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									How to activate mysql password ?
Share Knowledge – When you finished install mysql software on your computer, usually mysql
password have default is blank alias no password, its if you install MySQL 5.0 under version.

Its my experiences when I’m in class, my friend (Tina) ask to me “how to im put password in
mysql database n my laptop, because im need secure”.im say to tina “its easy girl… )” just
need 0.05 sec ..

In this post I’ll activate password mysql database after installed on my system.
Ist absolutely need acces root, for simply just update table user on mysql database schema.
Step by step:
1. login as root
2. call mysql database
3. Update table user with password you want it

I have asumtion if you have login as root, and entering mysql database, so you can use SHOW
TABLES to see table user on mysql database. It will likes picture :
To activate password in mysql its use UPDATE. this containts in DML (Data manipulation

I’ll set my password is ‘rilaxxxxxx’ in mysql database so I create sintaks likes this :
Mysql>UPDATE user SET password=’rilaaXXXXX’ WHERE user=’root’;
Or you can see on the picture:

I have give password on mysql database with ‘rilaaXXXXX’
Why im using statement WHERE user=’root’ ?? im give password for user access root before
have default is blank ‘ ‘.

And now password have created. Can u set on your system to???
ok good luck, hope this post will help you more referenced for you’r mysql database.

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