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					Mee Lang Yang

Movie Notes:

Hopefully, these questions will help you take good notes that you will need when you write the report
on Friday.

Movie: Anti-trust

      What was the job of the main character? What was he good at?
       -The main character’s job is to write a new program for an adaptor for Synapse
       -He’s good at computer programming
      What was the name of the company that hired him? What was he doing before he got the job?
       -He worked with computer programming and planning to have his own company before he got
       the job.
      What did this company claim it could do for society? What type of technology was used to try
       to achieve their goals?
       The company claim to connect family globally through satellite.
      How was the company (and owner) getting what they needed to meet their goals (name some
       methods that were used)?
       -They steal data from people and kill them.
       -They killed Teddy, because he broke the code.
       -They spy on people.
      What really was the underlying goal of the company and was it legal or ethical?
       -The goal is to be the top computer company and to control the world and see everything
       people do. It is neither legal nor ethical, because they are invading people’s privacy and they
       killed people.
      What people did the main character have in his lives that were against him and what were some
       of the things they did?
       -His girlfriend is his enemy that Nurv hired to stay with him.
       -His Boss is his enemy who ordered to kill his friend Teddy
       -The guy from the Justice Department is working with Nurv
       -Lisa turns out to be with the Nurv
      Who were the people that helped the main character and what did they do to help him?
       -Lisa helped him, she help him figure out how to tell people about Nurv’s plan and finding some
       info that he needed
       -The security guy helped him by letting him get thorough him with the PC and his friend
       connects it to the satellite.
       -His friends help him with the television broadcast.
       -The police guy helps him by standing in the hall way doing nothing.
       -Rebecca helped Milo by lying to them.
      Do you feel that this type of technology is possible? If so, how?
    -I don’t know if I really think this kind of technology is possible but then again I don’t know much
    about technology so I guess it could be possible.
   Bonus question: list 2 different IP addresses that were used.


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