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					      Using Microsoft WORD
An introduction to some of Word’s really useful tools.

         Use Word Art to create fun Headings for a paper or document.

           Click on the “A” at the bottom of the page if you have the Draw Tool bar on
            or Choose Insert, Picture, WordArt.
           Once you have selected the WordArt you like and typed the phrase click
           If you click once on the WordArt you can change the color and pattern or
            format the WordArt so that text wraps around it.

   Choose “Table” from the drop down menu bar
   Choose “Insert” then choose “Table”, and tell it how many rows and columns you
 You can shade parts       By highlighting the rows         Choose Format
 Of the table              you want                         Borders and shading
                           highlighted                      Go to the Shading tab
                                                            Choose a shade
 You may also delete or    Highlight the row                Choose table,
 add a row                                                  Delete or add a row,
                                                              the row

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      Any written text may be highlighted as if you used a magic marker
highlighter. Try this:
               Simply enter your text
               From the “Formatting Tool Bar” select the marker icon
               Choose the color you wish to use by clicking on the down triangle
                next to the icon
               Now drag the marker over your text and VOILA ! ! It is
                highlighted. (TIP---you can also double-click a word to get the
                highlight function to work.)

     Did you notice those little “Flag pointers” in the previous section??? Those
are called bullets and are used to draw attention to something. They are very
often found in outlines and in presentations (More with PowerPoint later.)

   Simply enter your text that is best laid out in short phrases or outline form
   Highlight the lines that you want bulleted
   Voila ! — they are indented with a special icon

You can change the style of the bullet by going to
      Format-----Bullets and Numbering—Choose the style you want, click OK
      If you want numbered bullets, click on the middle tab “Numbered” and
        click OK
      You can even tweak it and change the size, specify where it indents
      You can even make them animated by going to “Customize” and choose
        “Font” and choose “Text Effects” and click OK after each choice

         Houston Baptist University         Masters-On-Line Worksheet
To insert a picture from a disk:
           You choose Insert – Picture – From File
           Browse to where the picture is stored
           Click on the image and click on insert
           While there are still handle bars on it you can resize – it is best to resize from the
             corners to keep from distorting it.
           You can also right mouse click the image and go to Format Picture – choose colors
             and lines and here you can put a colored border around it. This sets it up nicely.

Choose the Tools to customize your toolbar.
    Go to Tools, Customize and click on the toolbar tab
    Choose the toolbars you want to appear and then say either new or reset.
    After you have closed the window these items appear scattered on the page. You can
      drag these to the top or bottom of the page and they will always be open and available.
    OR – go to “View” then “Toolbars” - right slide over and checkoff the ones you want to
      “DOCK” onto your menu bar

                                                              All of these can be found on the
                                                              DRAW toolbar. First select,
                                                              then click and drag until you have
                                                              the size and shape you want.

           Houston Baptist University               Masters-On-Line Worksheet
You can use images from the Internet in your word processing,
    Find an image you want to use from the Internet.
    Right mouse click the image and choose copy image and then paste. It will be
      imported into your document.

       You can also save image and insert it as well. If the image is saved be sure you
                                                  save to the A: drive or another location
                                                  of your choice.

                                                 WARNING : Be careful of copyright
                                                  issues here. Just because an image or
                                                  picture is on the Internet does not mean
                                                  it is free to use. If in doubt, don’t use it.

 There are 2 more----for another time………………!!!

       Houston Baptist University              Masters-On-Line Worksheet

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