CNRJ IPMS Timeline by f5kNc6pl


									      CNRJ FY12 IPMS Timeline
IPMS EVENT                                                          DEADLINES
Performance Plan                                     30 October or within 30 days of EOD
Progress Review (Mandatory)*                                             30 March
Last Day to Modify Perf. Plan                                              3 July
End of Rating Cycle                                                  30 September
Employee Annual Assessment                                             15 October
RO Annual Assessment                                                   30 October
SRO Annual Assessment Review                                          9 November
PARB Review                                                    Week of 26 November
Employee Notification of Annual                       Within 75 Days from End of Rating
Rating and Awards                                           Cycle or 15 December
* Do not assign ratings for Progress Reviews
1. Final ratings and awards will be posted in G2
2. When the TWMS IPMS tool is ready, we will migrate from the IPMS form to the online system
3. Link to IPMS resources:
                                                                                                As of 14 Mar 12
            IPMS Reminders
• Performance Standards are based on
  Career Stages: Entry, Journey, Expert,
  and/or Supervisory
  – Critical to assign the appropriate Career
• Summary Rating Levels: Acceptable,
  Unacceptable, or Not Rated
• Recommended Reward Score for CE: 1,
  2, or 3

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