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									                       ENABLE SCOTLAND

      Nomination form for a Trustee/Director of the

ENABLE Scotland is a charitable company.

The trustees are people who volunteer to be on the Board of
ENABLE Scotland (they do not get paid for this).

The trustees are directors of the company in law. This means that
they have the same jobs and responsibilities as the directors of
any company.

Being a trustee or a director is a very important job. People who
volunteer to be trustees are the leaders of ENABLE Scotland.

It is very important that the trustees of ENABLE Scotland are
people who understand what children and adults with learning
disabilities and their families need and hope for. It is also very
important that the trustees can give their time and skills to run the

We will tell you what we expect from you before you decide if you
want to take on this job. Please see the ‘job description’ paper for
full information about what the job involves and what skills you
need to do the job (this paper is attached).

This will help you to find out if they really want to do the job. It will
help people to understand how important the job is that you are
taking on.
The members of ENABLE Scotland will vote for the trustees.
There are 3 steps to become a trustee:

  1. You need to get a member of ENABLE Scotland to nominate
     you using the form that is attached (put your name forward).
     Another member also must sign this form (a seconder).
     Lastly you must sign the form yourself.

  2. Members of Scottish Council will check all the forms and
     make a list of the people who they think could make good

  3. All members will then be asked to vote for people from this
     list to join the Board.

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