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August 2005

Hello Again!
As you may remember from something I
wrote a few months back, Yooralla will shortly
begin using a new computer-based client
information system. This system - called the
CRM - will mean that eventually, every
Yooralla program in every Yooralla site will be
collecting information the same way.
From your point of view as a user of Yooralla
services, the CRM system means that you
will only have to give your information and tell
your story once. This will be a blessing for
those of you who use a lot of services, as
there will be far fewer forms to fill in and
fewer questions to answer!
You will also be pleased to know that your
personal information will be a lot more secure     similar to the every-day situations we will face
under the CRM system than at present. An           as possible.
important feature of the CRM will be that
information will only be accessible on a           In the next few days, a number of files will be
‘need-to-know’ basis – in other words, staff       picked at random to use in the software
members will only be able to read your file if     testing. ‘Picked at random’ means that we
they have been authorised to do so.                will not choose by name, but will select files
                                                   anonymously. If you would prefer that your
It is important for you to understand that use     file is not used in our testing process, please
of the CRM will be compulsory right across         tell the Manager of your service within the
Yooralla. By this I mean that staff members        next seven days. He or she will then get in
will not have an option of using their own         touch with the CRM Project Manager, who
records system – they will be taught how to        will ensure that your file is returned unused.
use the CRM software and then must do so.
                                                   Till next time,
As I am sure you can imagine, setting up the
CRM is a huge job. We have already been            Bryan Woodford
working on it for some time and there is still     Chief Executive Officer
a way to go.
One of the biggest jobs before us is testing the   Contents
new software as it is developed. We need to        Board Report ................................................2
make sure that by the time the system is in
                                                   Dinah Reddihough awarded AO....................3
service, all the bugs have been ironed out and
that the CRM will be able to do everything we      Savings, Savings, Savings ............................3
ask of it.                                         Disability no barrier ..........................................4
The testing process will last quite a long time    Are you a member of Yooralla? ....................4
and will be very complicated. To ensure that       City Eating Access Guide ............................4
it is thorough, we must use real files of real
people. It is a sort of “dress rehearsal” in ,
other words, we have to run tests that are as
Board Report July 2005
All Directors but two were present for the 27         increasing number of people with
July Board Meeting.                                   disabilities will get a job as a consequence.
                                                      In Bengal, the project at the Indian
The meeting commenced with a presentation
                                                      Institute of Cerebral Palsy is going ahead
by Steve Nolan on Yooralla’s new CRM
                                                      very well. This is the project being
system. Steve described the progress that
                                                      supported by Yooralla staff members who
had been made on the project and future
                                                      have authorised a small salary deduction
work that must be undertaken, including
                                                      each month.
testing. Questions were asked about security,
confidentiality, timing and benefits of the new    • National industrial negotiations surrounding
system for consumers and staff members,              Business Services have continued to go
etc. Steve was congratulated on how well             very well.
the project appears to be running.
                                                   • Yooralla is seeking to involve itself in the
The Chairman noted that because Elizabeth            Primary Care Partnerships initiative, but no
Corbett is unwell at the moment, the planned         funding from DHS to facilitate this could
Board performance review might have to               be a problem.
be deferred.
                                                   • Yooralla’s O H & S statistics were examined
Moving to the Management Reports, the                and discussed.
following points were noted and discussed:
                                                   • A report on the tender submissions put in
• Refurbishment work continues to go well            by Yooralla that were won, lost or are still
  at DWI Footscray.                                  undecided was noted.
• Progress on the Yarram Crescent                  It was noted that no Board Sub Committees
  redevelopment has been slowed by the             had met during the reporting period.
  delay of the local Council in issuing the
                                                   The Board’s next meeting will be held on
  necessary Planning Permit.
                                                   Wednesday 31 August.
• e.quip is operating very well.
• Applications have been made to DHS for
  capital funding support for work at the
  Narre Warren and Altona North ECI Centres.
• The Minister opened the Eastern Region
                                                   Diary Note
  Communication service recently and will
                                                   Please make sure you keep this date free in
  also be visiting Brooklyn in October.
                                                   your diary. All Yooralla members, friends, staff,
• There has been solid progress in                 consumers and their families are invited to
  developing the relationship between              attend our 28th Annual General Meeting.
  Ability First – Australia and the Easter Seals
                                                   When: Wednesday 26 October 2005
  organisation in the U.S.A.
                                                   Time:    4pm
• Yooralla’s Annual Report is being drafted.
                                                   Where: The Supper Room,
• A group of Chinese performers with
                                                          Melbourne Town Hall
  disabilities is visiting Melbourne in October
                                                          Corner of Swanston & Collins Streets
  and contact has been made with Yooralla.
                                                   Guest Speaker: Jim Asimakopoulos –
• The CEO’s overseas trip to Bangkok and
                                                   Jim has cerebral palsy and is the Manager of
  Kolkata (Calcutta) went very well. An
                                                   the Abilities Education Program with the State
  employment initiative is being developed
                                                   Government Education Department.
  in Thailand and it is hoped that an
Dinah Reddihough awarded AO
The importance of addressing the causes and              to gain a better understanding of the causes
improving outcome for people with                        of cerebral palsy, and also increase
disabilities was recognised in the recent                knowledge about the various interventions
Queen’s Birthday Honours List. Associate                 that are available for children and their
Professor Dinah Reddihough, who has been a               families.
member of the Yooralla Board for 19 years
                                                         Eternally modest, Dinah said, “The Award is
was awarded an Officer in the Order of
                                                         mainly due to the help and support that I have
Australia (AO) ‘for services to medicine,
                                                         received over many years from both
particularly for children with cerebral palsy,
                                                         colleagues at the Royal Children’s Hospital
and to research’.
                                                         and in the community including organisations
Dinah is the head of the Department of Child             such as Yooralla. This award is a tribute to all
Development and Rehabilitation at the Royal              those families and staff that work with me.’
Children’s Hospital and many of her patients
                                                         Dinah is now one of
are also clients of Yooralla. Each year, Dinah’s
                                                         14,000      Australians
Department sees approximately 3,500 young
                                                         that    have      been
people aged from birth to about 18 years, for
                                                         recognised for their
assessment         and     management         of
                                                         service to Australia or
developmental disabilities including cerebral
                                                         to humanity since
palsy, spina bifida, autism spectrum disorders
                                                         1975. We congratulate
and intellectual disability. It also provides
                                                         her on her achievement
educational programs for both parents and
                                                         and wish her all the
service providers.
                                                         best with her future
Dinah is currently involved in research mainly           endeavours.
in the area of cerebral palsy. She would like
                                                                  Well done Dinah!

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service in the process!

To contact connections please email
Disability no barrier
Communication plays a vital role in everyday      “The Eastern Region Communication Service
life. For some, talking doesn’t come easily but   aims to enable people aged 18 – 65 years of
that is all about to change with the help of      age with complex communication needs to
Yooralla’s new speech pathology service.          be linked into their local communities. It will
Community Services Minister, Sherryl              also support local services to become more
Garbutt, recently launched the new Eastern        inclusive of people with communication
Region Communication Service.                                 ”
                                                  difficulties, said Bronwen.

The initiative by Yooralla and the Department     “From little things, big things grow, and
of Human Services will provide a speech           nowhere is that more true than in this
pathology service for people with complex         program. Getting the special supports needed
communication needs who live in the Eastern       so that people can communicate to locals
region of Melbourne - Boroondara, Knox,           within their community will offer people with
Manningham, Maroondah, Monash, Whitehorse         a disability or development delay the
and the Yarra Ranges.                             opportunity to develop greater independence.
                                                  This new service offers the first, important
The new service will support people who
                                                  steps down that road for those with complex
either can’t talk or have speech that other
                                                  communication needs, said Bronwen.
people find difficult to understand. People
using the service may have a developmental
disability such as cerebral palsy or autism or
an acquired disability such as stroke or motor
neurone disease. The service will specialise in
augmentative and alternative communication.
This means the use of sign, gestures,
alphabet, words and pictures and electronic
communication devices.
According to Yooralla’s Eastern Region
Communication Service Coordinator and             Yooralla’s Jim Burns, The Hon. Cherryl Garbutt,
Speech Pathologist, Bronwen Jones, the            and Yooralla’s Gaye Kumar and Bronwen Jones
service has a strong community focus.             enjoyed the launch.

Are you a member of                               City Eating Access Guide
Yooralla?                                         The City of Melbourne recently released a
Becoming a member of Yooralla is cheap and        ‘City Eating Access Guide’. The Guide
easy to do. When you are a member, you can        provides basic access information for 88
vote at annual meetings and therefore have a      eateries in Melbourne. As well as listing
real say in what’s going on.                      basic information about the type of food,
Benefits of being a Yooralla Member:              price range and opening hours, the Guide
• receive a newsletter twice a year               also covers a variety of access considerations
• receive a Yooralla annual report each year      such as floor surface, provision of accessible
• eligible for voting rights at the AGM           toilets, lighting and background noise.
Fees: Adult - $10 Concession - $2.00              You     can     access      the   Guide     at
(Concession Card number must be provided)
                                                  p=112&pg=1994 or call (03) 9658 9658 to get
If you would like to become a Yooralla            a hard copy sent out to you.
member please call 1800 666 010 to get an
application form.

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