CONFERENCE ROOM INFORMATION AND
                          BOOKING TUTORIAL

Welcome to a high level overview of the conference room booking system. We have put
together this quick reference guide to help you navigate the system in order to efficiently use the
on-line system to reserve conference room space. Conference rooms are booked for many
reasons including meetings, interviews, site visits, faculty meetings, clinical rounds and other
various needs. Currently, we have 47 public conference rooms ranging in size, located on the
east and west campus and also at 109 Brookline Avenue. At times, conference room demand
exceeds supply. We ask that you book conference rooms as needed and if the need changes, that
you appropriately cancel the reservation in a timely manner. Your consideration in canceling a
reservation is needed to help us meet the growing demands of the user community. As a member
of the user community, we rely on your help. Courtesy cancellations will allow the conference
room to be added back to the supply so another user may access it for their meeting needs. We
appreciate your commitment to maximizing the utilization of our conference room space.

Our system promotes flexibility. You may reserve a room in three ways – you may call Service
Response at 2-0070, fax your request to 2-8260 or simply use the on-line system. The on-line
system promotes administrative efficiency as the user will receive an email confirmation. As
referenced below, the email notification allows the user to store the notice and use it in other
related processes such as notifying participants of the meeting or the person who called the

Another attribute of the system is that users can view the current reservation schedule. The
schedule lists the contact person who booked the reservation. This is helpful when you would
like to direct conversation to negotiate using a room that has already been reserved.

The following is a step-by-step summary of how to use the on-line system to reserve a
conference room:


   Open up the GENERAL PORTAL
   Under the How-To Information heading (lower right hand side of the page) click the link
    for Conference Room Booking
   Once you click Conference Room Booking you will be taken to the Service Response
   Click Online Room Request found in the purple menu bar at the top of the page
   A new screen will open with the Scheduler Plus ii 8.7 system
   At the top of this new page, click on Request
   You will now be taken to the User Information form
   Fill in the information typed in BLUE
   Hit Next
   Create your Meeting Name and insert the number of people attending your meeting
   Hit Next
   Select your Date and Time
   Hit Next
   Listing of available rooms will be shown
   Choose your room by clicking the check box to the left of the room name
   Hit Next
   Select Service to Add page appears
   Hit Next
   This next page will show you a summary of your selections
   If everything looks correct, hit Submit
   You will receive two email confirmations
   The first email is the Express Request Email Confirmation
   The second email is from SPii Request Wizard. This is the actual event confirmation. Keep
    this email.
   Your meeting room has now been booked

                                    BEST PRACTICES
We would like to offer you some helpful suggestions on how to efficiently manage the
information process relating to conference room booking. Once you receive the email
confirmation from SPii Request Wizard, save this email.
Create a folder in your Outlook Inbox in which to save all confirmations.
Once the meeting information has been placed into the Outlook Calendar, save a copy of the
confirmation email into the actual meeting block.
To do this, open the meeting box. At the top of the page, click on Insert and then Item. A
dialog box will open containing all of your email messages. Select the confirmation email and
hit OK. This will save a copy of the actual email right into the meeting notice.

For purposes of room maintenance, if there is food or refreshments served at the meeting, it is
helpful to have one designated person be responsible for signing the catering invoice. This
person should also be designated as the individual to clean the room after the meeting.
Conference rooms are cleaned at the end of the day, so it is important to make sure the
conference room is tidy and neat after a meeting where food was served. If you are using a
catering service for a meeting, we suggest booking the room with extra time allotted for function
set-up and clean up. Please remember that catering for the Rabkin Board Room and Shapiro 10
Conference Room must be handled by the BIDMC catering service. We strongly encourage
those who require food or refreshments at a meeting to use the BIDMC catering service.

Also, it is very important to communicate to Service Response as soon as possible the need to
cancel a room reservation. Conference rooms are an important resource within the medical
center and demand for rooms may exceed supply. Therefore, please be a good citizen and cancel
a reservation if it is no longer needed.

A convenient way to cancel a reservation is to simply respond to the email confirmation you
received upon booking the room. Unfortunately, the software system does not allow users to go
into the system to cancel the reservation. However, simply responding to the email is a fast and
easy method to communicate the change. This is another example of why it is a good practice to
keep the email confirmation notice. You may use the email communication in many different
ways to model best practices. The other method that you may use to cancel a reservation is to
simply call the Service Response Center at 2-0070. A sample of the email notification is below.
From: SPii Request Wizard []
Sent: Monday, September 18, 2006 2:20 PM
To: Yurchick,Kimberly S. (BIDMC - Ambulatory)
Subject: Event 71124 confirmation

Event Confirmation

Event/Meeting Name: EOH/OSHA
Event ID:                  71124
Date:                      12/15/2006
Client:                    Kim Yurchick
Contact:                   Kim Yurchick, 7-8809

Activity Name:       EOH/OSHA (10 attending)
Date/Time:           12/15/2006 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Booking:            Scheduled
Reservation Status: Confirmed
Location:           EAST CAMPUS
Room/Space:          (E)-Shapiro 144
Seating Style:       Square
We would like to specify a viewing option that can help you save time during the conference
room booking process. We suggest using this approach for two different practical reasons. Often
when you have the time and day established for a meeting it is easier for you to look at the
availability of conference rooms using this approach as the display will show you what rooms
are booked for that specific day and time slot by the display of the background color blue. This
display allows you to quickly go through the listing to come up with vacant conference rooms
that meet your time needs.

Another reason why this view is helpful is when you have a specific conference room need.
Sometimes a specific conference room is requested on behalf of the person calling the meeting.
This view option allows you to see the demographic information of the person (name and phone
number) who booked the conference room you are specifically looking to use. This allows for an
easier flow of communication to the original user to make your request to ask them if they would
change their reservation to another conference room.

On the General Web portal go to the Conference Room Booking link in the lower right hand
corner of the page.

Click Conference Room Booking link to view the Service Response Center page.
Click Online Room Request on the blue menu bar at the top of the web page.

Once you click Online Room Request, you’ll be taken to the screen shown below.
On this page click Today’s Events. This tab will direct you to an online calendar where you can
view the days scheduled events/reserved rooms, sorted by hour. For information on a specific
room, click the arrow next to the Location box and choose room to view. The start and end time
along with the client contact information is displayed. Below are two snapshot examples:
1) all rooms reserved in the Graphic view and 2) Shapiro 246 in the Text view.
In addition to the text view, there is an option for Graphic and Calendar view. Select one of
these options to view the booked room information but in an alternative format.

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