Brain ring by NWiF1Ybs


									Brain ring
        Form 7- 8
 Khokhlova A.B. School 37
The rules of the competition

 You have to answer the questions.
 If the answer is right you receive
 If the answer is wrong the course
 is for other team.
The first task

 1. What are the colors of the rainbow?
 2. Which is the first letter in the word “August”?
 3. What English city stands on the river Thames?
 4. Which animal likes honey?
 5. What’s the name of chickens’ mother?
 6. What has 4 legs, but is not an animal?
 7. What vegetable makes you cry?
 8. What day of the week is before Saturday?
The second task

 Find the right answer.
 The capital of GB is

On the British Isles ….is situated

    a) the UK of GB and Northern
             b) England
              c) Wales
Christmas in Britain is on …

                 a. 24 December,
                 b. 25 December,
                 c. 31 December.
Double-decker is
     a) a train
     b) a bus
     c) a ship
In Britain the traffic

   a) to the left
   b) to the right
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

         The UK is

     a) Republic
     b) Federation
     c) Monarchy
In the UK the head of
       state is

      a) the King
      b) the Queen
      c) President
The UK of GB and Northern
     Ireland consists

         a) Three
         b) Four
         c) Two
Third task.
Find 6 words about the weather in
 a b s n o w s t o r m s
 f   r   o   s   t   n   m   o   p   q   r   k
 r   l   r   u   d   e   f   o   e   s   e   m
 e   p   q   s   t   v   w   k   z   k   a   t
 e   a   b   d   c   o   l   d   c   a   d   f
 z   p   o   i   u   y   t   r   e   t   w   q
 e   a   s   n   o   w   s   d   f   e   g   h
4 task.
Make up the words.
Mother               land,
Copy                 book,
Shop                 note,
Scot                 man,
Post                 card,
5 task.
Соедини полное имя с сокращенным.
1. Elizabeth           a. Mike
2. Thomas              b. Bobby
3. William             c. Pat
4. Susan               d. Tony
5. Michael             e. Sue
6. Robert              f. Pam
7. Patric or Patrica   g. Bill
8. Anthony             h. Tom
9. Pamela              i. Liz

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