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									                                     ROBERT JORDAN
                                       DISTRICT JUDGE

 17th May 2010

Dear Mr Leinster,

Re: Consultation on the official receiver becoming trustee and the filing
of the no meeting notice in company cases

I am authorised on behalf of the Association of Her Majesty’s District Judges to
respond to the above consultation. The Association represents the 450 District
Judges in England and Wales.

The Association supports the 3 proposals.

Yours sincerely

Robert Jordan

e-mail: DistrictJudge.Jordan@judiciary .gsi.gov.uk

Leeds Combined Court Centre 1 Oxford Row Leeds West Yorkshire LS1 3BG
Telephone 01133062745/6 Email districtjudge.jordan@judiciary.gsi.gov.uk
Website www.judiciary.gov.uk

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