OASPHE EXECUTIVE MEETING MINUTES
                                                  April 8, 2008

Present: Nancy Popovich, HPEDSB; Tony Petitti, TCDSB; Nancy Schad, Ophea; Lara Paterson; Limestone DSB; Kim Potter
PDSB, Jennifer Cowie-Bonne Ophea; Ron Lopez DSBN; George Kourtis, TDSB;

TOPIC               DISCUSSION                                                                  ACTION
Review of Minutes      - The keynote speaker Dr. Bruce Ferguson from January conference
– Feb. 2, 2008            declined his fee and asked that it be donated fee to a local charity.
Administrative         - Website is up and running but needs review. It was suggested that        - Nancy P will hire her
items                     executive members review a specific area (for content and to collect       Board person to update the
                          information) to add to the website.                                        website
                       - Those reviewing the website should be aware that they should             - Nancy P will send
                          check that information current and correct                                 dreamweaver website
                       - The executive member list needs updating                                    softwear to Ann
                       - OSSTF funding will be used to subsidize the website                      - George will review
                                                                                                     website and provide some
                                                                                                     information and Board
                                                                                                     links for website
                                                                                                  - Nancy P will update the
                                                                                                     executive list on website
                                                                                                     and notify Nancy S when
                                                                                                     this is complete.
                                                                                                  - Paperwork for OSSTF
                                                                                                     funding has to be
Winter Conference    Postponed for Spring Meeting                                               Jennifer Johnston will send
report                                                                                            report to Nancy P
Action Plan             - Ophea’s Healthy Schools Working group has developed 6 success
   1. Healthy              factors that they feel are the key components in a healthy school –
       Schools             (see attached)
                        - It is important that we have these clear, common messages (shared
                           by the ministries and the key stakeholders) to unify Healthy
                           Schools initiatives across the province.

OASPHE Executive – April 8, 2008                                                                         1 of 5
                    Ophea Living Schools Forum
                         - Ophea received funding for Living Schools
                         - Want to use this forum as an opportunity to discuss the Healthy
                             Schools messages with leaders across the province (to validate the
                             6 success factor messages and gather some input on them)
                    Nutrition Standards sub-committee meeting – needs an OASPHE rep to
                    attend on April 29, 2008. (Tony and Nancy are attending)                      Lara will attend if Nancy P can’t
   2. Bill 8 –           - Working Table – OASPHE may be asked to support this bill
      Ministry of            through Nancy P
   3. School            -   SHE’s survey led by Ministry of Health Promotion has no
      Health                education people at the table and has no connection with Healthy
      Survey                Schools
                        -   The schools involved completed the surveys, but data is not
                            available to OASPHE, schools involved will have reports
                            forwarded to their Boards

   4. HPEDSB –          -    Nancy P presented a Healthy Schools report done by an outside        Nancy P will post the executive
      Lifeworks             agency “Lifeworks” on the elementary schools in HPEDSB                summary of this report on
      Evaluation-       -   The report contains many rubrics and assessment strategies (may       OASPHE website
      Final                 be useful to others)
      Report            -   The information in this report may be important to share with the
                            Healthy Schools working table and Steve Soroko
   5. Healthy           -   Date has passed to submit application to the Ministry – HPEDSB
      Schools               and Limestone did not send any information in to Ministry as the
      Recognitio            paperwork was too labour intensive
      n Program         -   HPEDSB was able to complete the Ministry template rather than
                            all of the paperwork – this was done centrally (at the Board level)
                            on the schools behalf and communicated to the schools
   6. DPA               -   Ophea’s proposal was accepted by the Ministry to create French
                            supports for DPA and the Ontario Safety Guidelines – a grant
                            was received for 2008-9
                        -   OASPHE sent a template to ask how the Boards are spending their            -   This OASPHE template
                            money for DPA and Student Engagement                                           will be sent to listserve,

OASPHE Executive – April 8, 2008                                                                              2 of 5
                       -   Purpose of the questionnaire template is to give Boards (who have             collected and the
                           not yet spent money) a few ideas of how to manage and spend it                information will be
                           (so the funds are not sent back to Ministry unused)                           distributed to OASPHE
                       -   Jenn distributed the DPA flyer for the Ophea DPA package (see                 listserve
                           attached)                                                                 -   A discussion about DPA
                       -   Brain Research – Joanne Walsh has developed a powerpoint                      spending could be an
                           presentation that hopefully she will share                                    agenda item for the
                                                                                                         OASPHE spring meeting

   7. Fitness          -    Randy Ruttan attended the Executive meeting to make a
      Assessment            presentation on a project “Active Living and Award Program” and
                            to assure OASPHE that this project would be able to maintain the
                            requirements outlined in the Fitness Key Messages
                            (OASPHE/Ophea). His groups also feels they need to highlight
                            HPE – and although DPA has been highlighted, it is not H&PE and
                            so is not meeting this need.
                        - This group wants to create some “tests/assessments” to make
                            people aware of the areas that need improvement in student health
                            and fitness. Hopefully the results of the assessments will secure
                            some funding to support the health and fitness of kids
                        - EQAO tests now test the expectations and illustrates what students
                            are learning
                        - “what gets tested gets taught” – this drives where the resources
                            will go
                        - Randy and his committee feel that the opportunity to do this
                            project exists now and they would like to move quickly to get the
                            project under way
                        - Randy invited OASPHE to get involved
                        - OASPHE’s role – to sit at the working table – and to be a Board at
                            record to do the field testing.
                   OASPHE Questions: How will fitness testing improve the HPE curriculum
                   delivery in the classroom? A: This will provide the data and information to
                   highlight the fact that many schools are not teaching to the curriculum       George will send the LTAD
                   expectations and that many students are not physically fit and do not have    program to Randy

OASPHE Executive – April 8, 2008                                                                           3 of 5
                   the physical capacity.
                   Have you investigated the Long Term Athlete Development Program
                   (LTAD) ? A: No, but we would be interested in learning more about it.
                   Timelines? How fast? They want a group of people with positive attitudes
                   to join in and begin the project this school year.
                   The project would be small in the beginning and would involve field testing
                   in the schools of 2 school boards

                   After discussion, it was determined that OASPHE would like more               Nancy P will respond to Randy on
                   information about the commitment required to be at the table and will ask     behalf of OASPHE
                   for Terms of Reference (role of the committee)

   8. PPM 146          -   The report generated by the OASPHE/CAC sub-committee (based           Nancy S will edit the report and
                           on the input from the OASPHE Winter Conference) and the input         send it to Ron, George and a
                           from both the CAC and OASPHE Executive was presented.                 representative of the CAC for a
                        - A few editing and clarifying points were made and the final report     final review before posting on the
                           will be posted on the OASPHE website in the near future               website
                        - After discussion it was suggested that this report be presented at
                           the OASPHE Spring meeting and also sent to the provincial
                           guidance teachers associations
                        - The concern about the new focus courses and PLAR was raised
                           and it was decided that OASPHE and CAC should develop some
                           messages about this topic.
Ophea Report            - Ophea developed a response for the HPE curriculum review and
                           presented it to the Ministry (see attached) – 3 main
                        - The provincial budget has included funding for several health-         Jenn CB will send the details of
                           related issues - $10 million on obesity                               this report
                        - Retail tax on bicycles and on related safety equipment
                   Ophea is doing strategic planning to scan the next three years                Ophea Management Team update
                   (environmental scan, consultations,)                                          will be attached with the minutes
                        - A draft of plan will be completed this spring – exciting process       (Nancy P will post this)
                        - Ophea sits on 25 external committees

OASPHE Executive – April 8, 2008                                                                             4 of 5
  9. Curriculum        -   There was some confusion as to why teachers could apply to be        -   OASPHE should
      Review-              summer curriculum writers through both OASPHE /Ophea and                 communicate this to Deb
      summer               their Boards? Many phone calls were fielded to help clarify the          and Myra (Nancy P?)
      writing              process.
OASPHE Spring          -   Organized by DSBN and Niagara Catholic District School Board         -   Ron needs to send flyer
Meeting                -   Date - May 5, 2008                                                       out asap to all list serve
                       -   Morning:                                                             -   Nancy P send a message
                       -   Welcome, Awards, Elections, Reports (Safety live?) Elementary –          to the listserve re: the
                           DPA ish :                                                                Spring meeting
                       -   Secondary -PPM 146 report and Focus Course discussion of the         -   Nancy S will check with
                           expectations content?                                                    Diane about the live
                       -   Lunch: 12:30                                                             safety presentation
                       -   1:30- Jamie Mandigo – TGFU – 1.5 hours (afternoon) - elementary      -   Elections organized by
                       -   Dr. Ken Lodiwic – Secondary -1.5 hours– critical thinking –              Nancy S
                           secondary                                                            -   Awards – organized by
                                                                                                    Kim P
Reports                    The other reports were tabled for the Spring Meeting due to a lack   -
                           of time
Meeting                    The meeting ended at 3:10 p.m.                                       -

OASPHE Executive – April 8, 2008                                                                       5 of 5

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