Bill Sykes
answer: _Oliver Twist_

17. Time now for another exciting round of Travels with Hercules.
For ten points each, name these places to which Herc had to journey
in order to carry out his twelve labors.
1. This valley was terrorized by a lion with impenetrable skin.
answer: _Nemea_ or _Nemean_ valley
2. By shouting loudly, Hercules was able to flush a monstrous boar
out of its lair on this mountain.
answer: Mount _Erymanthus_ or _Erymanthean_ mountain
3. This lake was plagued by a flock of man-eating birds with metal
answer: Lake _Stymphalus_ or _Stymphalean_ lake

18. For an unrelated-parts 30-20-10, identify these New Dealers.
1. 30 pts: An economist and political scientist, he was Assistant
Secretary and later Under Secretary of Agriculture, and helped draw
up the Agricultural Adjustment Act. Later he was appointed
chairman of the New York City planning commission, and in 1941 was
appointed governor of Puerto Rico.
answer: Rexford _Tugwell_
2. 20 pts: Roosevelt's closest personal confidant, he served as
federal emergency relief administrator, Secretary of Commerce, and
supervisor of the Lend-Lease program. During World War II, he was
frequently used as an emissary between FDR and Stalin.
3. 10 pts: In 1937, FDR appointed this Yale Law professor to
replace Joseph Kennedy as chairman of the SEC. In 1939, he was
appointed to the Supreme Court, where he remained for a record 35
answer: William O. _Douglas_

19. Identify the composer from works, 30-20-10.
1. Variations on "God Save the King;" "Wellington's Victory March."
2. The "Coriolan" Overture; the ballet "Creatures of Prometheus."
3. The opera "Fidelio."
answer: Ludwig van _Beethoven_
20. Answer these questions about James Fenimore Cooper's "Leatherstocking" novels.
1. For five points each part, name the hero of Cooper's saga, and
name his Native American sidekick.
answer: Natty _Bumppo_ and _Chingachgook_
2. For ten, Chingachgook dies in what novel, which was the first to
be written but is chronologically the second-to-last novel of the
answer: The _Pioneers_
3. For ten, in what novel does Natty Bumppo die?
answer: The _Prairie_

21. For fifteen points each, identify these 20th-century sculptors.
1. His classic, elemental sculptures reflect the philosophy of
minimal art. He is well known for his floor pieces such as "144
Pieces of Lead."
answer: Carl _Andre_
2. Associated with the cubists, he originated vibrant skeletal
constructions, and then transparent sculptures. During the 1930's
allegories of struggle preoccupied him, such as "The Rape of
answer: Jacques _Lipchitz_

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