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					      LBUSD Leadership
     Pipeline Development
Preparing the Next Generation of School Leaders
        Resume and Cover Letter Writing Workshop
                    November 2007

 Mission: To support the personal and intellectual success of every student, every day.
Why does this matter to you?
   First part of selection process is paper
   Resume and cover letter scored by a panel
   They only know what you have accomplished
    and who you are from these documents
Administrative Power Standard #9
   Using skill in written and oral
    communication to establish strong lines of
    two-way communication with students, staff,
    parents, and the community.

Are you qualified for the job you are seeking???

            Additional Qualifications

                    Resume Format
   1-2 Pages:
       Education (Academic Preparation)
          Dates,degrees & credentials
          Chronological (most recent first)

       Experience (Jobs and Positions)
          Chronological(most recent first)
     Additional Sections (as needed--support above)
        Ex: special skills, awards, publications, related
         experience, volunteerism, affiliations, references, etc…
        Use of margins and/or columns for readability
        Resume Polishing Ideas
   Job Title, Site, Year(s)
     Action verb, activity, followed by description of
     Focus on leadership experiences in various jobs
   Teacher, ABC Elementary, 9/00-6/04
     Chaired the SBDM Committee and led the creation of
      a school-wide discipline plan.
     Served as the BTSA Coordinator and redesigned the
      site service delivery model.
       Common Mistakes
 Can’t   follow progression of jobs
   Address   gaps in cover letter (if needed)
 Formatting   is sloppy
   Should   be a clean copy w/o typos
 Merely a list of items or a summary
 Lack of (or too) much description
 Deception and/or “Padding”
             Cover Letters…

Are you the right person for the job you are seeking???

        Experiences as they relate to the position
               Beliefs, Values, Priorities
                 Why you are a match

                Cover Letter
 1 Page in length
 Author’s voice is clear and distinct
 Targeted
       Clearly states what you are seeking
   Organized
       Paragraphs with effective transitions
   Professional
     Easy to read (12 pt. font)
     Clear margins
    Suggested Letter Format
   Purpose
       What are you applying for and why
   The Position
       What you will bring to the position
       Why this position is a next step for you
   Strengths
       Brief summary of experiences
       Why you are a match (specific examples of skills)
       Mismatches, if any, show alternate strength
   Summary
       With a final statement
     Common Mistakes

 Summarizing   the resume
 Using an informal tone
 Heavy use of education jargon
 Adding personal information
 Criticizing your boss
 Deception and/or “padding”

 The scoring panelists need to know…
Who you are and why you are the right
  person for the job!

Ask your friends and family to review your
  documents carefully before you submit.

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