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									Video Games & Education

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                Who are the gamers?

At worst, the community of games players can be
stereotyped as young males who revel in violent
fantasy, cannot relate well to reality, are isolated, likely
to have social problems which may become severe, are
unhealthily constantly at play, and who relate better to
machines than other people.

                   Source: British Educational Communications and
                   Technology Agency

          Video Game Addiction

            What game designer’s say

As far as addictiveness in games goes, one needs to first
weigh whether it is a positive or a negative. I think that
an addictive game is usually just a good game, so a
game being addictive is just a sign of its quality. To me,
it seems that intentionally making games "not addictive"
is intentionally making them bad.

                                   Matt F –
Video Game Addiction - Other Factors

 Sounds, graphics, world simulation and elaborate game screens promising
  numerous options make these games fun and appealing. However is it more
  or less appealing to different people?
                       Gender Issues/Sexuality

 Some of the earliest video games comprised of a central story line of rescuing the
  damsel in distress. Such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers, and Legend of Zelda.

 Progressively over time women in video games started to become stronger characters,
  and even became central figures or heroines in games.
         Social Aspects of Gaming

Socialization in video games can be divided into
categories of competitive or collaborative. Individuals
can compete against each other in a 2 player VS. mode
or share strategies with other players. This is especially
true with online games players can join a PVP server,
join other players in a guild, or go it alone and
occasionally ask other players for specialized assistance.

                         Anonymous Posting HALO fan site
                    Social Aspects of Gaming
 The MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) genre of
  computer games which consist of “persistent state” worlds thrive on creating and
  sustaining a culture surrounding their game play.
                Social Aspects of Gaming
 Creating avatars. Do players create characters that resemble
  themselves or the opposite? All players must follow socially implicit,
  codified and non codified rules.
                    Gaming in Education

 Students better retain information that is
  placed in a rich contextual background.

 Games encourage pleasant frustration and
  motivation for hidden learning.

 Gamers can act as designers, strategists, and
  producers, authors and programmers.

 Gamers can act as problem solvers.

 Sports games could improve participation in

 Games inspiring social awareness.
           Video Games -Learning in Context

 The virtual worlds of games are powerful because they make it possible to
  develop situated understanding and even deductive reasoning.

 One such game is the Age of Mythology which players control the fate of a
  civilization as it progresses through various historical ages. Civilizations are
  chosen based on historically accurate depictions of Greek, Roman and Norse
  cultures and then Deities are chosen to worship and aid their civilization when
  called upon.

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                   Video Games – Motivation

 Good games are often challenging, but do-able, they are designed to be pleasantly

 Good games allow players to customize the game to their own levels of ability and
  styles of learning.

 Players are encouraged to play again and again to improve or previous performance.
  Attempt new strategies and experiment with different options or paths in game play.

      Video Games – Gamers As Authors
 Along with the designer, the players actions co-create the game world. The
  players can become storytellers and designers.

 Furthermore, players can use software that comes with the game to build new
  scenarios, storylines maps, episodes, or even creatures/monsters.

                       NeverWinter Night Module Creation Tutorial

     Video Games – Problems Solving

 It is the job of a video game
  simulation to emulate real world
  scenarios in various business
  and educational fields.

 The more accurate the
  simulation the more the skills
  employed in completing the
  simulation can be transferred
  into real life practical aspects.

 In the context of lifelong
  learning, simulation games
  afford a realistic framework to
  use technologies as a means to
  an end and so can prepare
  learners for the world of work.
   Video Games – Physically Active

 Sports games which are based on the actual sporting rules of can be
  used to encourage participation in physical education by
  introducing students to various sports in a non-threatening

 Games are even being designed where the player has to be physically
  active to play.

 Be careful with your controller.

                              Video Games
                        Social Issues & Education
 Then there are the games designed specifically to address cultural, social, political,
  and moral issues.

 Used in an educational context such games can be used not only to introduce such
  topics, but also serve to provide students with accurate information concerning these

 Of course some games are better than others and it would be up to the teacher to
  decide whether or not a game can and should be used for this purpose. It also poses
  the question how could such socially relevant games be effectively incorporated into a
  lesson plan.

               Combating Drug Addiction With Video Games -
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